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Creative Development – Themed Entertainment SSS #10


Jacob Plocher: Sorry Jacob Plocher: Well alright, thank you everyone for joining us today, we'll be hearing today from Xochi who is going to introduce herself in just a minute

But she is Jacob Plocher: A rising senior at UC San Diego and has led a similar creative development session Jacob Plocher: For several other groups over the years So she's excited to share that with us and really take us through the process of Jacob Plocher: You know what it is to be creative and how you don't necessarily have to be like in an art like an arts major In order to have this sort of creativity So with that Xochi I'll hand you the reins and Xochilt Khoury: Great, thank you

Right Let's first before I start screen sharing and Mike and just know this Sometimes my wife I just decides to poop out So if it does poop out, it'll take me how five minutes to get back in your first exercise will be Xochilt Khoury: Why did so to leave and it's wrong answers only so that's that's the emergency exercise if I did

Xochilt Khoury: So are you try this Right Oh Xochilt Khoury: Can you guys see my screen Xochilt Khoury: Cool

Xochilt Khoury: Thank goodness Yeah, so thanks Jake and T amp D for having me for this I'm really excited Xochilt Khoury: This is going to your creative I've done this a few times for UCSD and I've worked with have not worked with, but I've ran these kinds of ideas by a lot of other professionals before doing this Xochilt Khoury: So just to you know make sure that I actually have like a kind of good idea of what I'm talking about

So yeah, I guess An example of you guys know Dave Crawford from Wi Xochilt Khoury: FI isn't right engineer over there I ran these ideas with him about a year ago and he helped me structures, a little bit better for Xochilt Khoury: An engineering audience of sorts of creative audience too So I got some help from him, him, though not WD I he asked me to clarify that Xochilt Khoury: So, yeah

Xochilt Khoury: Um, oh, there we go Background on me Um, my Xochilt Khoury: My experience while I can't speak today Xochilt Khoury: And the creative field comes from a lot of internships with Warner Brothers and viola, I mean three Xochilt Khoury: I worked in blue and content as a production intern for them before a talent development in DC comics where I help them with one adult artist showcase and 15 children's graphic novels Xochilt Khoury: And special events and marketing last year working on helping them plan events take pictures create graphics and such

And I also have a lot of experience in hindsight co lead the first Halloween is a TA UCSD Xochilt Khoury: supervise the second one and technical director did and technical directing this next one coming up Xochilt Khoury: And compete in a lot of competitions I think six might be going on seven right now going to be honest last count, Xochilt Khoury: Got fourth place last year and Cornell and top 15 this year So that's cool

And the minor creative working for me, dear And when I say minor I mean really minor cuz Xochilt Khoury: Ta UCC actually had a project with them to help them create their mazes and improve them for the night 2019 season which got canceled and then we were brought back on for Xochilt Khoury: This year, and then that phone call cancel to because koeppen so yeah but I'm going to be interning with that department, the summer That was my original project It got canceled because coven so Xochilt Khoury: And yeah, I have also the project director or one of them because Mike's here to for step that you guys know what that is

Yeah That's from my background was that comes from Xochilt Khoury: So today we're going to talk about what really needs to be creative and stuff And before we get into that, we're going to do a quick exercise It's you're going to have about five minutes just work on your own Xochilt Khoury: And so this exercise is how would a superheroes life change during a pandemic

You can choose any superhero you want and just like jot down some ideas like where do they fight crime How would they keep themselves safe for fighting crime, especially those who don't have a full on facemask Xochilt Khoury: What are kind of precautions, would they take How does being a crime fighter an epidemic that their home life, that kind of stuff Just be as natural as you can and get to see what you can come up with you guys have five minutes Xochilt Khoury: Meet myself with us

Xochilt Khoury: Alright, time is up Xochilt Khoury: Um, so this was just a quick exercise, just so you can like, get your minds moving Oh, okay Does anybody want to share what they wrote Jessica Goldberg: Share a little bit Xochilt Khoury: Alright, awesome Just you want to go and then just say you want to go after Jessica Goldberg: I was kind of thinking about it in terms of Justice League near that big picture Robin right there now is torn between having them all quarantine together

But then that would have made fighting crime really hard Jessica Goldberg: To go out and the quarantine for two weeks Nothing effect So I just pictured for Superman having to quarantine at the Fortress of Solitude Jessica Goldberg: Oh, and having to like hard sanitize like diving self into the ocean to clean off every time he goes in, because I'm pretty sure it can last longer

You cold Jessica Goldberg: Season Little Ice Cave Jessica Goldberg: I wrote full face masking gloves I think that's going to be given Jessica Goldberg: Yeah Josiah Evaristo: Yeah, I also went with a Superman, just because I think he's a pretty interesting here, especially in the face of Josiah Evaristo: A obstacle

