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Comic Book Inking 101 & Breaking Into the Industry with Mostafa Moussa


So, I'm here to talk about breaking into the industry About doing comic book inking

It's kind of fun I like it It's something I've done now professionally for 19 years And actually, I just got news I'm gonna be working on Superman for DC Comics So that's exciting

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to announce it yet, but I don't care It's fun, I'm gonna share it Batman is kind of my favorite character, but I'll take Superman He's a solid second choice The costume I think I got, just the S is complicated

But anyway, I worked for Marvel, I've worked for Image I've worked for IDW I got to do Transformer toy designs for Hasbro I got to do a ninja turtles for Mirage back when they were around Got to work with Stan Lee, the guy who's showing up here tomorrow

I got to do a Silver Surfer story with Stan Lee Silver Surfer, he had cosmic dust and was dirty and he had to fly through a car wash at the end So, I was like hey you know what? I get to work with Stan Lee, I'll take it That's fun! I did another story with him, where it was Magneto and Professor X facing off And Stan Lee was trying to be the peacemaker, stand in the middle

And Magneto told him to be quiet and took his his phone and like wrapped it around his mouth, to like shut him up So, that was fun If you want to see some of those pages, they're over there at my table in the corner somewhere I don't know what number, 700 something, I don't know Anyway, the bearded weirdo guy, that's, that's who you'll see

Anyway, so I've been at this since high school professionally Right after high school I went to the two biggest shows that were out there Was it Wizard World Chicago and Comic-con, San Diego Comic-con And I just showed him all the stuff that I had and I got, I was able to get work right away Started working for Image and then that turned into working for Marvel, turned into working for IDW

And, and Godzilla Got to do Godzilla, that was fun Hey, everybody, welcome, welcome Just given everybody my, I guess credits real quick So, I've been at this almost 20 years now

And I guess comic books keep me young I guess, is what I can say Except in the morning That's, that's when I feel old But as a, as a comic book inker, what we do is, we try to take the best out of the pencils And we kind of be mind reader's sometimes when it comes to what the pencils are looking for

Like sometimes they might not have everything fleshed out So, we're kind of there to to bring out the best in them and that brings out the best in to us and then we kind of become this third artist which is better than us individually right so that's that's kind of what I've been doing for the last 20 years and I definitely encourage you to come take a look at the table you don't have to buy anything but like there's a lot of original art so you can kind of see like what it looks like before it gets printed out and everything it's on much bigger 11 by 17 sighs I'm gonna get shrunk down real quick if there is any questions feel free to interrupt me because I have no problem and if you guys have any artwork you guys want me to take a look at I love to take a look but anyway as far as breaking in goes what I did was I just grabbed five to ten of my favorite things and I showed it to every editor I could so just trying to get feedback like if I heard something about hey you know what this is great but I would like you to do this better I would make sure that I'd never heard that criticism again I would like take the criticism to heart like okay I want to make sure I never hear that complaint ever again so so that the next year it would be you know better hopefully but let's see anyway a lot of the things this is on the screen is a goofy there Deadpool that I'm doing for somebody they wanted a like a tough guy Deadpool but you know he's got his little teddy bear because because he's dead boy but anyway I do work in pencil sometimes I like to work in ink into the term anchor but as far as breaking end goes just take your best stuff whatever it is don't have anything that you can make excuses of like well this isn't my best but I was in a rush or something half-finished nobody really wants to see that half-finished stuff or the things like well this is from years ago I don't know if any of its good if you have to make excuses for it don't show it just show the good stuff you know take your time show the good stuff oh hello there I just given everybody my background about what I do and what I've been doing professional convoking career telling about how to break in and all of that and if you guys do have any questions feel free to ask you can go ahead and rub me but definitely like back in the day there was no social media so I kind of think it's easier to break in now than it was when I started you can just kind of do really cool stuff and then post it on Instagram and Facebook and it can get shared and then instead of like having to print out things and having to email things all this like ancient technology nowadays right you could just be like oh now look yeah here's the link here there look see and I got a lot of followers and then you can get work doing that you can get commissions which is nice I got a ton of commissions waiting for me back at home that I'm blowing off to be here with you people which is great because I don't need to be there right now and so like yeah this would like for instance this was a commission that I got in Nashville a couple weeks ago and I was like hey is okay if I finish it and send it to you later is like yeah sure no problem so commissions like that of course I have book work waiting for me when