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Clarice insists on staying with Cardo | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)


[PHONE RINGS] Raymundo We have a problem, sir

We know Dalisay managed to escape That's not our only problem, sir He took your daughter hostage so he can escape What? He has Clarice? Cardo, why are the cops after you? What crime did you commit? I have no idea

The cops aren't the only ones after me Who else? Do you have a lot of enemies? Yes How could you be so stupid? Why did you let that bastard get his hands on my daughter?! I'm dropping you off You shouldn't be involved in this That's it? You're getting rid of me after I saved your life? I won't allow it I'm not getting off this car

I'm staying here I'm not leaving you Do everything you can Find Clarice Yes, sir

What if they come after me? What if they kill me? Have you ever considered that? I'm not getting off this car I'm staying here Clarice Listen to me Stop being so stubborn! Your life will be in danger if you don't leave now! You're so stubborn! Deal with it! Raymundo! Secure Borja's room

Make sure no one goes near him Dalisay will pay for this I'll have his beloved grandfather killed!

Source: Youtube

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