He can't punch, you know, Superman is built for the physical violence, but this is not something that I think Superman and so capable of fighting Josiah Evaristo: We definitely would shift the focus from crime fighting to I'm showing solidarity for people so like Jessica said when the blue massive gloves to symbolize wouldn't WITNESSES THERE WAS A article about how people were quoting Josiah Evaristo: The hand sanitizers from Amazon and trying to place gouge them and now that Amazon won't let them sell it and they can transport it to be managed come in and transport all of those Josiah Evaristo: sanitary products to people in the most likely Instead, he says, like that The big issue or the big tension in within the story would be how the public would receive some men Josiah Evaristo: Especially because there's this big notion that masks and gloves are unamerican and Superman is the ideal of the American spirit So, especially with Lex Luthor applauding Josiah Evaristo: And like goading the public into criticizing him, he would basically face a lot of backlash for trying to spread propaganda

I think that's how the media would spin it Josiah Evaristo: Eventually he would learn that Superman himself It's not the idol people in the right now He would revert back to a quote can't And that's what you can do the most good Josiah Evaristo: You can use internal some skills to raise awareness for the you know the truth behind the pandemic, you would be able to talk to a sense of workers as they Josiah Evaristo: Kind of monitor themselves and grocery stores and stuff that's how that story would end just like in the sense of, we don't need a Superman wouldn't get a superhero

To solve this problem, we just need no more people are working together Xochilt Khoury: All that and like five minutes Josiah Evaristo: Yeah, I'm like I said, I've been reading a lot of Superman comics, because he's a pretty interesting character So a lot of these ideas I'm sure happened with other from other artists and all Xochilt Khoury: This great job

Hey Mike, I see your hand up Mike Sturman: Okay, let's do this So I created a new Kirk character This superhero Zephyr gold Zephyr gold is a blimp who goes around fighting crime, but now during the pandemic What is she going to do

She is transporting that medical supplies Mike Sturman: Being yeah you know what she's going from hospital to hospital moving things around, you know, she's got screen So she's enforcing those social distancing rules Mike Sturman: There you go, going around spreading the good word fighting for social justice and your safety Zephyr gold in the coronavirus era Xochilt Khoury: Sorry

Jessica Goldberg: For that snaps for that Xochilt Khoury: Right as anyone else like cool looks like you raise your hand, really Oh Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Yeah, no mines just really sure I have a feeling Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): I didn't want for a spider man, which was basically he would like make masks out of webbing just give to people

Xochilt Khoury: Oh, Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): You like that, and maybe just like redistributing supplies so Xochilt Khoury: I like that making mascot a weapon you like it so sticky, I would be so afraid I'm afraid of spiders So like having on my face I probably like, well, Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): I mean, he kind of does that already when he's finding people will just like do that on a face So just that, but like everywhere He He just sees people whether they Xochilt Khoury: Oh, that makes sense

Okay, I go up and down Xochilt Khoury: Okay Yeah, that's great Xochilt Khoury: Oh, then I go my dogs in the background Right, good, you guys have, as I mentioned earlier, is this just a warm up to get like your brain movement has very going to go to a couple bigger Xochilt Khoury: Exercises later books, let's jump into what it means to be creative

Xochilt Khoury: So a common misconception that I've noticed at least among the people I've worked with in the past, is that a lot of people think creativity is about being an artist and how well you can draw that's not the case Um, it's about problem solving Xochilt Khoury: So that being said, engineers are creative to, um, and what do I mean my problem solving And what do I mean by engineers being created Xochilt Khoury: Um, well in this industry, you're going to be put into unique situations that require unique solutions

And so you need to know how to approach such challenges, no matter your profession Xochilt Khoury: So like, think of it like you have to train your mind to think outside the box to or to just prepare So when you get to a hyper specific problem You are quick to your feet and to adjust for it, rather than to just give up Xochilt Khoury: So an example

This could be last year for our haunted house we had this huge room where it was solely reliant on having a laser that would project us a flat Xochilt Khoury: Line across fog and make it look like there was water and we were going to scare actors jumping out of it And then the day before the maze was supposed to open Xochilt Khoury: Fire Marshal said no So we had less than 24 hours to figure out how do we change that and so that would be an example of like a like a creative problem that you would have to solve Like, what props, do you have, what can you Xochilt Khoury: What can you make with the little time you have a little props, do you have, how do you change the script and make sure that it fits in with the story still Xochilt Khoury: How do you make sure that the scare actors are understanding that story has changed and their new roles do you fully understand the new rules, making sure it fully gets communicated you have proper sound

Xochilt Khoury: And I guess in the case, we were in We couldn't change the light So we had to work with that too Xochilt Khoury: So yeah, something like that Okay