I get home so I got that going on but as far as the inker goes there's lots of tools you can use I have like these cheap little markers here else oh yeah so just you know cheap two three dollar markers you can get really expensive things really nice things or you can just get really good at the cheap stuff and make a career doing that I get these pins from Japan they're like three bucks and when they go bad I just throw them away and get a new one so I don't feel like super attached to it but like synthetic brush like that so see if I can show you you know things like that really useful really a bunch of a time-saver because back when I started I was using like the really nice stuff and it was great and I would make a hand cramp and I'd have like the cloth at the end of the night and it would suck and then I started using these things I was like holy crap this is so much easier there's so much better and it's cheaper yeah I'm gonna use this but occasionally I'll go back to the more expensive stuff they have like brushes that are 70 or 80 bucks I couldn't imagine even like opening it I'd be afraid like oops I already ruined it I'm gonna throw this away now like no I use this thing it's fine with me there's no industry standard just make it look good that's really even use crayon if you want you can use you know charcoal whatever whatever you got as long as it looks good nobody's gonna care yes you got questions go for it thinking what digitally good question I suck at inking digitally no I've tried but not good enough to show anybody I did storyboards for a movie last year and that was crazy because like they wanted these quick little drawings that would take like 10 20 minutes but they wanted 60 of them a hundred of them in a week so I was like oh I got to figure out a way to do that fast and I've tried digitally and it was ok for storyboards is okay but for something finished like those guys who can do digitally I applaud them because I can't and I don't I don't have an aptitude for that I got some friends that are great at that stuff I just don't know how to do it I'm I'm an analog guy in a digital world really but no that's a good question though yeah can you do digitally yeah I bet it blows away my stuff like I don't know do you have if you have any samples or anything you guys want me to take a look at I can take a look at it towards into the show and you know give you a critique feedback whatever you need yes go for it I'm gonna be here all three days I flew up here I figure I might as well stick around yeah yes when did I start my career oh my gosh okay I'm gonna give you the quick story I was drawing as a kid when I was like 5 or 6 years old actually the guy that he had a TV show on this like local like PBS channel and he's here his name's mark Kistler and he's a friend of mine now he like we hang out we get to look at you know different parts of the country together get to travel he's got my artwork hanging up and it's in his house I've been to his house it's awesome but he's the reason I became an artist I would see his show every day and it would teach me like all these different terms that I have like for shortening and cross-hatching and all of these fun things right so definitely go take a look at Mark stuff he's like a cartoon character he's in his 50s now but he still got all this energy like hey yeah you don't hate you know like he's great he's manic but he's great so he kind of like pushed me into heart look and then as far as professionally goes I've been doing this since 1998 so I'm a 19-year career veteran at this point I was being 20 years next year yeah I know it's I know I don't get a gold watch or anything like it's crazy but no I've been at this for a long time professionally when I was like 12 I would make my own comic books and I would make copies at like Office Depot or something and staple them take them to like school the next day I remember I sold like 27 of them I was like oh my god I'm gonna be a millionaire this is awesome not not quite not quite but but it's been great I haven't looked back yes go for it my biggest motivation and then what else artists block oh okay that okay let's see if I can scoot this over all right here we go you guys can hear me okay yeah all right cool artists block I guess I can address that first the thing is like failed writers they don't finish their stories failed artists they don't finish their drawings so even if you're having a block just finish it finish it it doesn't matter if it can be terrible just finish it and then the next one will be better that's that's generally the rule of thumb like if you want to get good at anything you have to finish it you know if you just do it halfway and then start over do it halfway start over there's a lot of talented friends growing up they never finished like I see it oh man I can't wait to see that when it's done and they just wouldn't finish it so that would be the thing like just push through figure out a way to finish it and be like okay well that's terrible my next one to be better because it will I promise it'll be better as far as inspiration goes as far as inspirations for his comics well when I was breaking in there was there was two guys there's big inspirations for me he's named Todd McFarlane and Gimli and they're both still around Gimli is better than he's ever been and it's amazing that like a lot of artists when they get older maybe they might lose a couple miles off their fastball they might you know cut corners or whatever Gimli just keeps getting better it's amazing and then Tom McFarland's always been good and he's still good Todd McFarlane he was the guy who kind of made spider-man popular again and the 80s he gave him the big eyes and he gave him like