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CNCO Reveal What Makes Erick Crazy & Describe Their New EP w/ Emojis | MTV News


{an8}- Let's do it {an8}If you had to choose a sixth member of CNCO {an8}who would it be and why? {an8}- I think we're good

{an8}- I think we're good, yeah {an8}- If we would put a sixth member, {an8}CNCO wouldn't make any sense {an8}- Yeah {an8}- We're Gucci {an8}- We're Gucci

{an8}- Ay yo, what's good everybody We are– {an2}- [Group] CNCO! {an2}- And we're about to dive in with MTV News {an2}- [Joel] Dive in there {an2}- Yo Where's Bubbles right now? (laughs) {an2}That was perfect

{an2}Bubbles is a puppy {an2}We were in a paintball interview and {an2}all of a sudden we see this little puppy {an2}just walking around {an2}We asked the owners of the paintball whatever, you know, {an2}where did she come from? {an8}And they said that she just comes here sometimes {an8}and eats like here and there and then she'll disappear {an8}And so we were kinda sad, you know, {an8}we were like, "Damn" {an8}You know, like I could imagine {an2}what she's going through outside of here

{an2}So, I just decided to take her {an2}and she became a part of the family {an2}- [Christopher] We couldn't travel with her because she {an2}don't have the little things {an8}- Yeah, she doesn't have the injections or– {an8}- Yeah she needs everything – We're going back soon {an8}and we're gonna be able to travel with her {an8}- Yeah

– Yeah {an8}- Bubbles is because, I don't know, {an8}I just saw her face and her eyes were like, {an8}super like, like she was giving me like sad eyes {an8}You know what I mean? Sad puppy eyes {an8}So I just thought it was like very bubbly eyes {an8}You know, it's just very cute

{an8}- [Joel] Who has the strangest pre-show ritual? {an2}Not strangest, but the one that does something {an2}a bit different and extra, Zabdiel {an2}- Different and extra (laughs) {an2}- He like, puts his foot up to the wall {an8}all the way up here and just stretches the whole body {an8}Nah, I'm exaggerating {an8}He just stretches a lot

– Nah, he's going, {an8}exactly, he's going off {an8}- Nah, but he does stretch a lot, {an8}like some yoga type of stuff before the show {an8}- I like to stretch, like, every day {an8}'cause it make me feel good {an8}You know, when you stretch it's like– (moans) {an8}This feels nice {an8}- You like that little pain? – So I need {an8}that before the show, I don't know

{an8}- I'm about to start stretching, that's why {an8}he's tall, you know? – Yeah I'm about to stretch {an8}so I can get as tall as him {an8}- [Zabdiel] Erick, you say you're the crazy band member {an8}What is something you've done to earn that? (laughter) {an2}- He's the one that comes up with the crazy ideas {an2}- Well, yeah Maybe

{an8}- [Richard] This one is a good one {an8}We were in DR and we saw the ocean, right? {an8}And we're in the middle of the, like, you know, {an8}about to record a video or whatever {an8}And he tells me, he's like, "Yo bro, if I jump, {an8}will you jump?" {an8}- Oh yeah

{an8}- And I said, "Yeah" (Erick laughs) {an8}So we jump and when we're in the water, {an8}homeboy looks at me, he's like, "Yo bro, this is crazy but {an8}"how we gonna get up?" {an8}Cause it's like rocks {an8}- [Christopher] Yeah, it was a cliff {an8}Like, a big cliff {an8}- [Richard] And me, you know, the hero tried to get up

{an8}And as soon as I felt the water, you know like, {an8}like leave and I felt my weight, {an8}I kinda cut my hands and I dropped {an8}And I just kinda stumbled under water {an8}- He was bleeding {an2}- Yeah, I hit myself with rocks and stuff like that {an8}And they asked him, they're like, "Yo, where's Richie?" {an8}He's like, "Oh yeah, he's right there, like swimming {an8}"you know, under water

" {an8}And I'm over here drowning like the whole time {an2}- While he was like, just like floating around in the ocean, {an2}he was down the cliff (makes tumbling noise) {an8}- Yeah, he's like, just floating {an8}and I'm over here dying and (beep) {an8}- With the waves {an8}We saved your life

{an8}- Yeah {an8}No They didn't They were talking selfies in the back {an8}- [Erick] What was the worst band name option {an8}before you land on CNCO? {an2}- Not even for the band, it was for the CNCOwners

{an2}- The CNCOwners {an2}- It was Coconutters, remember? {an8}- Coconutters {an8}- I thought Coconuters was the best name {an8}I was like, "Bro that's the name {an8}"that we have to put to our fans" {an8}- We were brainstorming

{an8}- We also thought when we won the show {an8}that we were named Silencio {an8}Which is silence {an8}It's just that, it was such a rush {an8}that we didn't hear the name {an8}I was like, "Oh, yo, Silencio This is great

" {an8}You know what I'm saying? {an8}"We about to be silence all day" {an8}You know what I'm saying? {an8}It was gonna be a vibe, yeah {an8}- [Richard] You wrote 20 songs for your new EP, {an8}but narrowed it down to 7 songs {an8}If you could add one more song, {an2}which one would it be? {an2}- There's one that I love {an2}- There's one that I like, too

{an2}- That I wanted to put in this EP so bad {an2}- And it will come out for sure {an2}- "Dandole" is fresh {an2}- [Joel] "Dandole" is sick {an8}- "Critical" is about, kinda like a heartbreak

{an8}- You're in a critical situation {an8}- Yeah, you're in a critical situation that you don't know {an8}if to tell her, you know, to like bounce, or {an8}to like, stay {an8}'Cause if she leaves then you're lonely {an8}But if she comes then it kinda hurts, {an8}'cause she doesn't really love you like that {an8}- It's a really nice song

{an8}- [Joel] Last question says, {an8}describe the new EP, 'Que Quiénes Somos' with emojis {an2}- With emojis? {an2}- All right so– {an2}- The fire one {an2}- [Richard] The water drip, the hand like this– {an2}- Oh, this one because of the zero {an2}- Ah, yeah {an2}And also the face that's like– {an2}(members agree) {an2}- And the excited face, too, 'cause we're excited

{an2}- Oh, and the broken heart one, too {an2}- The heart one as well, the dancing one cause of "Pegao" {an2}Which, there's a video {an2}- The one that is like– {an2}- And yeah, so just every emoji that you can find, {an2}just put it on there You know what I'm saying? {an8}- But yeah, that's our new EP

{an8}You gotta check it out, 'Que Quiénes Somos' {an8}With our new single "Pegao" junto a Manuel Turizo {an8}y Julian Turizo {an8}- That was a really good promo {an8}- I just said EMOji {an8}- EMOji? {an8}- [Richard] Instead of emoji

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