So with that, we're going to go into our second exercise Speaking of haunted houses Xochilt Khoury: Um, you guys might remember this one from a different creative workshop except we've changed as a little bit Usually I like to do The first one is haunted house is haunted houses

Xochilt Khoury: So your project manager for a carnival theme haunted house, the day before the major supposed to open the fire marshal forms you that your pitch black room Xochilt Khoury: Is unsafe due to the canopy structure, a close structure being indoors Xochilt Khoury: You hung stuff from the canopy to scare desk on the dark without the canopy, you must find a new way to make scares in a dark room What do you do Xochilt Khoury: So explain this room a little bit further This is based off a real scenario that we actually face as well

Xochilt Khoury: Um you what happens You are in a room and in that side that room, you have a line of canopies Xochilt Khoury: That you hung like strings and sticky hands of other things from So when guests walk through They couldn't see that they just felt stopped hitting them tickling them Xochilt Khoury: But now you don't have that anymore

Creative Director in this scenario will not let you have anything else other than a dark room, but you don't really have stuff to hang there So what kind of scares, can you create Xochilt Khoury: Using any kind of props You can think of just nothing hanging from the ceiling What's the scenario They ceiling is way too

Xochilt Khoury: Um, Xochilt Khoury: So, Xochilt Khoury: When you're doing this, please include the general story of the room and how it fits with the theme Why is it an open dark space here Xochilt Khoury: In this creepy carnival at least three props places guess, don't just walk in a straight line like a top here, they have to zigzag Xochilt Khoury: At least once character a description of the sound new to us and and quickly out sketch just saying this is one, this is part two This is part three Xochilt Khoury: Also, I'm going to send you all this information

So you don't have to screenshot or anything So let me pull that up, but I see you just say you have a question Josiah Evaristo: Oh no, I didn't understand the pump I had an idea, but since last minute Okay

Xochilt Khoury: So you guys are gonna see my screen for a second Xochilt Khoury: And all my control bars in the way So I can't actually see it There we go Also, I'm going to put you guys in groups or Jake is gonna put you into groups

Xochilt Khoury: So let me pull this up, how Jacob Plocher: Do you want these groups to be Xochilt Khoury: Well, let's see Four to five people We always well there's, I guess, four people each Xochilt Khoury: For each Thank you

Xochilt Khoury: Um, let me Xochilt Khoury: Or the control bar go there it is Xochilt Khoury: He said, Xochilt Khoury: If it's dark green hardly supposed to see such a good point Xochilt Khoury: You know they're there Why did they make sense of their, their Xochilt Khoury: Gonna try this again with this link Xochilt Khoury: Okay

Xochilt Khoury: So you should be able to access the luck Are there that has the instruction It does have the instruction from the other exercise we're going to do later on as well, but try not to look if you can resist Xochilt Khoury: So it also is your layout on there so you could just draw directly on there Xochilt Khoury: And I'm going to stay in the main room

So can you ask me questions, or just have somebody messaged me um Xochilt Khoury: Yeah, that's Jacob Plocher: Pretty much it Jacob Plocher: We're good to go Right Xochilt Khoury: Well, Xochilt Khoury: I'm gonna hit later to go into the breakout Corbyn Carlson: Wait Jacob Plocher: Mike, I click the leave right as listed Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Now, you're good I left

Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Barely two so we're good Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Oh, different my Jacob Plocher: Leader Josiah Evaristo: Or no Jessica Goldberg: Yes leader Jacob Mike Sturman: Okay, let's start the conspiracy theories Mike Sturman: So I bet is Bob waste came down and was like Sochi, come with me You're going to Imagineering Mike Sturman: We're going to have you designed the new tomorrow I Jessica Goldberg: Read A number Jacob Plocher: Got some books that says she was possessed by an evil demon horse that like Mike Sturman: Yeah and that demon horse, like a whole bunch of apples and stuff

Mike Sturman: Like one little flickering light in the stall and a few hay bales and stuff Yeah Jacob Plocher: Probably seems seems like it's the most likely option Jacob Plocher: Brother theories are there for was disappeared Mike Sturman: Oh, I Jacob Plocher: Only got two theories on Yeah

Xochilt Khoury: I was like, why is it so quiet I was like, Wait, where's my zoom Xochilt Khoury: Sorry Xochilt Khoury: I'm back So I Xochilt Khoury: Don't think I did at least Xochilt Khoury: You want to share your work Josiah Evaristo: I mean, I'll go first

And no one else will Josiah Evaristo: Alright so I'm picture this Josiah Evaristo: The hallway itself isn't led by anything in the room there's ambit landing coming in from either front or back entrance Josiah Evaristo: As I said, What do you walk in Josiah Evaristo: All you see is a bunch of balloons tied anchored to the floor You can have to walk through them and get that same similar kind of pushing things by before going for it Josiah Evaristo: But this obstructs your view

