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Couples React To Worst Break-Ups Ever


If you're gonna break up, throw a comment on Instagram, it's a wrap, dude Go ahead

I just don't care That's just a slap to my face – (gasps) No! If you ever did this to me, oh my god I'd be– Okay, I get why she's pissed (laughs) ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, Mark, tell us who you're here with today

– I'm here with my lovely wife and best friend, Gloria – This is my boyfriend, Eric It's his first day here He's pretty nervous – I just want everyone to like me

– (laughs) – (FBE) Even though this is something we hope will never happen to you two, today we brought in some couples to see what they think is the worst way to break up with someone – Oh – Oh! That's good – Oh, god! – Okay – Dude, they can get so brutal

Oh, man – (FBE) So, we're gonna be showing you some ways that people have ended their relationships And after each one, we'll have you guys rank them on a scale of one to five, one being not that bad and five being holy [bleep], that's bad – Ooh, okay I feel like I'm gonna rate all of these between a four or five range, 'cause I just think all break ups are automatically [bleep]

– (man) You know it's gonna be scary, but you know you're gonna be okay, and that's all that matters, that you will be okay – (woman chuckles) – Mm-mm – Wait, wait They're rope climbing They're at the top of cliffs?! – (woman)

don't have to have this talk with their boyfriends (laughs) – He's gonna push her off – Stop! (laughs) – (man smooches) It's all you, honey

– (woman) No, don't leave yet – You can't trust people like him! – (man) You don't have to jump if you don't want to – (woman) I don't know if I want to – (man) Five – (gasps) Holy cow – (man) You know I love you, right? – I think she should jump – (both laugh) – Oh, no – (woman) Honey, honey! – (squeals) – Oh, he's really

– Oh my god! – He really pushed her off – (gasps) Oh my god – He pushed her

What a freakin'– with those rocks?! – (woman) Honey, honey! (screams) – There you– (laughs) – (gasps) – Whoa! – No! If you ever did this to me, oh my god I'd be– okay, I get why she's pissed (laughs) – Wow – Oh my god – (woman) I'm breaking up with you! – (laughs) That's the best

– (man 2) What'd she say? – (man) I just got dumped (laughs) – Oh If you did that to me, yeah We'd be done – The fact that she was already upset about doing this and didn't wanna do it anymore, but he still pushed her, I think that's a good reason to break up

– (FBE) So, scale of one to five, how bad do you think it was? – I think one Not so bad, you know – Yeah – A four, because it was real, if it was legit, that would be a [bleep] way to end a relationship – Nah, I don't know

I would give it a one just because it's funny, and she wanted to do it She was tied up – That's like a five – That was a five Definitely

– Range it somewhere in the middle – Oh, no – A three – I would give it a four – I'd give it a three, 'cause I feel like they might've made up after this

I don't think it was super serious – Yeah, I'd give it a one It was a joke – That's a one, 'cause that's like– I would be like, "Nah, we're not gonna breaking up You're gonna thank me later

" – They probably didn't break up, right? – So, what– – It's a one It's a one You're right I agree (laughs) – "Is this your way of breaking up with me?" "TransformationTuesday

" (laughs) – Oh, that's cold – They just cropped 'em out – He just cropped her out – Aww – Nooo! Okay, that's [bleep]

To do it over Instagram in front of all of your friends? – But excellent use of the crop tool – (laughs) – All of his followers, all of her– they probably have mutual friends, and this is how they're gonna see them go down – But you wouldn't be able to tell on Instagram back in 2013 – Yes, you would That's not cool

That's me – I think he's chicken – Yeah And no creativity – Maybe he's just so self-absorbed that he wanted a picture by himself

Instead of taking another photo, he just decided to zoom in on his face I don't– – Boy, you're really cutting him some slack on this one (laughs) – If you're gonna break up through a comment on Instagram, it's a wrap, dude Go ahead I just don't care

That's just a slap to my face – (FBE) On a scale of one to five, how bad do you think this one is, guys? – Five – Yeah, five – He's a chicken – That is a three

That's not too bad, but it's embarrassing, so it's a three – Damn I– damn I'm gonna take it to a four – Well, I give that one a two

– If that was his way of breaking up with her, then yeah, that's probably a four, because you're doing it publicly, you know, instead of just telling her – That was pretty jerky I'd give it a four – I'd probably say two – Like a one

– Probably a three – I'd give it a three I mean, it hurts, 'cause it's in public Anything that someone can see, you can't deny it – Yeah

