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Coronavirus Covid19 Is The Most Deadliest Virus of our Lifetime! Breaking News


just an adult and you're watching GTV for icy streets virus is the most deadliest virus our time that isn't a digitus to the human species it both deadliest virus that isn't sexually transmitted don't get it twisted it's only gonna get worse but it's a few thousands hunters that like a lot of people affected a lot of people died thousands of people affected men probably a couple of billion people on the earth are affected by the disease the economies are crashing collapsing martial law is being implemented now people in certain countries are not allowed to go outside they're not allowed to go outside to do jumping jacks so you wanted to go outside views in Spain or Italy and one of these places you decided you weren't going through a jumping jack it's gonna be probably did I don't know what they not revealing this information but my main question is if you did decide to go outside are they gonna find you are they gonna possibly put you back in your house all right one angel life are they going you know I'm saying there's like there's different options I don't know what's going on brothers want to try to know their yes the coronavirus is the most deadliest virus of our time that isn't and visits to the human species and this is sexually transmitted and there's only gonna get worse I don't know no disease ever in my lifetime with these implemented martial law and shut down places you know I was just informing I'll make sure y'all wash our hands and your face before clean your hands and your face in your mouth that's the only way you can get it also make sure that you drink plenty of fluids because if you do get it you wanna want your body to be well hydrated so can flush it out even though you make attractive it's not a deficit the morality ready with the mortality rate is very low not a lot of people dying from it but you know there's no cure for and I'm gonna educate try on any disease that's introduced to the human race doesn't matter what it is anymore disease virus on anything takes a minimum of two months to even develop a cure period it takes time for the antibodies to develop you know I'm saying if they got the right cure for it that takes too much minimum that's even they got the right formula so that's that that's just something a rule of thumb but this was to happen again just know it takes a minimum of two months so this is gonna go all at least for three to six months they don't even have enough kits to test everybody to see you got it you go to the hospital say I wanna test flow Corona and you're gonna stand right back around you go to a hospital Tony you got flu-like symptoms or you won't get your test my quarantine because it take two days for the test so you ain't gonna go nowhere for two days now I get a bit of common sense one taken from section eight to the comment section y'all let me know what's going on y'all let me know how y'all been affected with coronavirus hydrocity town or countries been infected with the quran virus i really want to know so y'all let me know what's going on I just told you what's going on on my side y'all let me know what's going on with you outside cuz I really want to know do you know anybody got Corona have you heard of any stories um any scares are you don't got Corona you know I'm saying let me know what's going on talk to me in the comment section y'all know I'm in the comment section I reply I respond I ain't bougie ain't one of them people I'm very loyal and faithful to all my people I don't care how big and famous I got I love you so get that out your mind I appreciate you watching the video did your first time watching video make sure you shoot subscribe button shoot it up sky to my channel let's do it alright pistol cocking body dropping make sure you take care of yourself and each other

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