Josiah Evaristo: Until you pass them by And in front of you You see the storage room for the carnival Josiah Evaristo: along each while you have all the older kids classes The like bug eyed Josiah Evaristo: Teddy bears the really weird snake things just hanging on the wall, staring at you around scattered the Josiah Evaristo: Broken down horses from because so eyes wide open missing legs kind of like chipped up and I'm in the back, though at the carnival games that are kind of just dilapidated

However, this doesn't catch your attention What does is the creepy I'm jack in the box kind of music Josiah Evaristo: That's the only fills the room and as you walk towards the back you do see it was jack in the box The handle spinning by itself

Um, it's halfway through the song, and now it's too late to leave But as he got to leave and step in front of the jack in a box The sound stops Josiah Evaristo: As your group looks at the spark So it's wrong with it

And what's the booking Josiah Evaristo: A voice behind you sense What do you think inside it and you realize the cloud and standing behind you also waiting in anticipation Josiah Evaristo: And that's the scary Xochilt Khoury: Nice job Xochilt Khoury: Just like to say I really like your storytelling you very much have built up the anticipation So Xochilt Khoury: I had a question for you

So, what what anchoring or like Xochilt Khoury: Setting up the balloons Josiah Evaristo: I'm off the top of my head, I'm imagining We can easily get some PVC Josiah Evaristo: I'm Joe some holes in them and then Josiah Evaristo: Or not even drill holes Just take a screw and put spheres and as PVC

Josiah Evaristo: And then lay it down flat This way the ropes themselves are kind of anchored in positions on the pathway, but we don't we don't have a chance of guests tripping over and that makes sense Xochilt Khoury: That makes sense Xochilt Khoury: Would you want it was You and who else was on with Josiah Evaristo: Amanda on off Corbin constant and Kyle Wilson

Josiah Evaristo: So invaluable Josiah Evaristo: To us Xochilt Khoury: Oh, nice job doll or, you know, you hear my dogs in the background Sorry But yeah, great job I really liked it

I really like the Chinese So the jack in the box in the boots and making them the exact groups Nice Xochilt Khoury: Alright, other team Xochilt Khoury: Ready

Oh Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Should I do it Or does anyone want to Mike Sturman: Michael ya Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Know for go alright so Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Okay, so for our team, we decided to go with making the area theme to the stables, where you keep animals more specifically horses and Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Our main story element behind it was the horses eight these rotten apples and they started going crazy Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): So when you first enter the hallway, there is a hippo a hay bale on the left with some where you see some like rotten apples, kind of on top of so you kind of get a sense of, like, oh, what's going on

And as you walk through Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): The sound effect is like the squish of the rotten apples, you're not going to be squished There's not going to be real ones on the floors, you're not going to actually get your shoes messed up Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Mike actually came up with a really good idea for a sound effect where you just take mulch and you dip it in a water and then you use that kind of as something to like Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Squish on to kind of like simulate that effect And then there's also a hey, kind of on the floor, a little bit here Just kind of add some mood and then Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): When you get past up Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): When you pass the hay bale on the left, there's a stable on the right that you have to right after that they have to kind of be around to and it's a person wearing a horse costume pretending to be a horse, and they're Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Trying to scare you

We didn't come up with exactly with dialogue or anything They just like trying like that so Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): I kind of drew up a little sketch of the hallway So there's like two hay bales right there This is kind of where I was thinking the stables would be And then here you have definitely a real horse and not a person in a horseshoe and Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Yeah, that's basically our setup

Did I miss anything from anyone from group Are we good Mike Sturman: Not sounds pretty darn good Okay Xochilt Khoury: at the mall idea like I feel like if I was someone going through that I couldn't see it I felt stuff starts squishing I would like freak out and try to run like a, like, No, I don't know what Xochilt Khoury: I love that smell probably to that would probably really contribute to the room and make it just like so

An easy so I really like that aspect of it and like I towards stable I didn't even consider that with this So like I love thing Mike Sturman: I'll be honest, I definitely read redo as rodeo Mike Sturman: So that's where the horse idea came from

Xochilt Khoury: That is Xochilt Khoury: very risky because Xochilt Khoury: Oh Jay, can you can you give me permission Again, please, can I have to dip back Jacob Plocher: For you ditching us Jacob Plocher: Promotional Xochilt Khoury: Thank you Xochilt Khoury: Have yet So that's I mentioned last year we were probably had a third party rental company come in and set up canopies for us Xochilt Khoury: And they had a document that said you can't set of cow canopies inside the buildings at UCSD, but they did it anyways

