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Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) on 'Big Time Adolescence' & 'Tickets To My Downfall' | MTV News


{an8}- When I saw the movie, {an8}I definitely looked at Pete and I was like, {an8}"How did you pull this off? {an8}"Like I was there with you, you idiot, {an8}"like, there's no way" {an8}He's so good, he was so good

{an8}But it's insane 'cause I also knew {an8}what we were just up to, while we were filming it {an8}Which was like, there was no emphasis on work, {an8}it was just kinda like, fun {an8}I don't know how the film ended up so good {an8}It's like, I feel like when we were there, {an8}we were all like, {an8}"OK, this movie's probably never coming out" {an8}- Hey, Momo, come here doggy

{an8}- [Monroe] Yo, what's up? {an8}- Lemme talk to you, man – Thank you {an8}- You know I'm the last one to judge you, right? {an8}- Yeah, of course {an8}- Okay, well as your boy, I gotta tell you {an8}You're acting real silly right now, all right? {an8}That chick is like 16 years old

{an8}Shame on you {an8}- Nick, I'm 16 {an8}- Exactly {an8}What? {an8}- I definitely related {an8}to what Mo was going through growing up {an8}The first time I ever got arrested was at 13, {an8}because of somebody else kind of pressuring me {an8}into being like, "This is what we should do

{an8}"Like, how else are we gonna do it, right?" {an8}And I'm just like, "Yeah" {an8}I had to take the blame and everything, {an8}It was just gnarly {an8}- [Producer] Are you the one who's always {an8}being the voice of reason in your friend group? {an8}- Absolutely not {an8}I am the reason that those people exist {an8}For people like me, to be like, {an8}"Wait! {an8}"It's a 20-foot drop! {an8}"You can't even walk straight! {an8}"Get back in the car! {an8}"Go to sleep!" {an8}Yep, that's why I am still walking planet Earth

{an8}Thank you to those guys, {an8}and girls {an8}'Big Time Adolescence' to me means, {an8}the big slap in the face that is growing up {an8}I'd say, probably my biggest slap in the face growing up {an8}was like, "Hey, you're 18 years old {an8}"and you got a baby on the way {an8}"and you work at a fast food restaurant {an8}"and your dad is in Africa with no phone {an8}"for years {an8}"So, good luck figuring this (beep) out" {an8}Not every story ends perfectly, {an8}and I love that this one ended with a slap in the face

{an8}Like, this is life {an8}It's like, here's the dish {an8}There's nothing on top of it to block the reality, {an8}you know what I mean? {an8}Life is just a bunch of {an8}scribbles and (beep), {an8}like he says {an8}To be honest, the reason why I was in this film {an8}was just because Pete looked at me one day on set {an8}when we were filming the Mötley Crüe movie {an8}and was like, "I'm doing this movie I'd like you to be in" {an8}And it started as a cameo

{an8}Like, I was just in one scene very quick {an8}But when I got to Syracuse, and filmed that scene, {an8}the director was like, "We gotta do more scenes {an8}"with you guys {an8}"You guys are really funny on camera together" {an8}So, it turned into a little role for me {an8}The way I've gotten roles in the past {an8}is by doing extensively more than {an8}anyone ever should to get a role, {an8}which is like, you know, getting in a car accident

{an8}And you know, it was my car that got hit {an8}in the middle of the intersection {an8}and I'm just like, "Yeah, I'm late, {an8}"I don't care, it's fine, I'll fix it some other time {an8}"I just, I gotta go" {an8}He's like, "Don't you want my information?" {an8}I'm like, "No, I don't care, you're good, whatever" {an8}Leave the car, if I get this role, {an8}my whole life will change anyway {an8}And then that was how I got the Tommy Lee role

{an8}It was my sixth audition {an8}but I couldn't be late, {an8}so I had to ditch the old Range Rover {an8}Or like, calling Cameron Crowe on Christmas Eve {an8}because I had waited four months to hear back {an8}on if I got the role or not, {an8}and I like, couldn't wait another day, {an8}even though it was Christmas Eve {an8}Everyone else was like, "This is so unprofessional, {an8}"but you got the role 'cause you're crazy" {an8}I don't think like, nothing's been handed to me, {an8}so it's definitely like, I gotta get it, I gotta get it {an8}Yeah, Colson Baker is a whole different person {an8}than Machine Gun Kelly to me

{an8}Like, I didn't even know Colson Baker existed {an8}until like, last year {an8}I like, just started using my name {an8}People are like, "Oh my God, you have a name?" {an8}I'm like, "Yeah, (beep) I forgot, too {an8}"My bad" {an8}It trips me out

{an8}And I guess I just wanna show a little bit {an8}of this other person that I like, {an8}kinda just met to the world, {an8}so people don't just think I'm this angry guy {an8}'Cause I'm not, kind of, sometimes {an8}I don't know {an8}Jesus, there's two people going on in here {an8}man, I don't know {an8}With music, I felt like, for the longest it was {an8}writing everything down on paper {an8}and like, organizing everything, {an8}and like, does this make sense with this? {an8}And I've lately just been going in {an8}and just talking about what just happened last night {an8}or what's going on {an8}and it just resonates so much different {an8}when I play it for people than the stuff that I overthought

{an8}People generally are connected with it {an8}because I'm like, "Oh yeah, I'm just going in there {an8}"and saying how I feel, {an8}"and sometimes you as a human {an8}"is just cooler than you as a person {an8}"who's like adding on all this stuff {an8}"to cover up who you actually are" {an2}I'm working on an album {an2}called 'Tickets To My Downfall' right now {an2}with Travis Barker {an2}It's full pop punk album {an8}It's my first project I've ever put out without rapping {an2}Not that I'm leaving rapping at all, {an2}but this was kind of like a concept album {an2}and I'm like purple devil-y emoji with it right now