the crazy like the webbing and like the poses were crazy so it looked like a human spider because before Todd McFarlane's spider-man had these little tiny like slits for eyes and it looked like he would be like a man swinging on a rope like literally it just looked like a guy swinging on a rope and he was like no let's make him a Spider Man and it was like a novel approach sorry Deadpool it was like a novel approach back then like oh wow a Spider Man that's great and then Gimli kind of he popularized x-men with the art style and all and he's still kicking but doing like Batman Superman and Suicide Squad and all that stuff so those guys were inspirations for me but before that it was transformers and Ninja Turtles I love transformers and Ninja Turtles I don't know anything about comic books I just like drawing and I like drawing boxy guys you know for transformers and then the turtle face and the turtle body and then somebody handed me like a comical – Spider Man book and I was like oh that's what I want to do with my career that's what I want to do it I was like twelve and I said okay so in my head I knew exactly what it's supposed to look like and it was about teaching my hand to do what was in my head and it took about six years and then I was 18 and I was like okay I graduated let me see what I can do as far as doing this as a career and if I don't if it doesn't work out I had scholarships to different colleges and things I was like okay I just do the know the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park or something you know like I can do digital stuff but let me try to do a combo card first and I've been doing that pretty steady for like the last 19 years uh well let's see this guy probably probably an hour total I'm pretty fast yeah I I should have brought my resume should've brought like more stuff to show instead of like half-finished things but seriously if you guys want to take a look after I can see my table it's in the 700s right there there's some crazy blue haired lady she's helping me out if you see that over there you guys can take a look at the original art and you can kind of see what it looks like before it gets printed it's really cool sometimes when it gets shrunk down and colored it loses some of its energy but when you see like the original art that was a big inspiration for me because I would just see this stuff printed out I thought it was like done by computers or by a machine or something and then I saw oh no this is done by hand and this is awesome so I definitely recommend like coming to take a look you don't have to buy anything I'm not gonna give you a hard sell but I have lots of original art like thousands of stuff and I try to bring like the things that I think are the most interesting most impressive so anyway is there any other questions yeah yes okay go for it so you wanna you want to like do it from the ground up as far as writing drawing coloring everything you want to do all of that a good place to start good place to start is a good story if you have a good story then the artwork will follow if you have great artwork and a bad story there's enough of that out there we don't need any more of them let's go for a good story and then the artwork will follow and you know what what what's your strength right now as far as writing and drawing what would you say is your strength drawing okay so sometimes what you can do is you can pair up with somebody maybe somebody who has a passion for writing and hasn't been published yet or somebody who's just you know great at writing and he's an artist going to shows like this is a great way to like meet people like I'm working on Superman now and I I just got the news like today and the reason I got that is because I went to a show a couple weeks ago and every friend at this guy that I've been a fan um since I was 12 I was like hey your stuffs cool hey your stuffs cool I'm gonna work at Superman I was like yes like it's just you know going to show is meeting people talking to people so maybe pairing with another you know a writer and then you guys can kind of flesh out what you want like okay this is what a head in mind now go you know and then they can kind of figure out like but maybe the things that are tricky you know like the dialogue is sometimes tricky for people or sometimes the dialogue is easy and then the plot is tricky for people like they can have like a really good story and they don't have anything interesting for them to say or they're great at giving people interesting things to say and then just standing around not doing anything I'm sure you guys have seen those movies you've read those stories right like like oh there's something missing here and then you know the best writers can do both so find out whatever your strength is or whatever your weaknesses talk to other people because there's gonna be people out there like you looking for people like you so yeah definitely do that any other questions no okay anybody have questions yeah go for it who's the main character oh gosh my main character was it was a character I created when I was 12 his name was cross and he had like this like design on his face like if you if you think of any like Rob Liefeld like a rip off character like I think he I don't think he had shoulder pads but he might as well as and like pouches he didn't have pouches but he might as well but basically like you know he had this design that was kind of like a I got like a cross and he had these powers that was kind of like spawn and I just kind of like cherry-picked all these different things and I tried to take my own spin on it so like I don't know he had basically unlimited but whenever he used too much he would just like pass out so like he could fly and