And so we found out like a day or two later from the fire marshal that it wasn't allowed in that the people who did it in charge this for you fully well wasn't allowed Xochilt Khoury: I worked for the venue So I got to spend that day, taking down the the canopies Xochilt Khoury: Which also weren't structured that well One of them like actually fell on my boss, which is a great Xochilt Khoury: Um, and what we ended up doing was leaving the skeleton of it up and kind of hanging stuff from it but we couldn't hang too much from it Xochilt Khoury: Throwing pine needles on the floor so that when you walked it sounded like you were going through part of the forest and you just heard a bunch of crunching and popping played loud sounds through our soundtrack and Xochilt Khoury: Who was the last thing we do, we had strip lights on the floor that were really didn't to make sure people knew just to go straight forward Xochilt Khoury: That is, to the extent that we did with that room because, as I mentioned, we had an issue with the other room, Tim

Xochilt Khoury: But yeah, that's pretty much it Nice job, er, um, yeah, I guess What is he wearing What are some challenges that you faced I don't know if anybody wants to talk about that

Jacob Plocher: Also, one thing I had the screen idea for making the people walk on rotten apples and people brought up, you know, like, you probably shouldn't put Jacob Plocher: apples on the floor to make people walk through So that was definitely a challenge, but it was kind of a good opportunity to explore like how to still create that same emotion Jacob Plocher: Yes, walking through Jacob Plocher: Without you know actually damaging their property Essentially, yeah Jacob Plocher: That's a good point

Xochilt Khoury: Yeah, there is a challenge like what, how do you make rotten apples to make sure I also like they don't slip Xochilt Khoury: But you guys are having a great idea with the mulch Xochilt Khoury: And yeah, this is Larry said this But yeah, this, this was supposed to just give you the mindset of creating problem solving in its problems that could come up and you only have a short amount of time to do it And just to like prep you for events or situations like this Xochilt Khoury: Um, okay

So these next two slides had to pertain with the last Xochilt Khoury: Exercise, but I want to give you all a choice So this, this was talking about what Themed Entertainment is and how coven has changed it And then we were going to do a coven related exercise And then last night My sister showed me a snow a tick tock where somebody Xochilt Khoury: As a parody decided to redo Buzz Lightyear and to if you any of you have seen Xochilt Khoury: Good luck, Charlie

They seemed it off of the dad bod Duncan, and it was like Bob's bugs, be gone blasters Xochilt Khoury: And I thought it was really funny edit it I haven't linked here I don't know if it's gonna let me play it or if it's going to tie me out So I'm gonna finish explaining and they'll try to play it

Xochilt Khoury: But are two options is to do the coven one Xochilt Khoury: Or two do the parody of Buzz Lightyear one so y'all can vote and choose Xochilt Khoury: But let's see if we can get Jacob Plocher: A vote for rethinking the ride personal Xochilt Khoury: Does anybody again Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): I'm cool with that Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): But I also said the guy has a great one On receiving one of the rights to radio rebel Xochilt Khoury: Oh my god really Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Yeah, it's, um, I think it's um smugglers run but everybody's just a Debbie, Ryan

Xochilt Khoury: Oh my god Xochilt Khoury: Okay, this is not going alone Okay Um, so we're just gonna let me see if I can Oh no

Okay, well, I'll try to send you the link Somehow, then we'll do receiving arrive Xochilt Khoury: So for this next exercise, you're going to be receiving must like your Astro blasters in Disneyland How you need to keep the same layout Xochilt Khoury: General location right vehicle and shooter type game of this ride must be parodies such as the one I just mentioned, it doesn't have to be Disney friendly

If you don't want it to be Xochilt Khoury: So, Xochilt Khoury: There's that So please include a storyline, the plans for the ride and QA environment You know what the guests feel what they experience plans for the final room for those of you who know the ride the one where the final room wizard Xochilt Khoury: Is like for your feelings are essentially a ride name and photos points for any kind of like sketches or concentrate, you can come up with

Xochilt Khoury: Yeah Xochilt Khoury: Um, is there anybody who hasn't written this ride or is unfamiliar with this ride Xochilt Khoury: Okay, we're gonna keep it Then if anybody is unfamiliar with it, not comfortable with it Go ahead and message me and we'll figure something out

Xochilt Khoury: Although if you don't know what I'm sure your teammates can catch you up real quick, but um yeah so that's gonna, we're gonna do the same thing Xochilt Khoury: Was 10 minutes a good amount of time or would you all like more time less time Jacob Plocher: Was good Xochilt Khoury: It was good All right, then we're under 10 minutes Again, you can still see my screen Whoops

Xochilt Khoury: Jake, would you mind breaking us up into breakout rooms again Xochilt Khoury: Perfect And I'm going to try to link that tick tock on to that document I shared with you earlier So I will be doing that right now, keep your eye out for it Xochilt Khoury: So we'll see you back here at six

