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Communication Skill – How to Speak Better With Others | 6 Easy Tips | Breaking Ballads


hello guys, how are you doing? I hope great and fantastic this is our second video on personal development the first one is on the left oh sorry! right it tells you the seven ways to make yourself productive do watch it if you haven't watched it yet

heading forward to this video let's talk about communication it is one of the most important thing we do as a human don't we? whatever we do in our daily life includes communication be it at your workplace or with friends or family it requires to build strong relationship and trust me, many issues can be solved just by good communication Unfortunately, no one taught us such a basic and fundamental thing Don't you think that It is something that we learn from our surrounding yes! and most of the time I think sometimes it affects us badly and sometimes it can be life saving thing depending upon the people around us so in this video, I have brought few important tips that can help you to have a great communication skill only and only, if you want The first thing requires to be good at communication skill is to be a good listener that's right! many people are not aware that listening is an essential factor when it comes to communication not only it leaves a good image but also this is a sweet gesture to show respect without making any extra effort Think about the last time when someone intentively listened you that must have made you felt valued inside as much as you want to be heard, people also want to be heard in a truthful way it helps to build the trust between speaker and the listener the second thing I want to share with you all guys is Never Ever Out-Speak People *example of out-speaking people in conversation* if you want to maintain a good communication let the other one also involve involvement of other person is essential by talking over the other person you simply say that what I have to say is more important than yours let them put their version of topic the next one is don't finish other people's sentences this is something we all do and often research show that this is a wrong habit and if you do so you are taking the control of the other person

Nobody likes losing the control of their conversation so this is extremely bad habit the next one is – paraphrase you can paraphrase their sentences of course not every sentence that will be annoying paraphrase means – when you repeat back what they just said for example – I'm talking to you right now so you can paraphrase my fourth point like So Ronnie, you're saying that paraphrasing is a great tool for better communication and we should use it right? absolutely right

our next tip is – Listen Here listening means active listening you can also listen someone while doing other stuffs but that's passive listening and it reflects low engagement Maintaining a good eye contact while communicating is a great way to show that you're interested in their talk also, it helps you to pay attention towards the talking which is going on If you want me to make such more interesting videos please drop a like on this video and also subscribe the channel if you have not done yet also, press the bell icon so whenever I upload any video you will get the instant notification

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