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'Charlie’s Angels' Cast on Female Representation & the 'Don't Call Me Angel' Music Video | MTV News


– It's an inclusive movie We don't feel like we're exclusively the Angels

That is really the message of the movie It's like, anyone could be Angels – Please hop on – Exactly! – So like, we felt like we were doing it with everyone We don't feel like there's this kind of elitist thing

You know, which I think is kinda cool – Starting with you, Kristen, who, you know, we've been talking for literally a decade I don't know if like, in our earliest conversations I would've ever predicted that you would, A: be a two-time host of SNL – Oh, oh! – B: Starring in a franchise like this If I had said that to you 10 years ago, that this is what you're gonna do one day, what would you have said to me, you think? – I know

She would've just gone, "Yeah, I know" – I would've been like, "Yeah" When they were like, "Hey do you wanna do SNL again?" I was like, "Yes" (laughing) Like, I can't say no to that There are certain things that in life, like, maybe they're kind of difficult, and scary, and kind of daunting

But those are the things that I kind of lean towards – Yeah – So, even when I was a kid, just being in a movie was like, "What am I doing to myself?" But that's just kind– I'm addicted to that feeling So I wouldn't have been surprised, but I would've been like, the impending sense of doom would've started there, and I'm glad that I got less time with it (laughing) – Makes sense, okay

So for you guys, when you're making a film like this are you thinking about, like the young girls that are gonna see this, and really look up to you? – Yeah, a hundred percent It was sort of like, "Oh my goodness, we're doing this!" I'd mark the moment, I'd look at these guys, and be like– – Yeah, you did do that – "Hey, this is cool" – [Kristen] There's like a moment of quiet – This is cool, yeah

– There'd be a moment of like– – Before you do something where it's like, we're rolling now And they've done the mark, and we're all like kind of ready to do, you know, to carry out the orders And she'd be like, "Guys, this is really cool" – "This is cool" (laughing) – Which, by the way, I actually think it's really nice and really important

I'd be, maybe just like this, just that– Then I'd be like, "Oh yeah, sorry, my bad, I'm here, I'm here" But yeah– – Yeah, I mean, we were doing stuff for like you know, when we were young and we'd see women doing that on screen would inspire us And now, suddenly to be in that kind of position where suddenly, you realize that you're potentially doing that for other people – And you realize that, actually it's just a mutual experience – Yeah

– When you're like, "Oh wow, those people that I felt that from, probably were going, 'Ugh!'" Which is that genuine feeling that made it contagious – So how much of Sabina do you contribute to Elizabeth? Do you say, "I'd like this element to be in there" Is it all on the script that she delivers to you, or is it a collaboration? – I think it was kind of by osmosis Acknowledgement of who I was and how she was gonna sort of insert the aspects that she wanted to highlight into the script So I think the role is kind of written in a way that was catered to me

And then when I got there, Sabina kind of made me feel a little bit more gung-ho It's like, when your friend really recognizes you and sees you, and goes, "Hey, I'm telling you, you can do this weird thing, that maybe people don't know" – [Josh] Yeah – And then you go, "God, you're right!" So the way that that character was written kind of made me lean in You feel like more yourself around people that really recognize you, and I felt that with this character

– There's a fun, flirtatious moment in the gym Is that totally in the script? Or is that something, on set, you're like, "Let's have fun with this, let's make this a moment?" – No, I mean, to be totally real, I just thought it was really important, like the movie is inclusive, like she said And it's very aware of the world we live in And it's warm, and it's welcoming And so I was like, you know we would be doing ourselves and who we are in real life a disservice, unless we really kind of just, didn't play characters that were not us, but kind of represented ourselves

– Sure – Our movie is about women at work, doing their thing But then, at the same time, I was like, I mean look, I'm not gonna like have a love story with a girl But like, you kind of don't know what Sabina's gonna do – Makes sense

– She's like, talks about marrying this one dude She like flirting with this guy Maybe it's not real, maybe it's like, whatever And then it's like, the girl walks by, and she's like– – Oh! (laughing) – So it's like, I just wanted everyone who saw the movie to be like, everyone is represented in this film And it's weird for queer people to have it be a novel experience to play queer

And it's like, if I'm not playing a character that's completely outside of myself If I'm kind of myself in a movie, which happens often Then that'll be what it is, 'cause I think that that needs to start happening – You also, it should be mentioned You know, you have this amazing filmmaker at the helm of this, who's wearing a lot of hats

And that must be inspiring to see someone like that – Actually, when she's in a scene, she's also kind of slyly directing you So when she's off camera, there were times where I could kind of see her, even though she's feeding me the line as her character, I could also see her kind of analyzing my performance – Yeah – And you said the other day, you were like, sometimes you knew, like, "Yep we're goin again–" – "We're gonna be going again

" – "We're gonna be going again" (laughing) – I did not kill that one – We've been talking about you directing for a while And I've seen, obviously, you've directed shorts, et cetera What's the directing career gonna look like, if we look back like 10 years from now? What are the kinds of films that we think, that you think you're gonna have made by then? – Oh man

The next 10 years, I have absolutely no idea I wanna make radical movies, though I wanna make movies about women that you wouldn't, that we just haven't seen yet And I wanna make physical experiences I wanna realize that like, women and their bodies and like, repossessing language and narrative is something that needs to happen really hard

Like abrasive, and honest, and raw doesn't necessarily have to mean that it's like hardcore, it's just honest I wanna make honest movies about women really badly – "Don't Call Me Angel," of course, Ariana, Miley, and Lana Del Rey – Incredible – Have you met all three of them? Have you spent time– – You have, I haven't

– Yes I was on set the day when they shot the music video – That's pretty cool – It was awesome! Each Angel had their sort of like, base as it were And each one was like a set

It was incredible! – Do each of you connect with a different one in a different way? Like who's the Ariana, who's the Miley, who's the Lana? – I'm a big Ariana Grande fan I'll take a like a fifth of her range, please, thank you very much (laughing) Yeah, no she's– I think she's great – [Josh] It's always good to catch up with you guys And it's great to meet you

Congratulations This is an amazing achievement This is gonna be super fun for a lot of people – Thank you – [Kristen] Thanks, man

– [Josh] Good to see you all – [Naomi] Thank you!

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