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#CLAUDIA Breaking News Claudia Emmanuela, Alice, Sido and Mom Claudia


In this case all agree on 18 One-year-old Claudia only had to go far to far away [Music] mega happening fourth grade sound water even after the show is the coach still really crossed my mind Everything I give I have You can be a good coach, he and that So, you are really into the finals it works so who does claudia not want or not on his team want me stupid because that's a potential winner Claudia still hasn't got her luck do it right I did that and cried and also 11,000 kilometers away the other end of the world is left behind Performance Claudias no dry eyes [Applause] We visited the Claudias and their families old school in Indonesia [Applause] everyone has come Aunt's uncle, sister and cousin all want claudia wolf performance worse he was very excited of course her mother [Music] [Applause] He always dreams of building to do it now on the stage Seeing the show feels for me like a dream and now he has his 18 year old daughter I even made it into battle You always say that they are intact must sing your heart and with it everywhere can make I am also blind the audition said again I would have it now the most liked in the arm take but it is not necessary because of that I cry Mama Claudias has her daughter away let him realize his dream since one year we entered Germany is studying in Munich music science the family does that emotionally and financially to one Load some claudias costs borne by his uncle he actually has everything he needs Besides that, my husband and support I can also financially Although no big jump can afford it he had enough Claudia's father could not join today he he does everything with one The cruise ship is for his parents still difficult for him to be alone and so far from home I live eat claudia 24 hours a day he always in my mind and mind heart claudias mama is the biggest for him supporters and at the same time The manager is four years old he reported Claudia to music school to he has his talent here today lasting impression classmates and teachers leave [Music] [Applause] With so many fans actually can Nothing is wrong Claudia's family believes she has one this is proof of victory in Germany if he makes it live then your whole family wants you in visit germany The road to Germany has changed for claudia it's worth it he is only for the spotlight the first gothic word in hewing together your competence, my biggest competitor if I have to decide going to I'm the best singer or the best Singers usually then everywhere on the team no, he said that [Music]

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