stuff but like if he hadn't recharge his batteries so to speak he just don't crash like Greatest American Hero he member that back in the day so yeah it it doesn't sound so good out loud if it in my head it sounded great hey people bought it not many but people bought it anyway I still have some of that art laying around somewhere I did not bring that to the show so yeah good luck finding that actually a friend of mine that I went to high school with he sent me like a Facebook message to say look what I found I was like oh don't post it but hey we had to start somewhere it wasn't great I got better the next thing I did was better trust me everything I did after that was better anybody have any questions on inking or breaking into the industry because I didn't I didn't know exactly like what to focus on as far as the panel go so I those are two things I can talk at length about as far as yeah go for it what you don't know where to start whatever you're passionate about follow that because if you follow your your passion and success will follow you know it might take a while it might you know be instantaneous but what what are the things that you like to draw as an artist I'm sure okay yeah I would say to keep doing that you know if you see stuff out there that you am i competing with somebody else right now it's got a lot louder over there Wow okay anyway anyway okay so yeah just find the things that you think are impressive to look at and do your take on it and it's not how old are you right now okay turning 12 okay so yeah so you're at a perfect age right now just try to consume everything you know like everything that you've heard about like oh I gotta check this out check it out you know read it watch it you know what whatever you have to do there's some great stuff out there but a lot of people get very singular focus especially nowadays they find something that they like and they only look at that right like oh hey there so if there's a you know music they're like oh I just want to listen to that band or stuff that sounds like that man there's other stuff there's lots of great stuff so it's same thing with artwork yeah bring it bring it by if you have some and I'll take a look at it I'll tell you like what to do more of maybe what to do less of what to focus on at this point you're 11 years old you can you can take things that like maybe if you're an adult would be considered copying but as a kid you know to get frames of references to get experience you know doing that form doing that technique or detail and then you can kind of turn that into your own style because everybody has to start somewhere see more than teddy bear yeah yeah my stuff in like seventh grade or eighth grade looked probably a lot like whatever was popular at the time and then eventually it turned into my own style eventually it turned into something that I could be proud of something I can show off you know something I could get work from I would say that like I said earlier it's a lot easier being an artist now with social media you know you can always like post things you can get like requests you can get comments like hey that's great you should do this and I'm like okay I'll do that I get requests like that all the time I'm like okay but you have to pay me but you know it's a good way to just network with other artists too and then you can see like maybe things you guys can work on together like if you're good with pencils and somebody else is good with color or somebody else is good with ink you guys can work together on something just like saying with like storytelling you can work with other people as far as like crafting a good story but anyway sir another question yes go for it how do you find your personal style okay so like I was saying at 12 years old this is how Eric you know I was at 12 years old I knew exactly how it was supposed to look like didn't mean I knew how to do it but I knew exactly how it's supposed to look like because like with inking especially you would see like say several issues and the first issue would be like oh man this is great and you turn like to the next issue and you're like oh it's the same pencil er why is this artwork awful now because the inker was different so I realized like oh the anchor can really make or break a book and I was a pencil er I would pens I can you know I can pencil but I think I bring more to the table as an anchor I feel like I can really help make it look as good as it can be I can make you know pencils that maybe aren't finished I can make them finished and that's called like finisher or embellisher where you have like kind of scribbles and you turn into something manageable but I would say as far as sorry what was your second question again yeah so there's a lot of there's a lot of opinions on that the way I do it I don't hear a lot of people do it I hear people say like they got a warm up I warm up by working I don't understand the warm up thing but what I do is I do the easy stuff so like the faces might be last the faces the hands beard stubble whatever like the details are I might save to the end and I warm up by doing like holding lines right so like if I use this guy here right I can do like big broad strokes right so I might do like all the big like all these big sweeping strokes here and then I can get in in the details in the nitty-gritty like afterward and if I'm working on like several pages at a time like if it's deadline crunch time and I got a I got a whole like bunch to work on like okay today I'm just doing the big broad strokes okay the next day I'm like okay I'm just doing geometric shapes in the background so like straight lines and circles and ovals and stuff like that right and then like oh today I'm just doing details