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Check this OUT! BREAKING NEWS! June 17, 2020


okay now check this out I'm just sitting here and the Sun just came out the Sun just came out it feels really good I was sitting out here in the shade and we have a big sunburst that came out and so I'm just you see my hair it just turned so light in the summertime do you see that someone's gonna say is she losing her eyesight that's great I was just trying to make a joke my hair is so light with summertime from being out in the Sun that I turn to be a blonde well it's light here even though it's gray it looks blonde sometimes so yeah so anyway oh there goes the little circle right right there yeah so yes my I've been sitting outside in the Sun in the Sun all summer long and now I have blonde hair I didn't use any peroxide on my hair I didn't go to the beautician to have them bleach it blonde somebody went did you hear that the old hacker they're probably choking on their own words of stupidity like Mitch McConnell doesn't when when someone is doing something he don't like he goes that's what Mitch McConnell does you know now granted sometimes people just might genuinely have a cough but but and this is a big but body language and being uncomfortable about something could be a giveaway could be not always a giveaway sometimes a person just has a cold and they have a tickle in their throat and they just might be nervous and it causes them to cough you know I just think that they're I just think that there's too many variables but at the same time it was raised by someone about three or four years ago three and a half years ago how they're using sign language now now the thing with that is since they're using a sign language how could we have a fair court system since they're using sign language and they're teaching people to use the sign language and signal each other when they're lawyers and on TV and they're in the courtroom how would that be a fair court system that they're using signals to signal to each other a sign language that is above the American public how would that be a fair and equal court system f or players and judges and public defenders and how would that be a fair system because the politicians are doing it so that would mean the politician some of them are at part of an committee so they're surfacing problems within our society which would be using sign language to sign to each other that they're only privy to and so that would come out of a film school or acting school or or some institution that other people are prevented from going to by money affluence or lack of affluence let's put it that way you know be I mean we know nobody in the military's affluent even the generals aren't they might make all their hosts Xfinity hoes Comcast yeah the generals aren't either because you know they're just because they make a certain amount of money doesn't mean they're completely loaded even generals wouldn't be able to go out I'm and buy and maintain a 5,000 square foot house because I'm thinking and I was writing about that somewhere because oh I know where because the the fact is because I compared I said well has how many military spouses have gone out and bought a 5,000 square-foot house and then would they be able to even afford it now but it sounds great it sounds great just to say it but at what point do people think well that becomes a lot of work because somebody has to clean it well now do you have the money to just do you have the time to clean it yourself do you want to clean it yourself do you have the money to hire someone else do you have the money to pay all the taxes do you have the money to money in time to clean the bathroom every day if there's a pool do you have the money in time to clean the pool every day do you have the money in time to mow mow the lawn every day that's one of the questions that I am curious about because it just becomes a lot of time taking care of all those things and it costs a lot to you'd have to pay the taxes you know you'd have to pay the heating you'd have to pay the upkeep and so there comes a point then I mean but that that itself is not job creation though I mean it might be on a small scale but it's not a quality so so it would be a micro small scale but that's that's not a quality though and and so because people are not salary and and so yeah I mean if if some people think that that it is then how come women at home or unpaid that's what I'd like to know yeah that's what I'd like to know because women at home are unpaid and so we've got a lot more traffic out here a lot more traffic out here beside the sky starting to clear up a little bit too but yeah the whole you know taking care of the house thing you know the spouse does a lot of work in the home you know even ones who don't have children there's still a support role and their unpaid have no benefits and so I know that's the same thing with 1099 workers 1099 workers are unpaid that's the type of job and work we do on YouTube 1099 non employee non-payroll were unpaid just like a spouse is unpaid so there's people like me who have no benefits who have no and it's so funny these young people just think that their shit don't stink they think their shit don't stink and that everybody who's old has everything all together they're just full of shit that's like well you guys never so it's like now we have older generations not listening and younger generations not listening it you know would have it would have been great if if somebody older you know if an older woman had said to me I don't get paid with equality for Social Security or I can't get out of my marriage