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Chloe x Halle Talk 'Do It' & Upcoming Album 'Ungodly Hour' | MTV News


– We finished the album in October, we shot visuals in November, and when we would release the music, we were planning not to be together, we were planning to be in two separate places at a time But honestly, coronavirus has kind of– as sad and heartbreaking as it is, I feel like it's my sister and I's job to share our gift of voice to heal and to help people during this time

And you know, I feel like God's plan is better than any other plan we could come up with ourselves and this is the right time for it And we could shoot a bunch of videos together at home, and promote the album, and get it out there to where it needs to get out to So, I feel like everything works out the way it needs to – What has lockdown been like for you so far? – For a minute it got old and I was kinda driving myself a bit crazy, if I'm being completely honest So then that's when, you know, you saw me doing a bunch of online shopping, I ordered a bunch of legos

– Yes – I got better with my makeup, watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials, learned how to do my lashes, which I'm happy about But then, you know, since our album rollout has started, it's been fun like, doing covers again for our beautiful fans and then like, posting about it and "Do It" just came out, which is crazy and I'm happy to see everyone's responses So, my mind has things to do now, so lockdown is better And I'm happy that I'm safe with you and our family and everyone's safe and healthy, so it's better for me

How about for you? Is it tough, good, easy? – So, the very beginning it was a little bit scary, like alarming Because I was gone, remember I was in London, and then I came home and it was just like, everybody is kind of like, tiptoeing around the fact that this is really something crazy that's happening in our world right now So, I've learned like, patience, a lot of patience during this time – Yeah – And prayer and meditation has really helped me through, and being creative with you has really helped

– It has helped – Yeah, 'cause, you know– – It like, gives us something to do and music is so healing, you know, not just for us, but I feel like for the world too so – Yeah – You were out there in London, how was like, the rehearsals going for 'Little Mermaid' and being the most amazing Ariel I know – Oh my God

Well, the rehearsals were really exciting, really overwhelming I mean, you know– – You sounded– – Well, thank you You were there with me for the first– – Like, month – And it was three months of intense rehearsals before we were about to begin filming – Yup

– And I just remember feeling like, so overwhelmed, but also so filled with gratitude, and I don't know, I'm just really gonna try my best and that's all I can do (laughing) And– – From what I've seen, the world is not ready and I'm so proud – Well, thanks – So, do you remember how like, "Do It" came to life? – Yes, I do So, it was me, you, Victoria Monét, Scott Storch, and we were all in the studio

And we were so excited for a session with Victoria because we've always been so inspired by her and she's another amazing, beautiful, black woman just breaking barriers, and it was just a party It was a great collaboration and it turned into something beautiful – It really did And like, I love how in the moment we were just making good music We weren't making anything saying like, "Oh, this has to be our first song," or "This has to be a hit," or, you know

We were just making music that made us feel good And then it was like, after the fact, weeks later, we were like, "Oh, I think I'm like, good" (laughing) You know what I love about the "Do It" music video that we did? – [Halle] What? – We got to articulate our vision in wanting to show who we are growing into as young women – Absolutely – And I feel like, it's so like, our sisterhood, and our bond, and how much fun we have together

And then also like, the sexy side but still like, keep it cute and classy – [Halle] Yes The sexy, but the grown woman side– – [Halle] That's growing – [Chloe] Right? – I really think that's really cool, 'cause we wanted to reflect that, you know, as we're getting older, like we're falling in love and having experiences We are turning into new versions of ourselves

– Yeah – So, we wanted to show that in the video and I think we did a really good job – I think so too, yeah – Who do you think had the most fun with choreography? – I feel like we both had fun – We both had fun, but you definitely– – I love to dance

You know I love to dance – Chloe loves it so much – I go to my dance-heel classes all the time It just makes me so happy I've loved dancing ever since I was a little girl

– Yeah – So, I was like, "Yes! We can bring out the choreo" – Yeah, so I was a little like, "OK" – You killed it though, Halle – I was a little shy to the process

– No, you were like– – But, it was OK (laughing) – Sultry – It ended up being OK – Classy I was a little bit more like, nervous at dancing

– You might have been nervous, but you killed it – Well, thank you – I think you did an excellent job What do you want people to take away from "Do It?" – You know, I just want people to take away good vibes and healing You know, I hope if somebody is in their house in quarantine and feeling low, and not feeling it, and just like, "What is going wrong with the world?" They put on the song and they're like, "You know what? "Imma get up, "Imma twerk some, "I'ma do it, "and I'm gonna be okay

" – Yeah Because at the end of the day, that's what music is about It's about lifting spirits and making somebody feel good So, I hope that somebody feels good off of this video – Yeah, I agree, I agree

So, what was the vibe we were going for with this album? – Well, what do you think? – I think it's like, total like, baddie vibes It's like, "Listen, don't mess with me today" Like, we are talking some serious mess on this album Think about it – Yeah

We are talking a lot of mess – No one's really heard what the mess we're talking about – Yes – And it's fun and, yeah – Yeah, but also at the same time, like our musicality and musicianship has always been very important to us, and the art and making it an artful, beautiful piece, since our first album, 'The Kids Are Alright,' has always been a huge piece of us

So, we didn't wanna lose our artistic value when we did this other album, we wanted to kind of fuse both together to make something that is a mashup of everything that we love – And not lose our artistic integrity – Yes – I'm so happy because Beyoncé has heard the album and she told us she loved it, and she's so proud of us And when I know it's something really good is when she doesn't have any notes

– Yeah, 'cause normally she is very, she's a perfectionist – Yeah – So, she always has notes But when she doesn't have a lot of notes, it's like, "What?" – "So, you must have really liked it" (laughing) There's definitely some songs on there that will make you cry and put you in your feelings, but there's also song's that'll make you– – Wanna twerk, twerk, twerk

– Yeah, twerk And so, we thought that's okay because it's a reflection of everything that you are – Your layers – Yeah, people have layers It's not just one thing

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