so I'm just doing faces faces faces faces hands you know whatever else shadows and then like the last day might be like filling in like the big you know black areas filling those things in and then all of a sudden you look back and like oh I got all of it all done you know but you kind of compartmentalize and do it assembly line style just seems faster for me I've heard to do the detail stuff first like I guess the theory is if you screw up then you don't want to screw up at the very end you want to screw up at the beginning but I just look at it as I don't want to screw up so I'm just gonna go ahead and do all the easy stuff and then I'll do the faces or whatever you know it's there's no right answer for that that's just the way I do it also I've heard to do like like say like top left you know up here and then to finish bottom right I do it backwards I don't know why but I'll do like this spot first and you're like well what about if you smear your hand and like I'll just don't do that like I don't have a good answer for you I just I don't know I do this and I just kind of work my way up I don't know it's worked out for me but everybody has their own way there's really no wrong answer except drawing upside down I guess maybe you don't want to do that because then things will look really wonky when you turn it over okay any any other questions right now anything else you guys want to hear about gonna hear about the Stanley's story again some of you guys weren't here okay so I was working on Marvel stuff the first book I ever worked on was Jubilee it was like 2004 and they're like hey you wanna do an issue Jubilee I was like yes sure and then it had like a little cameo of Wolverine so I was like I get to work on Wolverine and Jubilee yeah I'll take it it was written by some guy named Robert Kirkman I had no idea who Robert Kirkman was at the time Walking Dead had just started and vincible had just started and then I was like oh that's the walking dead guy I really should have kept in touch with that guy oh shoot oh well so that was the first like Marvel book ever worked on and then after that I worked on a few other things I'd work on like these random I worked on the thing versus the Hulk and that was fun we did it in this kind of like Dragonball Z style so like they would like shout and there'd be action lines and the big explosions and stuff like that that was fun and then we get like random things like I would get hey can you do a comic book for target like the store Target that's a big deal up in this area right target or no that's Minnesota or let's see bubblicious I would get like hey can you do the thing and Spiderman and tie it to bubblicious I'm like yeah sure why not I can do that and then they're like hey we got a Stan Lee's story if you want to work on like yeah Stanley yeah absolutely what is it I was like well Silver Surfer he's dirty and he's got cosmic dust and he goes with to visit khalaqtu s– and Galactus says I'm not some car wash and then he flies through a car wash to get clean but hey I got to work for Stanley so I'll take it and then the other story that we did and I know a couple you guys heard it already but was it was actually in that x-men The Last Stand movie if you ever saw that one it was the one that nobody liked so that's the one I get to work on but if you bought the special edition like DVD it had a special comic book and it said like written by Stan Lee and world-renowned artists and my name was third knows I'm a world-renowned artist no way No so so the part that we did if you flip to it it's like all these like big-name guys and then to me like tucked away in there somewhere and it was a story about Magneto and Professor X yeah my neato Professor X like fighting and that Stanley gets up and he's like hey you two you know don't fight LC or whatever and then like he puts his hands through and like Magneto's like I'm tired of hearing your voice he takes his phone and it was a flip phone that's how old this book was was a flip phone that he took and he melts it like over Stanley's mouth to kind of shut him up so it's funny like I got to work with Stanley a few times and now that I think about it he put himself in every story I'm sure that's going to this I mean I'm sure anyway hopefully uh you guys get to see him tomorrow because he's still got a lot of energy for ninety four years old but anyway let's see is there is there another question you guys have about breaking into the industry yes go for it which issue of Jubilee it was a six issue series I did issue three so when the artwork goes like either like this and then down again or if it's like this and it goes down and then up again like we tried to keep it like inline with the other stuff but it is it's a little different it's kind of it was a cart cart to any kind of style but we did you know a bit more realistic I guess so yeah it was like right in the middle I have a couple of the pages over there if you guys want to take a look in the 700s in the corner there you can see some of my stuff over there I have some of those Jubilee pages a lot of them have gotten sold apparently there's some Jubilee fans out there but I do have a few others if you just want to walk through memory lane and see it I have some let's see after Jubilee I got to work on transformers for Hasbro that was fun cuz that's a big Transformers fan growing up that's that's the thing that like I would draw in my free time if I was good at school it was because I wanted to get back to drawing it wasn't because I wanted good grades is because I wanted to hurry up and get through the test so I can get back to drawing like in my free time that's all I did was draw like I have a guitar in my house that's like collecting dust in