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CYCLE – Official Tamil Shortfilm | A Film by Broken Puppets


(Raja singing * raja kayya vecha *) Hello Hello, what's up? Reached room? No, I'm just on the way Hmmwhat did you have for lunch? What elseas usual, Roti from the company There? I didnt cook anything todaywe had left over rice yesterday, And got some curry from the doctor's house so we managed that Mmm, did mom have lunch? Yes, she had Mmm, what else? Nothing else, just felt like calling Hey, can we go see Kamala and her baby in the hospital this week She has been inviting us since delivery She was even mad at you for not visiting her last week No dear

I have to work this whole week So this week is not possible Hey! You worked on weekends as well as last week

Heydid I not tell you that Kumar is badly How will he be back in a week? I guess I will have to cover for him next week as well

Poya I was planning to cook your favourite chicken curry this weekend Eyy

what are you complaining about? I was there close to home, roaming around the markets and having fun while making ends meet It was you who pushed me to come here and work in a company so that I can save more Now, suddenly if you have a problem with this, what am I supposed to do? Okayy

what did I even ask of you now mmdid you go see the baby in the hospital? Yes, I did! the baby is so beautiful She looks just like her mother Only with a great pair of eyes! Big eyes ?! Then I'm sure the kid is gonna be smart

Pch stop making things up Ada! Am not kidding Even my company's manager has a big pair of eyes and he is very sma

Mm hmm you will keep talking nonsense like this, But I have to leave now to pick the doctor's kids from the school I'm dropping the call, I'll talk to you later (Raja continues humming * raaja kayya vecha *) Why is it so loud Is something wrong with your ears? The movie was amazing right? Hmm nice

Hey what's wrong with THIS movie! The movie makes no logical sense Oh

so you watch only movies that make logical sense This is just too much Okay, forget the logic it should be atleast be responsible right? Oh just shut up will you? Divya, I was just minding my own business right? mm You were the one who asked for my opinion, right? mm Okay See, let me tell you something

If you are asked if you liked a movie, just tell it you liked it or not Don't worry about what other people will think about you based on your likes and dislikes Paah

wise words! I should stick to the back of my car Okay so don't miss any plans next weekend we ll go surfing

Ayo I forgot to tell you, Raj Next weekend I am going to Kumbakonam with my family There is this ritual that needs to be done Ritualsuh? Another week last week ?! Why, do you not have your wrist on all the colors of the ropes? Haha

very funny Wait I will make it a weekly routine after marriage Oh God! Please! Exactly! Okay, what shall we do for dinner? Can we just cook something at my place or shall we dine out? Divya: Dinner eh? Just drop me at my place right away

Why? I have a presentation to submit to the office tomorrow I need to prepare Pch Hello! yes tell me Hello! reached the office? No da, I'm just getting ready You? No di, I am in a dilemma whether to go or not Why? I think I will most likely take the day off

What happened, Raj? Not sure I had a disturbed sleep last night I barely slept Anyways, I have a lot of leave balance left, right? Many times I would ask you to apply for leave so that we can hangout Hey, why don't you come over here today to my house? Eyy, no da I told you I have a presentation, right? We will meet on Wednesday okay Raj, just a min mm (Divya to someone) Who are you? What is this about? Hey! Get your hands off me Get the hell out of my house first! Divya what happened? (Divya shouts and screams) Divya, can you hear me? What happened? Divya! What is happening there ?! Why are you screaming Hey when did I scream? You are the one who is all tensed and screaming right nowWhat happened? Raj No no

it's nothing We're just hung up, Raj What happened? Are you alright? Ya ya I'm alright okay So we will just stick to the plans of Wednesday right? Are you done with your presentation today? What are you even talking about ?? Hey

you are not pulling a prank on me, are you? okay since when are you hearing these sounds? Since last night What do you think it could be, Raj? No idea

But if someone else had said all this, I would have thought only that they had some psychological problem Have you had these experiences before or are you sure it was the first time last night? Am sure I have never heard anything like this before Then I don't think it is a psychological problem I am not sure if you will listen to me

But I have this holy thread that I got from a templejust tie it around your wrist Then we will think through this Divya I don't believe in all these Anyway, we have a holy thread of what the point is Raj, this is not a psychological problem

this is different There are limits to our rationality Raj and this is one of them (Raj hears a flight sound) Divya, am already very confused

Please do not convince me Let's take some time and figure it out Raj, phone Oh, so you can also hear that?

