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College on a Budget: Entertainment


Hi, I'm Madisyn Valverde I am studying biomedical sciences and I am a freshman So I joined a sorority part of our dues includes some events

I Definitely did not see myself joining a sorority whatsoever My roommate got me into it and then I, I was hooked I'm Kiana I'm a criminology criminal justice major But I'm changing to journalism and mass communications and I am a freshman I usually enter contest to try to win tickets to the concerts and that's usually like the way that I go to them is through contests mostly If it's like a smaller show then it's usually like 20 to like $40, but if it's like a bigger show, it's usually like a hundred to like 150 probably

I usually post like I find things on Twitter or like Instagram that you Repost and like put on your story and like on Twitter you just like retweet them and like tag people And those are usually the ones that enter For me, it was about eighty-five dollars just to be like PNM Which is like a potential new member It's about Two to three hundred dollars a month, but as a new member or like a new initiates a little bit more expensive I won tickets to Like the festival here ASU I mean it was a free event, but like I won backstage passes I Love the people I'm surrounded with and I cannot imagine being anywhere else

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