the corner that I look over I'm like I wish I was better at playing guitar but I didn't put the thousands and thousands of hours into it drawing that was easy for me I would I would find the time if I didn't have time I'd turn over a napkin I would draw on the napkin whatever it was yeah guitar playing not so much so yeah well I can play like three songs so that's better than some people right so yeah so transformers I got to work on and then after that I got to do Godzilla Godzilla was not something I even grew up like I was a fan you know I know Godzilla but there are fans across the country like doesn't matter where I go there's always Godzilla fans he's have some of those pages too if you guys want to see but let's see what else today I'm trying to blonde and drawn a blank now ninja turtles I got to work on that was awesome I got to meet um the creator of Ninja Turtles kevin eastman super nice guy when I met him he had on a backpack and a hat and he was like oh that's a cool Ninja Turtles I was like oh thanks if you need anything let me know you know I didn't know who he was and then I looked up and I was like oh crap you're oh wow you're kevin eastman holy crap like the nicest multi-millionaire you'll ever meet and we talked for like 15 minutes I was like yeah I haven't seen that that Ninja Turtles movie yet and he's like yeah like well you know hopefully the second one's better is like I think it'll be better I haven't seen it yet I still haven't but anyway he's nice though let's say as far as like there's a lot of books that I got to work on that are some of my favorites that just nobody ever got to see they were maybe small press like I got to work with this guy RA Salvatore he's this big brighter guy I didn't know who he was I was like sure L I'll do it sure and if some of my best stuff it's like this kind of swords and sorcery like action stuff into this character Drizzt Durden and the story dream demon wars that I'd never heard of it's cool and people see it and they're like man this is awesome but you know it's not the Hulk vs the thing or Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla so nobody really cares but that's over there too if you guys want is there is there any other questions as far as breaking in or as far as comic book inking or what that means I do have I do have lots of answers for you let's see oh we got like just a few minutes left in this panel so if there is any artwork that you guys have I know I mentioned it before I'd love to take a look at it even if it's like on your phone doesn't have to be you know tangible art it's 2017 I know a lot of people just their portfolios on their phone right now so that's kind of what I have and if you guys want to see like some of the fun up-and-coming stuff that I got to work on like I haven't really had a chance to you know I wonder if I can just we're gonna show you on here you guys want to see like yeah all right let's see I've never done this so we'll see if this works or not but let's see see how clear this is alright Deadpool you've had your time go ahead go away alright yeah I don't know how clear that is but this guy is a famous for having an S on his chest and he was the first superhero so I got to do this for DC Comics and they're like yep you got the job so that's kind of cool okay this I probably should have I probably should have thought this out anybody know Thanos yeah okay so this thing took forever I don't know how clear it'll be but I have to call over there this I was working on until about 6:00 in the morning until I had to catch a plane to come up to beautiful Madison Wisconsin and it's a little blurry okay fine but trust me the original is not nearly as blurry he is obsessed with this character here deaf so I had to put a poet down there take her in time for the infinity war movie coming out next year if anybody's a fan of that I can tell you a spoiler alert if you want to know how it ends beware know how it ends no I'm just kidding I don't know they all die I don't know but let's see it's now it's naked I got to put something up there okay I have lots and lots of things to show you guys if you guys want to come over and take a look and you know what if you guys do buy anything you guys get five dollars off anything for listening to me talk for 45 minutes I think that's the least I could do right now guy but let's see what we got we got a few more minutes I can talk about different tools that I use and I think I talked about that earlier I know some of you guys weren't here but there's really expensive brushes that you can use if you want but you really don't have to just just try to make the lines look like they are in your head so if you have to outline the line like for example and see if I have any example here no of course I don't but like say you know somebody people could use a brush and just fill this all in or you can outline it and fill it in later you know that ways a lot easier saves time saves like you know your brush if you want to save it you can use really expensive tools or you can use really cheap tools like these things are like 10 bucks I don't like them nearly as much as these things which are like three bucks and they last longer there's more of a bounce to the line like when I say bounce let's see if there's an example like see this grenade right here that I started on like how it goes like thick to thin like it's something that anchors want to kind of get to make it it makes the lines more exciting instead of it just being a dead straight line you want to kind of have like some energy to it so it might be like thick and bold here and then like really wispy and thin there you know or have like you know well highlights on his on his mask right so you go like thick