I give it a three, because it's humiliating, but it only got 15 likes – (woman) Happy birthday, Ti! – (all) Happy birthday, Ti! – Oh, no No way – (Tiana) I really couldn't ask for better friends – Is she gonna call out a friend for cheating or something? – (Tiana) Y'all are seriously the best

And I would like to thank – (gasps) I've seen this – Shhh

– (Tiana) for making me realize that I deserve so much better – Oh

– (Tiana) Every single person here – Oh, wow – (Tiana)

you've been trying to talk to some girl named Denise – Oh my god! She's dumping him in front of everybody! Okay, that's rude – (Tiana)

a girl named Denise – Oooh, no! – Ohhhh But that's great

Throw a party – (Tiana) a girl named Denise

– Ohhh! That's cold, dude – Oh, okay See, this is what I'm talking about – That's a five That's a five

– Ooh – Oh, wow – Ooh, can we keep playing that one? – (Tiana) Literally all of us have seen screenshots – Oh my gosh – (Tiana) of everything you sent her, especially within the past few days

– Oh! – That dude's like, "Oh, [bleep] I didn't see anything I just came for the cake" – (Tiana) You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today – (man) Yo, that's bad

– (Tiana) Yeah So, in case you didn't figure it out, we're over, and you can get the [bleep] out – (woman) Get the [bleep] out! – Yeah, get outta here, bro You out, bro – Are they giving him his stuff? – Ohh! – Giving him his stuff! – Nice! – (laughs) Get the [bleep] out of my house! – (raspily) Finish him! – The only thing about that one is I wish the camera person would've gotten a better angle

I wanted to see his face (chuckles) – Damn! I would've been that one family member in the room like, "Damn! Hell yeah! Where's the popcorn, bro?" Whoa! – Player got called, man Player got called on [bleep] in front of his friends That's the way you do it! You confront 'em! – (FBE) Scale of one to five, how bad is it getting broken up that way? – I'd give that a five You have a built-in system just turning against you

You have to look them in the eyes – Especially if you guys were together for a while, and you were friends with her friends, this is the one that's most likely to make me cry, so I'd give it a five too – Five Yeah – Yeah, I'd give it a five as well

– One – Yeah, one – No, this is a five Again with the embarrassment That's me

– Yeah That's– yeah Yup – I'd say a four – I'd say it's a five

It's brutal the way she did it, but she did it to his face – Damn He deserved it That's a five Ah! – Yeah

– My heart! – You know, if people saw me as a certain way, and now I'm trash to them – Yeah, you're a trash human being You should be called out

You should be petty – That's a five – This guy on the plane just broke up with his girlfriend, and she's sobbing – "Guy: I just can't stand you I can't be near you

I would switch seats if I could Is this really a surprise? Are you seriously surprised with this information?" – (both) "Great Just great" – (laughs) "I'm so glad I paid 40 extra dollars to be on this [bleep] flight with you" – (sarcastic) 40 extra dollars

Wow Whoa – And the guy says, "I don't care" Girl, "I'm glad you don't care" – Ooh

Wow That's a horrible place to break up – I know

– 'cause it ain't like you can walk out and leave – I don't know why he didn't break up with her before they left

You know, she would've just said, "Okay" and walked away and maybe not got on that plane – That's really sad, because she has nowhere to go – Anything public is embarrassing, especially a verified Twitter account – (FBE) So, on a scale of one to five, how bad is this breakup? – Honestly, this is a five, 'cause it's the fact that you get broken up with on an airplane and a stranger decided to tweet it and it went viral (chuckles) – Well, it also feels like a five, 'cause you're stuck in a metal tube with a couple hundred strangers that have to deal with you, so you're like, "I'm sorry I'm an imposition, but my life is falling apart

" – (groans) – All around it's a five – Yeah, it's a five all around – From every angle – Yeah – Three

– I'll call it a three – Four Yeah – Yeah, a four – I'll give it a four

– I think I would give it a three – Five, 'cause one it isn't public, but she has no place to go – I agree – It's– That's just wrong – Yeah, I agree

Five That's flat out cruel – "You've used me and hurt me enough over these last four months than any other person has I'm done" – "That was never my intention

I don't regret any of the time we spent together, and I think so highly of you I'm just not ready And you're right, this isn't fair to you I'm so very sorry I've hurt you" – "You will never believe or understand how much I think you are a good person and deserve so much better than I have ever been able to give you

