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Coronavirus lockdown: A Scottish island cut off from the rest of the world – BBC World Service


People on the Isle of Mull in the west of Scotland are resilient, and used to isolation. Now the island has been totally closed to non-residents for weeks.

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A community reliant on tourism has pulled together to support one another, with food banks, delivery services, and volunteering. But rather than just weathering the storm, they have a message of hope, believing that reconnecting with each other will mean they emerge from the crisis stronger than before.

Most hotels in the UK have had to let their workforce go when they were forced to close. But the imposing Western Isles Hotel in Tobermory has decided to keep on all its foreign staff, giving them a place to live, feeding and entertaining them with a cinema and the bar, until the crisis passes. Formerly an archetypal capitalist, the owner Andrew and his partner Ray have changed the way they think about money and politics, realising the time has come for compassion and generosity.

On a craggy lump of rock, battered by waves and Atlantic winds, stands one grand white house. The notorious place of exile for the disgraced Mitford sisters, this is the tiny private island of Inch Kenneth. The former Royal Marine caretaker and his boat building partner have barely noticed the pandemic, only reading about it on the internet.

Filmmakers: Daisy Walsh and Tom Martienssen
Social distancing protocols were used throughout production.

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