Xochilt Khoury: Welcome back Xochilt Khoury: Oh my god Xochilt Khoury: Mike, I don't know what you're up to Xochilt Khoury: YouTube Xochilt Khoury: And just oh Xochilt Khoury: My god Xochilt Khoury: Oh no, you're up to no good

Jacob Plocher: Alright, well, we'll go first Here we go First Jacob Plocher: story with us Josiah Evaristo: Okay, so Josiah Evaristo: We, we Josiah Evaristo: I'm not gonna lie We spent a lot of time deliberating we had some fantastic ideas, but the one we all decided on eventually unanimously

Was Josiah Evaristo: Um, Josiah Evaristo: The name is Mike Barrow shock maniac And the story is Josiah Evaristo: How much Thurman grew from a boy to a man so he was so nice story You know, he was very much into this idea and Josiah Evaristo: He mentioned that he loaded and like, that was one of his big things in high school So I'm like, wait a minute We have a perfect system for loading

Josiah Evaristo: As you step on the vehicle you I handed a Josiah Evaristo: It's a block twitch I'm not Jessica Goldberg: Yes Josiah Evaristo: I'm underscores Mike So I'm the guy does not share the ball too much And as you go through the divide, you are now building pieces of metal as you study from in the shop at school

Josiah Evaristo: To the newest ride at Disneyland, because this is his story from how we grew into the entertainment industry, the finale arm is you Josiah Evaristo: And all of your friends kind of working together to build the newest fastest, most thrilling roller coaster at Disneyland while you're on it and then very much Phineas and Ferb Same way, you're walking all the way up Josiah Evaristo: The nice tunnel and as you just pop down into the gift shop you realize you've come out of this, it changed me Jacob Plocher: And so I'm for the key line experience we're imagining It's like a timeline on the ground

So as you're walking through the queue right June 30 2001 you see that printed on the like Jacob Plocher: Into the floor embedded in the concrete right before you enter And so then, as you're going like Jacob Plocher: You're taking this journey of Mike through his life And so like Jacob Plocher: On the wall, it'll say like first day of kindergarten right with the date on the ground and you like keep following the lines and it takes you through like Jacob Plocher: First day at Disneyland like first You know, like his first time writing like Tower of Terror and like all of the like milestones of life

Jacob Plocher: And then the other The like technology We're going to build into it as well as kind of where like they show you your score is now they're going to also show Jacob Plocher: Like on Haunted Mansion like it goes to sit in the car with you, but now instead of a project like a beard, just like Mike's under everybody's face right Jacob Plocher: So we got Josiah Evaristo: The Gift Shop gift shop some Josiah Evaristo: Pictures builds on these fine glasses If you select your Josiah Evaristo: Course and Josiah Evaristo: And of course you know how like Spider Man has the statues of Spider Man, you can buy at the end of the ride for like $3,000 Same thing here with Jacob Plocher: This Xochilt Khoury: Oh my god, you're Mike Sturman: On record

I do not condone this this Xochilt Khoury: Oh, we got Xochilt Khoury: To really work for Mike Sturman: You all y'all They really went for it I just got his watch Xochilt Khoury: You have the banker minute here and listen Xochilt Khoury: Sorry, I just didn't

I didn't expect that Xochilt Khoury: Great job, y'all, you've definitely weren't afraid to step outside the box with that and I really appreciate that Xochilt Khoury: It is great Xochilt Khoury: I'm gonna keep laughing Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Yeah, sure Uh, okay, wait, Danielle, you came up with the name

So do you want to, like, all right, cuz danielleclotridge: You're proud of Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): It, you got it danielleclotridge: So this one is going to be called agent PS perilous predicament So as you can tell, it's based off of an interaction between agent P and Dr Jonathan Schwartz

danielleclotridge: So basically, you've been recruited by major monogram to join Alka to become a secret agent and help Perry the plot of those two feet Dr Griffin shirts danielleclotridge: So we have like a couple of drawings first Oh my god, it's so bad, but you have you kind of have like your line

Q And it's based off of Agent PS lab So you're kind of going through and major monogram is is where danielleclotridge: The Buzz Lightyear is currently and he's kind of describing okay like here's your task etc etc and Michael, do you want to show your time Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Yeah, sure So I'm just going to kind of hold this up to the screen if you kind of look closely, like this is supposed to be the queue Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Which is not drawn

Well, but basically it's supposed to be riding on one of, like, oh, cuz vehicles and that's right when you get like the doobie doobie do Why do we do, we do Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Like right as you're joining in right before you speak the major monogram and then right when the ride starts This is supposed to be I tried to do finish merits where he's basically like Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): I'm not going to try doing the impression, because they can't

But basically, he's saying I hear your friends have Perry the Platypus now behold Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): All of my an editor So he brings out all the neighbors are the big guns So you're just the whole ride You're just aiming at all visitors So this could be like anything from any previous episode, it can be like, yeah, that's basically what the ride is and yeah I'm sorry we didn't do danielleclotridge: It for you