then thin then thick again and it just looks like it's like light hitting him you know that kind of thing I don't know if that comes across on the screen but if not I can show you guys over there in person but there's lots of different techniques there's cross hatching and there's and there's dry brush and there's rendering effects that you can do and then you can use these things which are kind of fun and then you can just kind of like say it like this gun I'm gonna fill in completely black and then I'm gonna go in with this like white in which didn't exist when I started my career would have been made it a lot easier and then do little highlights on the gun and it just it looks like a gun you had a question use a templates like like the ovals and circles and thing like that paper sighs okay so for Commission's I usually do nine by nine by twelve it's just faster and easier people don't want the big things for published stuff the standard size is 11 by 17 so like the prints that I sell out of my 17 because that's the actual size I worked on the original art most of it it's gonna be 11 by 17 there's a couple of smaller things but that's usually like the standard size but as far as a templates go actually something that's really that comes in handy I don't know if you ever mess with French curves you ever mess with French curves I've never messed with French squares my life yeah okay so they got those like fancy like a bunch of sweeping angles and stuff and like if you're if you're trying to like draw a line and you want to find the right curve it just seems like a big hassle so I have something called a flexible curve and it's just like blue six dollar thing and you just bend it into the shape that you want so if you're doing a line in ink that like sweeps across the entire page you don't want to necessarily do that freehand although I I can do it freehand if you're just starting out maybe you want to kind of you know have a little you know guiding ruler but it's like a ruler that you can shape and it's awesome it's awesome so say like you have like a close-up of a guy's face and you have this jawline or something you could do that freehand or you can use that thing and it just saves time and it makes the line a little bit more how would you say oh one more sure a little more confident because like I think artists especially when they're starting out you can tell like confident lines versus the swirly swirly lines have got you know if they're sketching it out and they're like you know every few inches they're starting and stopping yeah that's gonna come across you know but if you if you can you know I should've brought over here so like if you can do was just a bold line you know that we do that that looks a little more finished a little more confident than yeah you know nobody wants to really see that you know so I don't know if that's a good example or not but it's the things that I see in young up-and-coming artists confidence will come in time how old are you 20 oh yeah yeah you're good then you'll be you'll be fine I'm sure your stuffs already great and I'm sure you're so great and I can't wait to see both of it so if you have any like examples either today tomorrow I'll be here all three days so I would love to take a look if I could get like if I could have a career just like critiquing artists and like helping them out I would love to unfortunately I haven't found a way to monetize that yet so I can't do that as a career but I'd love to do it as a hobby so yeah definitely you want to take a look at anything even if it's just little sketches or whatever yeah I'd love to take a look it looks like we're wrapping up here now so that is weird I don't want to have that on there okay I'll just flip you over I show you things that I will be working on let's see they're like little loose sketches there's a Gomorrah if you know guardians of galaxy here's a blue Blue Beetle do you guys know Blue Beetle let's see here's a Carrie Kelly Robin these are things that I just kind of sketched out in blue and then I will finish at some point like I said it brought homework here's a Rorschach oh that didn't come out at all did it well anyway here's a Rorschach from Watchmen one of my favorite things of all time if you are age appropriate it's you should check it out let's see alright I think we've pretty much covered everything if there is any last further remaining questions no no we're covered what's it okay well come by the table I would love to teach you my face honestly it's just repetition it's just doing the same thing over and over and over again and getting better at it making the good line a great line making the great line an awesome line making a solid image a great image don't overdo it that's something else I see like artists do they got lines all over their faces and they got all kind of crazy backgrounds and all of these things you don't need ya don't know just get the general idea down and then you can work on all the extra detail you know you know take like a blue pencil maybe and get like a blobby image and then take a regular pencil sketch it out kind of take like something that you know like clay like you're shaping something out of clay you just keep chipping away right and then each layer that you add to it will get more and more refined but that makes sense it makes sense in my head I don't know alright anyway we are at the time I don't know if there's no other panel but I should probably get out of here before they like kick me off but anyway thanks a lot everybody this is my first like solo panel I think that I've done I've done a lot of coop panels is my first single-player camp panel but thanks again everybody

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