{an8}I'm so stoked, I just know what the (beep) it sounds like {an8}I've actually been on the Sunset Strip {an8}just playing it without people knowing it, {an8}like all the time {an8}And like, one of my favorite bars that we go to, {an8}which has just a lot of people come through it, {an8}I'll get on and I'll play like, {an8}some Killers real quick, {an8}I'll play like, a Trippie Redd song real quick, {an8}and drop a 'Tickets To My Downfall' song in there {an8}and just watch everybody, {an8}like the groove doesn't lose {an8}It's almost like everybody is like, {an8}"Oh I'm supposed to know this song, {an8}"this (beep) hard" {an8}They're going hard, "This just sounds and feels so good {an8}"that I must know this song

" {an8}- [Producer] Yeah {an8}- So, why stop dancing? {an8}And it just gets that every time {an8}But it's been (beep) going off and I'm stoked {an8}There actually is a decent amount of features {an8}There's this one that me, YUNGBLUD, and Travis Barker did

{an8}It's called "Body Bag" {an2}We had all kind of been scared to get back in the studio, {an2}cause of "I Think I'm OKAY" and it's like, {an2}can we do a better song than "I Think I'm OKAY?" {an2}And if not, then should we even try? {an8}And then we started "Body Bag," {an8}and I'm like, "Holy (beep), this song is so sick" {an8}Me and YUNGBLUD got together {an8}to drink some beer after Juice had passed {an8}because we were just like, {an8}"Times are short, like let's" {an8}It was just a weird day, like, "Let's link up" {an8}And the weirdest night happened, {an8}and we went to the studio the next day {an8}and wrote a song about that {an8}and that felt like a smash, too {an8}So, me and him already have a couple in the chamber {an8}So, hopefully one of those will come out {an8}before the album and we'll hear that, yeah {an8}"Oh, yeah

{an8}"Hello, I'm YUNGBLUD, {an8}"you're watching MTV, aye?" {an8}I called the album 'Tickets To My Downfall' {an8}because I was on a plateau {an8}or kind of a downhill slope at least personally {an8}because I had all these people around me that {an8}were feeding me all types of negativity {an8}And that's from like physically with drugs, {an8}and that's emotionally with fake friendships {an8}and fake feelings, {an8}that's relationships that literally meant nothing, {an8}and kind of like just running yourself into the ground {an8}and be a burnout {an8}And that's really scary when you {an8}I'm the biggest dreamer ever, {an8}like I don't wanna stop, I don't wanna plateau, {an8}like nothing's sadder to me {an8}than the times when you feel like, {an8}"Oh my God, am I cold right now? {an8}"Like does no one care? {an8}"The (beep)?" {an8}'Cause I already grew up without a family, {an8}so like, it was this, whatever this is, {an8}but like, if it's the music {an8}or if it's the few fans that are like, {an8}"You're the reason I live," {an8}and stuff like that, {an8}that's like all I got {an8}So, if that's going away, I'm like, what else is there? {an8}Obviously I have my daughter, you know what I mean? {an8}Thank god, but yeah, like it absolutely was {an8}like a period of time where everyone was like, {an8}"Well, count him out, he's a burnout for sure" {an8}You know what I mean? {an8}And that sucks {an8}I watched all these people {an8}who were just rockin' with me tough like, {an8}kinda be like, "All right, on to the next guy {an8}"On to the next cool one, until he burns out, {an8}"(beep) kills himself or does whatever, {an8}"falls off, or you know what I mean? {an8}"Finds a religion

" {an8}Or whatever, you know what I mean? {an8}I was around people who really didn't give a (beep) {an8}And we've seen it happen a bunch of times {an8}the past year Rest in peace to the good ones {an8}that we lost, they were our age {an8}Like, MTV generation, {an8}that's (beep) {an8}Them fools are supposed to live til 80

{an8}And that's, a big part is the company you keep {an8}So, I mean I know I like, don't take to social media to {an8}vent about realities or what's actually going on {an8}with my life behind the scenes, {an8}but there's a lot of stuff that like, {an8}you're not supposed to– {an8}especially with how heavy I go with stuff {an8}Like, I go hard {an8}I never really slowed up {an8}And I like, always beat it, {an8}so why slow up? {an8}I'm good

{an8}I mean, like, that's what's in your head, {an8}you know what I mean? {an8}You've went around the same curve a bunch of times, {an8}even if you slipped and slid and almost flew off one time, {an8}you're still gonna be like, "Man but I never flew off, {an8}"I'm gonna hit it again" {an8}But, I just had a bunch of people tellin' me {an8}to keep driving fast and (beep), {an8}and I needed someone to be like, "Slow up" {an8}So, that album's really just kind of about {an8}this wild time {an8}But there's also beautiful times in that, {an8}'cause when you're driving fast, {an8}it's also ecstasy {an8}You know? {an8}Downfall is not always a bad thing, {an8}it's a fun ride up, for real

{an8}More than anything, {an8}I just want people to listen to this album {an8}and hear me push the norm, {an8}and really be inspired to break out of their box, {an8}and like potentially tap into something that's great {an8}I'm the most proud of an album that I've ever been {an8}I don't care what people have to say about, {an8}you know, the genre switch {an8}Like dude, people can love everything {an8}And like, very rarely in times {an8}can we have someone do two things well

{an8}And like, I'm just trying to be {an8}one of those people I think {an8}I don't know, stop being scared of the box {an8}Unless it's Roddy Ricch, {an8}then put the stick in the box

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