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Covid: Boris Johnson announces next step out of lockdown @BBC News live 🔴 BBC


  1. the ( crime ) minster telling us it's a massive problem 2k testing positive out of 66 million and half of those probably false positives

  2. tell us what company is making a fortune out of making these test kits 💰💰💰💰just laughing all the way to the bank

  3. It's sad how many people here want to see more deaths to prove their point. Like do you not get that the point of the restrictions is that it prevents the huge numbers of deaths you seemingly want to see?

  4. I look at war and all I see is brainwashed f**** teenagers no look and streets of today is exactly the same thing again you just doing it a smart way

  5. That's haw a man suffer. God's done this through history thats why we are on this planet left to rott he did warn you they tortured his child

  6. Now people go look back at War history and all you will see through the cracks of history is it is children that they keep sending into these battles. Thay do it all again but for now they are living off of the taxpayers in this is why they left you docile they want you to keep paying them so they can continue living their luxurious lifestyles simple dk heads

  7. I think boris needs to say “We hope you enjoy your national lockdown for a year” if he said that YAYAAYAYAYAYAYA

  8. I have a sickly feeling that they’re going to keep us locked up until they can transform us into biological machines, it’s so disturbing that I struggle to sleep at night

  9. why haven't the bbc done a story on borris affair with Jennifer acuri and the thousands of tax payers money he gave her company 🤔

  10. The swab tests are coated with Ethylene Oxide which causes Cancer abd can cause spontaneous abortion.

  11. there will be another lock down have you seen ow much people are at beaches, Cardiff bay, parks so we defo will

  12. Freedom does not come with rules.
    Following does not set you free.

  13. Still testing twice a week after June 21st!!?? How is that freedom? Not everyone is doing it anyway. No way, I'm out.

  14. The thumbs up majority over thumbs down is clearly not reflected in the nature of the comments . Manipulating figures again BBC ?

  15. Bad job Boris, bad job you've done. People are suffering from lockdowns but it seems like poor people have no voice nowadays.

  16. we already know about covid 19 and i dont think we need to know again because your just making others scared because it can also just be ENOYING

  17. This man has not one single original thought, we will just go to lockdown 4, because while he is listening to Witty & Valance they are giving him the nudge to go into another lockdown we need to remove all 3 of these twerps

  18. I am so ashamed to be British, I guarantee we will be back in lock down again. This shabby government hasn't handled covid as they should have.

  19. Is there really any young person who believes in this stuff? Like maybe if you get all your info from Twitter or tumblr but does anyone know a young person that’s even had it?

  20. Well this is good for entertainment, the Two Ronnies look bored with the whole affair-probably because their game is up! Already Whitty is predicting a third wave and continuing "restrictions" after June 21st-so he's Nostradamus now is he?  I would not believe one word Pinnocho says, nobody will be more surprised then me If everything goes off without a hitch on June 21st-with this lot don't bet on it!

  21. Biontec may only live on fraudulent stocks with which it cheats investors
    Stock criminals .Impostor ! And Astra also !

  22. All people without a valid Covid clear passport will have to walk around ringing a bell and shouting “ Unclean” Unclean “and also have a big Red X painted on there front door ?

  23. If humanity needed a vaccine there wouldn't be a humanity to vaccinate.
    The oldest recorded case of a virus infecting an organism is dated at over 300 million years.
    The first recorded evoultionary date of virus specific proteins are dated at 1.5 billion years.
    Strange then that humanity exists at all isn't it? Why does it…

    Because viruses are an essential part of an ancient symbiotic planatary ecosphere.
    It's not that humanity can't survive with viruses, it's that humanity can't survive without them.

    Now Bill Gate$, the WHO and Governments are here to vaccinate humanity because they all care about it's health.
    Listen, people know what McDonalds is, and people know what Coka Cola is, non essential mass profit corporations.
    Why do they exist? Is it for you and your health, or do they exist for corporate profit?

    People know what tobbacco companies are, non essential mass profit corporations.
    Do they exist for you and your health, or do they exist for the corporations?