It's on the fridge please It's your manager Hello, sir What do you hear It's still your manager talking (The other end of Divya Screaming) Sir, I am unable to hear anything There is some network problem

I will call you back later Have you heard anything else? Are you trying to communicate something? Why do you ask Have you ever used an Ouija board? The Spirits Use It as a tool to communicate with us Divya This is the same holy thread story just a different version

I just told you I don't believe in all these Raj, listen There is science behind it Give me your phone, I'll show you

Okay Google, Show Me Ouija Board Videos from YouTube Watch This Video How To Use Spirits Okay Google, state Newton's first law of motion See How can a coin move by itself? This is sixth grade science Divya, can you hear? Wait what's happening? Who's this? Raj, please ask if it is a good spirit or a bad spirit? Pch Is Divya in danger? Why do I hear strange sounds? Raj Please! Is it a good spirit or a bad spirit? Are you a good spirit, or a bad spirit? Divya just let me know I have lost it Divya Why do you act like this is so normal? Making it is even harder for me

Raj, you are doubting yourself You are hearing all these sounds You are experiencing it

Maybe it's not for me, but it's for you and that's what matters Please Raj, Speak to those voices

Try to understand what's happening No Divya, I'm Not Going To Talk To This Google Lady More I don't think this is taking me anywhere Wait what ?! What did it say? Where the hell is that gonna take us ?! Eyy! Who are you two What are you doing here Yov! Hello! I'm just talking to you

Who are you Tell something, Raj Who are you brother Why are you here Akka, just a min (stammers) we are in the middle of a problem

To figure that out we were You Can't Tell Me

Oh okay we have a problem and when we are trying to figure it out (Raj stops Divya) He can't hear? Yes While he was on the cycle yesterday he met with some accident

he is not able to hear anything since then Doctor says it will cost around 8 lakhs for the surgery where to go for such a huge sum Eyy! why are you crying now There is no need for a surgery

Why should we spend 8 lakhs unnecessarily I dont have a problem this way I used to hate those annoying loud noises from my company

Now, I can atleast work at peace He is just saying all these to keep me calm How can a person without hearing anything He even loves Ilayaraja songs He never stops listening to them Will a Surgery Cure This? The doctor says so

Then we can go for a surgery Don't worry about the money, I will cover the costs Raj, just a min What's happening? No, I'm serious Money is not the problem The earlier we get it done, the better Who are you brother What has brought you here? Why should you cover our expenses? (Raj starts explaining) I don't understand a THING! Brother, when you were on the cycle yesterday, I was the one in the car I

I I don't even know that hit you I only knew I overtook

OMG, he is not understanding This is my car Yesterday I was the one who was driving this car, when you were on the Cycle

I am really sorry Atleast ten minutes for moving your head please Pch, I just told you

How are you now? I've made the whole payment and they started the surgery Don't worry it will be alright Raj

will you tie the holy thread, atleast now? ('Nila adhu vanathu mela playing in the radio') Hey! What's the special occasion today? Looks like you have prepared meat delicacies so early in the morning The smell is so divine! What are you blabbering? I haven't cooked any meat We just had some left over rice from last night Hey dont bluff! Yov! What's wrong with you? What are you doing (Raja sniffs) Why are you acting wierd? Hey! come and come Yov, pch What's the matter with you? The LPG is leaking inside

Dont you sense it Yov, it's been three months since we ran out of gas I am only cooking with the wooden stove You are not even here at home these days Just stop acting silly I have loads of work to be done! hey

I honestly smell gas all over the place

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