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China’s economy grows at record 18.3% after 2020 pandemic slump | DW News



  1. Of course when you make the world stop for a years but you keep going you will get ahead unfairly but you’ll get ahead.

  2. Poor Clifford…you could tell from his face that he was having troubles putting a bad spin on the numbers coming out of China!!

  3. Let me just remind you all, if you're green with envy and hoping that their economy will collapse, there are 1.4 billion Chinese citizens who were dirt poor just 10-20 years ago. If you wish that on them I curse you to be poor your entire life.

  4. 在一般人眼里,带路党只是一份工作,混饭吃的时候,不小心就带沟里了,不奇怪。

  5. No no no we are collapsing and our people are suffering(狗头狗头狗头)

  6. The Anglo saxons countries must descend from their jealous and superior mentality and accept that China is the next superpower both in economy and militarily

  7. Fun fact: the US trade deficit to China when Trump left office is larger than when Trump started the trade war to close that gap. Ouch!

  8. First people doubt China's covid numbers. Now they admit China managed to control the virus. Hmmm? How about take that as a lesson?!

  9. I see almost none Chinese car in Germany, and u complain European companies are not treated fairly in China. Fair!!!

  10. china is against freedom of opinion it needs to change in this modern world. covid is a challenge so fresh new ideas r needed. lets change the software of china not the hardware but the software

  11. The guest really should travel to China and see how fast the infrastructures are being built there and then answer the question, is there any European company that can finish those projects on time.

  12. This record 18.3 is just because bad number of 1st quarter of 2020. It will become much normal next quarter. Don't be surprise.

  13. 存地失人 人地皆失 存人失地 人地皆得 谁能想到最在乎人命得竟然是共产党 西方民主社会自我回顾:小丑竟是我自己

  14. It's quite simple, the Chinese are working hard and create values, and the west is focusing on political things and do nothing else…

  15. Bitcoin is the most profitable investment online if only you trade with a professional broker

  16. If u believe 18.3%, you will also believe CCP said Wuhan Virus spread from USA laboratory.

  17. automate crypto platform is doing a wonderful Job. Payment comes on time as expected. Congratulations!! To me and my family..

  18. Trump would still be the POTUS if China handled the Pandemic the same way as India did .
    And European countries will have more trouble .

  19. The world is too over reliant on China. We are only feeding the Lion, and my how its growing…..

  20. China is still poor country. We need continue work hard for another 20 – 30 years. I am glad to see the China back to great again in the next 20-30 years.

  21. Immigration Canada is a major human rights violations. Decayed society extends its life by luring and using vibrant immigrants.

  22. It's funny how fragile anglo saxons are being and their Indian lackeys are as well over this.

  23. Given corona to world to roll up there economy.. cheap country..Karama will hit back harf

  24. As a Chinese living in US, sometimes I really feel sad since I know both sides are great and shared lots in common. If, China and US can be good friends, best use both of their strength, how good the world will be? When they against each other in recent years, just like force everybody to lost half of the world.I want both China and US!

  25. 中国人表示并没有这么兴奋。可能是疫情之后的报复性消费生产促进了gdp吧。

  26. In 1930th, USA put sanction on Japan while Japan challenged USA in Asia, and then USA has a huge ecnomic crisis . The truth is the oil and steel sanction on Japan forced Japan to fight with USA . Now USA put santion of semi-conduct and high tech on China while China challenge the USA in South China sea, and USA has huge COV-19 and economy even social crisis now , so according tho history , USA is intentionally force China to start a war which USA think he will win and solve all crisis of it self .

  27. This is the secret: create virus, spread it everywhere especially to the USA and Western Europe, lockdown the economy everywhere, and then stand by and watch our Chinese economy grow.

  28. "Compared to the same quarter last year" Hey, this "Last year" is 2020! Anyone think this title is a bit of … out of math?

  29. People describe chinese economy in the past 40 years as a miracle. I can tell you it is nothing of miracles but hard work. Chinese people are hard working by nature. How could you compete with a nation of their people who work so hard, 24/7 nonstop. Chinese are at work when others having beer and holiday.

  30. China'S hardwork grows the economy while US steal money from worldwide with printing billions of USD.

  31. It is ridiculous to accuse a country with such a rapid economic development of genocide!
    The biggest problem for China now is that its rapid development threatens the hegemony of the United States. So the Anglo-Saxons united to suppress China, but the Anglo-Saxons should not treat the people of the world as fools!

  32. CHINA is just another soviet Union that is begging to be beaten up by the US in everything from economy, space, and trade.

  33. Yes, infect the rest of the world with a lab developed bio weapon and export emergency supplies at inflated prices.

  34. Meanwhile India: Vishwa guru banne wale hai bhaio beheno.. tillion dolla eekoonoommeeee

  35. The Coming Collapse of China is not only late but might not come at all, having probably been derailed in an accident !

  36. Remember that China did it without printing money. China was the only major economy who didn't flood its market with trillions of money.

  37. 1990: China immediately collapsed

    2010: China has two years to collapse

    2015: The Coming Collapse of China

    2020: China is a big threat, we need to unite all our allies

    2021: We don’t know what to do

  38. I was sure that subscriber of this channel were kinda dumb but seeing this comment section full of stupidity makes me wonder their ILL-LITERACY.

  39. Why don't make partnerships with local companies and work togather for better 🌎

  40. The United States needs to wise up real quick….better schools, infrastructure, health-care are needed in order to compete…

  41. Amazing how China just 3 decades back was a poor country and now it's GDP is similar to that of USA…

    Meanwhile it's neighbour India being a democratic nation can't Develop anywhere near as China…

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