You have every right to hate me, and I deserve all of it" "You're not a good person I wish I had never met you" (laughs) – I think they're in different speed, you know? I think that's the way I see it, you know One is here

One is here, you know? – So, it almost seems like this was very toxic, and sometimes – But hang on Hey, before you get into– –

that's the only way you can break up with someone I know, I know– Oh Oh! – is not in person, because it just doesn't work if that's a very toxic relationship you have, so breaking up over text is not the worst, I don't think, in general

– Damn – (FBE) So, on a scale of one to five, how bad is this breakup? – I think it's more like a two I don't think it's really horrible – Yeah, no Two

Two, yeah I agree with you – If it's very casual, and you both kind of know that you don't really wanna continue with it, I'd say it's a one, 'cause you just have a conversation, and then you never have to deal with it That's the end – I'd give this one a four, though, just 'cause I feel bad for gray text

– And I'd rank it a four just because it is a text – Yeah I would say four as well – Yeah – I'd call it a three

– That's like a two – I think he's just trying to let her off easy, saying, "Hey, listen, it's not you We had a great time" He's just backing out, and I would say one for that reason – I'd give it a one also

At least there was some communication with just two people – I would give it a two – I'll give it a three I mean, like I said, it just depends on the situation, but if I just met you, you did this, I mean, that's fine But if we were dating for like seven years, then I feel like I should have the opportunity to be broken up in person

– Oh, this one? This show is nuts! – Oh my god Is this where they, as a couple, tattoo each other and they can pick whatever they want? – Oh, no – Oh – (laughs) – I don't think they're going on a trip, right? – Yeah They're not packing for Europe

– What the [bleep]?! – Pack your bags You're going– (laughs) – I mean, that's actually not that bad – At least it's an ass tattoo You can cover it – Just wear pants

– (Joey) Are you sure this is what you wanted to do? You wanted to come on to this show and end your relationship? – (Brian) Yeah – (Victoria) I've just been dumped on national TV Lucky me – Actually, I think it's pretty creative (laughs) – Dude, if I wanna wear a bikini and you see a bunch of boxes on my ass

– I'd be pissed To have your significant other who you love and trust give you a mysterious tattoo and then turns out they're breaking up with you? That sucks – (FBE) On a scale of one to five, what do you guys think? – Five – I'd say a three only because she shouldn't have been on the show (laughs) – Five

Pretty [bleep] – (laughs) I think it's acceptable! – (both laugh) – Two – (both laugh) – I think I would rank that as a five – I expect to see this kind of thing on shows like this I'd probably give it a four

– I think that's a five Definitely – I'll give it a four I'll give it a four, 'cause you could always cover up a tattoo – Five

– Yeah, it's a five, but it's also an MTV show There's just like, "Oh, hey, you should tattoo suitcases on her thigh to add drama," you know, so I can't fully invest – I'd give it a five It's permanent Breakups, you're supposed to get over, but this will always be on her butt

– Yeah, this is also thousands of dollars worth of lasers being steered directly on her butt just to get rid of it That's a five – (FBE) All right, guys So, that's all the videos we have for you today But before we go, we're curious

What's the worst way either of you have been broken up with or broke up with somebody? – I broke up with my first wife (chuckles) I called her on the phone I said, "I want a divorce" That was it – The worst way I was– or I actually broke up with somebody was over the phone

And it was that exact situation Maybe that's why I got so passionate about that text is, you know, it was so toxic that every time I tried to end things in person, you know, as people usually want, I couldn't get there, and I wasn't– I couldn't get to that point in the conversation – I was dating someone, and I didn't know that they had a girlfriend And they were hiding it from me for like two months And then, the girlfriend reached out, and they were like– she was like, "Hey, you know we're still together?" And I'm like, "Oh! That's disgusting

" – Oh, I got broken up with by a girl in her apartment complex, and then I was parked in the parking garage of her complex And when I was backing out, the front of my car hit a column, so it bent over the tires, so I couldn't drive So, I had to sit in her parking garage for like five hours waiting for a tow truck right after she dumped me, and I was like, "Well! I'm just gonna sit in it for a moment" – Did you text her at all? – No! She has no idea – (both laugh) – I was alone and alone

– Thanks for watching this episode of Couples React – Shoutout to Esra Cookie – This is where I have to say goodbye – But it's not you It's me

– Hey, guys I'm Jesse, associate producer here at FBE Make sure to check out the FBE channel for more videos across all generations Links are in the description below Thanks for watching, guys


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