Yeah And then there's also, there's also, you know, there's the room where it's almost like a giant screen and you're in the galaxy And then there's like this danielleclotridge: This machine that's moving back and forth So instead of that it'll be like almost like a gift if you will have agent P and danielleclotridge: Dr group and shimmers having this battle so you get to try to like blast like Dr

Drew Finch Mertz and then at the end, he's like curse you Perry the Platypus and then at the end where you have everybody's scores, it'll just show like what level of Agent you've achieved so danielleclotridge: I just really want there to be like planty the pod plant like that's like one level like this just baseline But danielleclotridge: Yeah Jacob Plocher: That would have to be the highest level, though danielleclotridge: Oh yeah, actually, because nobody could be planting the potted plant

Mike Sturman: Plant Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Great Jacob Plocher: I actually love that idea so much danielleclotridge: Yeah And this, actually, this is actually stemmed out of Michael was saying he ran into an danielleclotridge: Error, but with do French Mertz this building Instead, because it also just has like a similar shape So that's how we came to it

Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): I secretly just want to make Disneyland and all the parks, just all Phineas and Ferb That's like Jessica Goldberg: The right definition for each action is going away Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Yeah, like how in that one tick tock you're showing it was just the guy wanting to make the land all Bob Duncan, I want to do that, but just Mike Sturman: Lots of me Yes I mean, there's lots of me

Mike Sturman: Remember that sounds amazing for danielleclotridge: Themselves Hmm Xochilt Khoury: I guess I just want to say, I want this to be a real attracted to thank you all like thought that out really well I'm like it perfectly And also, I really appreciate your sketches to Xochilt Khoury: Oh, so I mean I love the Dean suburbs, so I'm a little biased, I would very much want to see this in the parks

Xochilt Khoury: Create jobs job Xochilt Khoury: I really love the direction, y'all took it Then I really want to go to Pete Docter new finish Xochilt Khoury: I'm gonna share it danielleclotridge: Will just walk around secret agents

Xochilt Khoury: So we did this, um, Xochilt Khoury: I guess, what did you learn what what were some challenges you face This is one Josiah Evaristo: I think, at least for me, just having to use a pre existing system that kind of limited what you can tell what's going is like what well with it Josiah Evaristo: That's why Jacob Plocher: Especially the right systems are pretty like particular Jacob Plocher: You know, like you're sitting there with a gun on like your ship So it kind of Josiah Evaristo: Limits like Jacob Plocher: The stories you can tell I think Jacob Plocher: Which is good for like pushing you outside the box

danielleclotridge: Thing along that line It's like, how do you try How do you make something that doesn't fit in with the right system So it doesn't feel like you're just taking it over and you're pretending to be like just another iteration of Buzz Lightyear Xochilt Khoury: Really good points, but he does Oh, sorry

Go ahead Somebody like Mike Sturman: That I need to be careful with who I give my photos to Mike Sturman: And who I let us my name Xochilt Khoury: Is Mike Sturman: How to distribute intellectual property, my own intellectual property careful that Jessica Goldberg: This one without you Josiah Evaristo: We literally talked about this a five minutes before you gave us a Soto Jessica Goldberg: Zoom is now being held in like one top corner and I don't know how to get that Xochilt Khoury: We're gonna, we're gonna wrap anyways Um, but yeah, I chose this right because of the Omni mover system and just the difficulty of it just of how it seems so simple, with the what it got what it fits in with sorry I can't speak today

Xochilt Khoury: But Xochilt Khoury: As you guys mentioned kind of tied with the theme and like what it was made to be for so trying to make sure to make it, but not overly where you can still tell us buzz is a challenge That's why Xochilt Khoury: I chose this right also that right has like is near and dear to my heart because when I saw that animatronic was like your as a kid Xochilt Khoury: Standing in the queue that like blew my mind It was like the first like kind of instinct of, like, I want to make stuff like that

And I just was like, whoa, it's been talking to me this big old toy So there's that too Oh, I'm so close up the Xochilt Khoury: The close of the workshop You are creative creativity, problem solving, and everyone has to problem solve in this industry So, and you all have as you show today you have and you have the brainpower to do it

Xochilt Khoury: So yeah, you're all creative and you have to be to work in this industry Xochilt Khoury: Even as an engineer, you're going to have problems with stuff that you're building or timelines are teamwork and you're gonna have to figure out creative solutions and solve this Xochilt Khoury: So how do you better prepare for that kind of stuff and get to the workplace to doing little exercises like this on your own or with other people Xochilt Khoury: will greatly benefit your problem solving schools skills and therefore your creative skills If you want more creative exercises, um, let me know and I can put something together and send them out to or to also send you the ones we've done in previous workshops Xochilt Khoury: And also to keep going with creativity, things don't happen overnight Xochilt Khoury: The ones we did today