    The WHO, they must care about the health of people in Africa, right?
    You know, because of all the people on the continent that have been starving to death for decades,
    being that they are the worlds health organisation, they must care about the health of those people, right?

    So what happened? large sums of money were put into Africa to build up the infrastructure, a humanitarian aim,
    to save hundreds of thousands of lives, to save men women and children from extreme poverty and starvation.

    Hold on, sorry that isn't what happened, instead Libya, the country that was building the infrastructure to support Africa,
    it was completely destroyed because American oil companies didn't want their profits to be undercut.

    When did people start to believe that the powers that be care about humanities health above monetary profit?
    Did I wake up and miss a meeting?

  24. "we will have significant problems with covid in the future" so your telling us that you have made a road map which we will follow and not deviat but we will go back into full lock down 🤔

  25. flu was never taken seriously, billions in flue remedies sold. Now this comes along, billions more in the pockets of pharma, flu magically disappears, answer it was never gone ! I don't know why they done close our borders, too many chums in Airlines bleating

  26. Sky News Australia is the only legitimate source of news.. I have no idea how they are being allowed to be so truthful without repercussions but bless them

  27. Why doesn't bumbling Boris and his cronies shut their traps they has no power and I will continue to do as I like, as many others are doing. No experimental vaccine no test no passport

  28. "we will have significant problems with covid in the future" so your telling us that you have made a road map which we will follow and not deviat but we will go back into full lock down

  29. Passports planned all along from the start. The clue is in the name COVID – Certificate OF Vaccination IDentity

  30. I don't listen to a man paid 30 millions by Gates, I don't listen to imperial College that got 240 millions from gates

  31. Gulf War: Two U.S. troops attacked air-raid shelters, and thousands of Iraqi civilians were burnt

    In the 1991 Gulf War, the US military used bombers to attack a civilian air-raid shelter in Baghdad. Thousands of Baghdad citizens escaped the war in the Amelia air-raid shelter. Two laser-guided precision bombs by the US military instantly burned thousands of people to death. 14 people survived. ——This is the "Amelia tragedy" that has attracted worldwide attention. It's the devil's invasion at all! ! ! ! ! !

  32. all muppets and this is like watching spitting image, how embarrassing 😳 next step is passport and i won’t get it, good luck everyone cos this will go on and on until we give in

  33. Woman 👩🏼 should not be board in lockdown, there is always plenty of house 🏡 work for them to do Daily , Scrubbing 🧽 , cooking 🥘, washing 🧼 ironing clothes 🩲🩲👙🩱👔👚🩳🦺🥼🧥👕🪡 sewing 🧵, running 🏃‍♂️ to shop 🏬 and back with husbands 🥸👴🏻 beer 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺😁😄😃😇😇👍🏻👍🏻

  34. what planet are these people from ? Lockdown never happened here in Cheshunt and covid-19 is no more deadly then driving a car, if it were, then explain why people that have mixed for the past year are not dead or seriously ill ? These people don't even have a cough, this rubbish Johnson is telling us makes no sense whatsoever

  35. He sounds like Andi Peters, he has a really thick voice, honestly i thought it was a black singer talking…

  36. What about the unreported hospitalisation due to vaccine complications if you count them too??

  37. Second wave, third wave, cases rising, new strain, double mutant, British variant, Brazilian variant.

    When will people wake up to this scam?!

  38. “Put your hands up, bends your knees
    Bounce around in a circle get down with me, OHHH COME ON COME ON it ain’t hard to learn!…COME ON COME ON it’s called the U-Turn”

  39. Anncounced the same time they announced covid passports……..tag the cattle…..Mark of beast 666

  40. Mr Boris
    My Question is-
    Why is Great Britain 🇬🇧 letting in 8000 plus tourists a week when we the British people are locked down like rats!!!!
    I have time to wait for your answer!!! 😡🤬🤬🤬

  41. Abandon Democracy my friends. We are sleep walking into an oppressive hell driven by a puritan cult of Managerialists and an over abundance of weak midwits in the Sciences.

  42. One would love to tell you that one is talking a load of s**t but one cannot do that as that make one honest and one doesn't like for one to be honest because that means one would have to tell the truth.

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