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Cyberpunk 2077 News BREAKING Records & Censorship


On October 18th, 2019, CDPR Head of Krakow Office, John Mamais, would have an interview with Gamespot at PAX Australia John would briefly comment on a variety of subjects, including multiplayer, censorship in Australia, microtransactions, even jest on whether 2077 could be playable on the Nintendo Switch, which I covered in a news video at the time

Concerning censorship of 2077 in Australia, John believes the game should not have any issues clearing the classification board Mamais is quoted as saying: "I was concerned about censorship because I know Australia has issues with drugs and the other thing is sexualised violence, those are the two things that can kill your product," "But I've been looking into it over the last couple of days It seems like CDPR are safe You don't get rewarded for using drugs as far as I know in the game The player doesn't do any kind of sexualised violence at all where it's really tasteless; we wouldn't do anything like that

" Some might try and interpret this as Cyberpunk 2077 already cutting out controversial elements, for instance nudity in the character creation screen, but there is currently no evidence to support that line of thought at this moment in time Comparisons have also been made with South Park the Stick of Truth, but this is largely a non-issue South Park ran into censorship trouble because of an interactive alien anal probe scene involving a minor I sincerely doubt that would happen in Night City One must remember that fictional characters like Eric Cartman are still 10 years old

John would comment on multiplayer, stating that he would like to keep on making Cyberpunk and Witcher type games, particularly as CDPR’s capacity to work on multiple AAA titles simultaneously is slowly reaching the point where they might be able to do it On a possible switch port of Cyberpunk 2077, John commented that many thought Witcher 3 would not be possible on the Switch, so one should not rule it out, but in his opinion Cyberpunk 2077 would be unlikely This information is three months old On February 1st, another individual published an interview with John Mamais It covered the same topics, and unsurprisingly John would give almost identical answers

That is standard industry practice, I saw the article and within seconds thought nothing of it given the numerous errors it contains Apparently, John is quoted as saying, Johnny Silverman, is directly from the original roleplaying game That’s right Johnny Silverman not Johnny Silverhand John would comment that there are currently no plans for VR, which again is not new information Back in November, 2019, Adam Kicinski, CDPR CEO on the topic of VR and the upcoming Half-Life game, would comment that he thinks Valve has decided to put this title on the market because they have co-operation on the hardware side of things and he assumes they are planning to try to expand that niche

The niche is incredibly small This is an endeavour to push the hardware, while CDPR are targeting the mass market where it is, which is major consoles and the PCs without the need for VR gear I am unaware, in our conversations with other major publishers, of pushing hard for VR CDPR currently have no plans for a Cyberpunk 2077 VR game John would also comment upon the global illumination system the game has that apparently no one has seen yet

What is particularly egregious about this news, is that hundreds of commentators have jumped on this second interview, and simply regurgitated the information without any research whatsoever Is it possible to trust any news source that so openly deceives their viewership or readership? In an actual update on CDPR, Business Insider Polska reported that the value of CDPR shares broke the 300 PLN barrier for the first time this week Five years ago, they were worth less than 20 PLN PLN is the currency they use in Poland Things also get better for CDPR as they will also receive a preferential tax rate

In other words, their finances are very healthy

Source: Youtube

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