you know if a woman would have said that to me while she was while I was a military spouse 20 years ago 30 years ago and she said I'm in an abusive relationship and I can't get out of my marriage because I don't have any money I'm unpaid I wonder what kind of impact that would have made on me even back then it would have made probably a huge impact but it was something I already knew but who do you talk to because I was that woman in that abusive relationship and I had no place to go I guess that's the only thing that I can share now at this point and you know because it's like I mean and yeah I I just don't even know what else you know because it's like like the generals like the general and the sergeant major the army said it's a stomach and it's something that they have to take care of I mean it's not just them us as a society can change it too but it's a culture that they've created it's a culture that society has created and made it acceptable you know so it's not it's not just as simple as black and white it really isn't that simple you know because it's the same principle as not what he same sex people be married you know it's like well right now why would they want to because the truth is one person is always marginalized at home they're not getting equality for medical help they're not getting a quality for pay they're not retiring with the quality so ways ways someone's work outside of the home more valuable than someone else's work in the home so why is it you have to be married in order to have equality or just to exist and survive but then then you're out then it's kind of like it keeps women and people always seeking another person just to survive in society that that's what it comes that's what it comes out to is that yeah then it keeps the other another person half of half of our country seeking another person and that's systemic that's how it's been set up because it keeps half of our the people in our country seeking another person just to survive because there's not enough jobs for everyone but at the same time we've also surfaced inflation you know so so what if it's just like my sister said to me a few years ago she says but what if prices just got cheaper and it's like well that's a great idea what if prices did just get cheaper over time they got cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and then we went back sixty a hundred years to prices a hundred years ago then think of how many people could live off of that and then we had a cap on we had a cap on profits you know it's like well like why should one set of people be able to live better than another set of people and I know that upsets people who have hoards and hoards and hoards of money I mean my gosh it's like there's so many houses they're building here and a lot of them are rentals and they're just empty and they're counting on vacation and so many people have two homes and then it has me wondering it has me wondering it has me wondering how many are actually owned the homes and are they part of something else that is paying for them to live in those homes and they don't actually own the homes but they've created the appearance the illusion that they own the homes and they're part of a network of something else it's just that's just where my brain goes now and I know I know there's some that are gonna say oh that crazy bitch is at it again she's she has lost her ever-loving mind for asking these realistic questions and but media is an illusion you know it's like you can see things out in front of you that are happening you can see things on TV that are happening you can see synchronicities in front of you that are happening but things on TV are not right in front of you like right now I see this airplane over here flying in the sky it looks like a military warthog I don't know if it is an army warthog but it is flying pretty fast and it sounds really noisy I don't see warthogs flying around here very very much it would be cool to see a stealth though they they did go flying over the house earlier today they did go flying over the house which is really cool and so but yes we can ask questions you know so if someone else asks a question if the this is the one thing I want to offer maybe I should have put it at the beginning but I can always chop it out and add it by itself the question I want to add is okay so for example gay people have equality in the workplace now so why is why it why do gay people have a higher priority to equality than a wife or a spouse at home whose unpaid so why do gay people have a higher equality I mean gay people are gonna get this I think gay folks are a lot more gay folks tend to be a lot more that well that doesn't mean they won't discriminate but I've not seen that yet but if I do huh sure it's how I'm gonna call them out on it you know okay I can't imagine running that same scenario again oh my gosh that would be you know but so the thing is is Never Say Never when it comes to if someone is bringing up issues for a long period of time don't take don't take on that you know just Ted meet them back with what it is and say well why are gay people discriminating this why are gay people discriminating that and so you know don't let another ethnicity or a group of people marginalize you for something you know so you can you can apply that to anything the same with men why are men doing this why are men doing that you know so you can take ethnicity out of it because the truth is we're all indigenous to this planet earth we're all Indians and native to this planet Earth that's a simple answer of it all

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