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Christian Borle Breaking Character but my editing software doesn't let me add text so subtitles


*Christian Borle Breaking Character* his name was??? *demented chicken noise* SORRY haha HaHAh Shall I COMPARE THEE *smug* FwOOH everyone is so serious but shakespeare don't need that *hand on hip in judgement* sINnERS Micheal Rupert and Christian Borle my ICONS NEW YORKKK GROOOVYYY DANCIN the way he has to go on his toes i- isnt it great *giggle* what a vibe he looks so- idk what he looks like MOUTH eyebrOWS his small giggles throughout the show jason literally vibing i would laugh too if that isn't how i danced hahAHOW hehe W H AT? he cannot he's literally VIBRATING me too me too oOHHHH HIS LAUGH AGAIN EVERY TIME AHHHHHHH he dont want no food Cordelia someday though his little smile again my HEART He just wow welcome to harvard whats up YO confusion? enID HOOPS (he really do be shook tho) his singular laugh whAT you ReallY (giggle) need to know shook like we all were because YESS RUPERT MOUTH AGAIN leaving this here because i appreciate it oh no, wait, thats me :D! he just smiles and i love it this whole sequence he was preparing and recovering from the high pitched scream i mean look he's still giggling about it omg my whole heart I mean how can you not smile with the dogs they're all laughing I love this cast is that my NAME? *lips/mouth again* BY GOD FRED i love this song but im so confused all his little laughs and smiles haIR wHIP shakespeare has my heart this is the reason i passed drama this year thinking this was shakespeare *smile* his little smile again this is christian's signature move i swear idk what he's laughing at but me too HIS FACE PIRELLI IS GOD small smile LIQuOR he do be catchin hats tho he was close at least but that RECOVERY OMG LAUGHTER his reaction is a whole mood 😀 sHOOk hes laughing so much me too hun me too everyone's laughing that's wholesome considering the circumstances HIS LAUGH STRIKES AGAIN no it's time to be serious oop VIBE BOY MOUTH mouth pt 2 he really said 8) he's so proud of this line i love it daNCING viBE kING he knows what's coming i love this part this? gold right here maam his thank you? ADORABLE VIBE BOY VIBE he can't be serious with kids i love it he just is so good with kids

even though he murdered them later in the musical ig lalalalala? laLaLaLALAla Im jewish! looooooNNGGgg *smile* i love the way they cook *italian accent* LINGUINI the way he laughs at it afterwards my HEART mouth he said 😉 this entire sequence both of them I LOVE THEM they straight up VIBIN and laughing christian looks at anthony and stephanie i- he so daintily undoes the shirt mood lmao yES yes huh? whO? idk why he laughs at this part all the time but me too chECK theIR Hairlines his giggle again my brain at 3:26 AM because this is ICONIC he's covering his mouth again LMAOO laughs again feEL feEL feeL fEEl fEel FEel feel me laughing the first time not realizing the consequences of this dO yoU waNT My HeLP? NO he's laughing so openly it gives me LIFEEEEEE stephanie telling him to stop lmao he still laughing but at what? stephanie mocking him OMGGGG he laugh again stephanie's reaction i love this cast now she be breaking whuht? hiii bAaaAD that's the end so let's appreciate this smile i love him

Source: Youtube

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