We're very quick on the spot things, but sometimes you need to you need time to develop your ideas So sometimes it's as much as starting something taking a break, going back to taking a break Getting feedback Xochilt Khoury: Taking a break, doing it again and just repeating or sometimes it's just a matter of writing the first word on the page or for drink or making Well, I don't know where that word came from making the first sketch line

One thing I wonder my theater classroom is your Xochilt Khoury: Was my professor made us do napkin sketches for Romeo and Juliet set ideas and he made us all to fail piece of paper And he was like, okay, draw X in the middle Xochilt Khoury: And so we did He was like, there you go You've made the first mark on your page

And I actually kind of made things easier So it's sometimes it's just not making enough for scheduling writing that first word Xochilt Khoury: Making that first cab line, stuff like that It's going to take trial and error and redoing it and redoing and revising and that will help you in the end, but also have those crazy ideas Those I didn't leave the best thing

An example I want to use is foggy city, which was my Xochilt Khoury: Cornell submission last year, one time randomly in a meeting, one of our teammates was like, well, what if we just do into our Xochilt Khoury: And we were just throwing random ideas out there We were like, whoa, a new our park And so we decided to do our part and then we kept we couldn't figure out the story of the ride of why they respond versus P eyes on this ride Xochilt Khoury: And so the our teenagers randomly was like, what if it's a restaurant feud between two brothers and it's a one to seafood restaurant and one has the first chocolate chip cookie recipe Xochilt Khoury: And they gotta hide it

And we were like, wait, wait, wait Backtrack and this was after an hour deliberating and we wrote it down and we flushed it out even more And that actually ended up being our rice concept and it worked Xochilt Khoury: It worked for a family friendly Park So how those crazy ideas, no ideas are bad

And that's going to help you in the long run, and it goes to my next point Don't be afraid to be wrong as you work your ideas are going to change And that's okay That's growth Xochilt Khoury: And finally be okay with taking feedback and then that's oh and give me feedback as well that's going to help you improve and better develop your problem solving skills and like help other people too

Xochilt Khoury: But if you want to keep like keep you created muscles going to hear some books I really recommend Xochilt Khoury: This one cart The first one, Carson mentioned on Tuesday as well theme park design or the theme entertainment It's this big book I have right next to me Xochilt Khoury: It's a textbook basically of Themed Entertainment and if you're really interested in Themed Entertainment, it's Xochilt Khoury: A little

It's a little bit on the cheaper side and price but highly recommend it I learned a lot from it Think of the most boring types with you've had, and Xochilt Khoury: Replace all of that with the entertainment stuff because this is this is what this is really cool Xochilt Khoury: Another one follow the story the foundation every great attraction by Scott Swanson's another great one to talks about how you develop a story Xochilt Khoury: I have found it really helpful and I was pretty cheap

And he's really nice guy amount of an alpha Xochilt Khoury: And then these next two books, kind of going pair the Imagineering way talks about how to get your creative muscles going Xochilt Khoury: And written by a bunch of engineers and Imagineering workout exercises to shape your creative muscles It's literally I think like 100 pages and each page is a different creative exercise Xochilt Khoury: And finally, the Imagineering pyramid This is actually series and the guy talks about how to take the concepts of Imagineering Xochilt Khoury: And apply them to different parts of your life and those creative processes that they use So I highly recommend those um, other than that

That's it If y'all have any questions for me, let me know Xochilt Khoury: Just find me on LinkedIn or on the discord If you're on the discord Xochilt Khoury: And yeah, thanks for having me

Jake, and all of you, T and D I have a lot of fun doing this and I really appreciate the opportunity to thank you Jacob Plocher: For an awesome presentation and chance to work on some Jacob Plocher: Questions for her this moment Josiah Evaristo: Much Jacob Plocher: Oh yeah, if there are none I'm sure all of you know how to reach out to Xochi if not just shoot me an email I think you can easily get in touch with any of us

And then there's question to answer Jacob Plocher: All right Jacob Plocher: So if that's it Just a reminder that will have a networking night tomorrow night at the same time Jacob Plocher: Which is like a fancy way of saying just a chance for all of us, students to meet each other and get to know each other better Jacob Plocher: Because we're doing a lot of fun activities, you know, with summer Themed Entertainment project or summer school sessions and game nights

So this is just a place for you to meet as many new people as you can, which will hopefully serve all of us well in the years to come After matters Jacob Plocher: So with that you all have a good night and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow Mike Sturman: He's everyone Xochilt Khoury: Is Jake Michael McNaught (@RITTPE): Exit done Yeah

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