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Charli XCX Surprises Fans In A Times Square Elevator | MTV


– Oh, my god – Hi! Get in! – Come on in! Come on in! – Come on, quick, quick! – Come on in! – Oh, my god! – Charli XCX, come on in, guys! – Come in! – Come on in

Quick, before it closes Everybody, come on in (upbeat music) (typewriter keys clacking) – Charli – Hello – How the hell are you? I heard you were coming by today

– I'm good – I'm just gonna bring some friends in if you want to situate ourselves We have a beautiful backdrop for you over here – Yeah, oh, true I feel so at home

(elevator dings) – [Host] Oh, we have some guests Come on in, guys – Get in here! Nice to meet you – What's your favorite Charli song? – I personally like Next Level Charli from the new album – Oh, thank you

– It's really bad (elevator dings) – How are you? – Hello! – What's your name? – Susan – Welcome to TRLevator – Hi, Susan – That's Charli XCX

– Oh, my god! – I'm Charli – I'm sorry (laughs) (upbeat music) (elevator dings) – I'm Charli – Charli XCX – Ben

– What's the one song Ben should listen to? – If you're raving, Click is your song More chiller, the song with Hiam It's called Warm – Hiam, I love Hiam – There you go Warm

I could see it in your eyes – Yeah, yeah, yeah – I saw Hiam in your eyes (elevator dings) – [Charli] I think I did Come in

– [Ben] So good – [Host] No, come on in man – Oh cool – What's your name? – Joshua – Joshua, how are you? What you do here? – Hi Joshua – This is Charlie XCX

– Oh, Charlie, I don't Sorry – No, that's all right – Don't worry No one knows me, it's all good

Hey, I'm Charli Nice to meet you – He's a singer – I'm a pop star – Yeah, he's a pop star and I work at TRL

I host TRL – You ever see TRL? It's a countdown show – Oh, okay – She's the host of it – Yeah, I'm the host

And you just put a new album out – I did It's just self titled It's called Kevin, it's my first album in five years – Can you actually shake it for us right now? – I was gonna say, Josh

– Josh – Can you shake it? Do you twerk? – Just a little bit – Hey! – There we go, Josh There we go, dude – Yes, we love it

(elevator dings) – Come on in, guys Come on in – Okay – Yeah, all good – All righty

– Hi – You know Charli XCX? – Hello – I don't know Nice to met you – Oh, you've got a cup

(elevator dings) – [Kevin] How are ya? – You hate this – Charli XCX You guys ever met her? – Hello – No – Nice to meet you

– What are your names? – Lauren – Charli has a new album out – What did you get for lunch? – Soup Chicken Florentine – All right

Chicken Florentine – I'm gonna get them Korean fried chicken wings – Ooh, nice – I had a buffalo cauliflower wrap – All right

(elevator dings) Sounds good Hello – Hey – How are ya? – Why? – Charli XCX – Hi, oh my god

– Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you, Charli – Did you have lunch, we're talking about lunch with Charli What'd you have for lunch today – I actually had spicy shrimp penne with rosa sauce

It was honestly really good – Extravagant – I heard you brought friends with you today Is that true? – I did These are very special friends who are the members of the band Nasty Cherry

– You brought Nasty Cherry – I brought Nasty Cherry – This is Natsy Cherry's first time to TRL – First time, we're gonna take their virginities and here they are – [Kevin] Nasty Cherry

– Hi Charli – Come in! (rock music) I'm in my own VIP area – Thanks for stopping by – This is cozy – Can I be in the VIP? – No, you're not on the guest list

– This is exciting because it was just announced this week that you guys have a Netflix series coming, huh? – Whoo hoo! It's essentially a six part documentary about the forming of Nasty Cherry I picked four incredible women to launch a band in an era of the music industry where there's no road map to success – [Woman] Are you guys famous? (band member chuckles) – Not yet – The whole show follows them through the ups downs, parties, sold out shows and everything in between, essentially – It's mad

How did you guys all meet? Before we get into we get into you and Charli how'd you guys meet? – We met because of Charli – Oh, no way – [Women] Yeah – I didn't know any of them before – Oh wow

– I was like you're all really cool You guys should be in a band together Like, talk it out And then they did and it kinda worked – What's something we can expect to see on the show? Any like, is there a great scene that we can expect? – My favorite episode, episode four

– Oh – What happens on episode four – Well, you have to watch it You have to watch it to find out – I think November 15th is the day we can watch this on Netflix

– [Women] It is, it is – Yeah it is – Put it in your calendars – I think we're gonna collapse if this elevator keeps doing up and down You guys were great sports

Thank you so much – Which camera are we go? – Thank you – Whoo! – I thought it would be we planned on a little bit of a surprise for you – Uh-oh – You've been such a good sport with the energy why don't we have ourselves a party? – Oh my god! – Hi! Get in! – [Kevin] Come on in

come on in – Come on, quick, quick! – Come on in – Oh my god! – Charli XCX, come on in guys – Come in! – Come on in Quick, the before it closes

Everybody, come on in – Hi! (passengers squeal) Who didn't I hug? Who didn't I hug? Hi – Hi! – Hello Wait, let me get out from behind this weird thing Hi

(group chatters) Hi – Oh my god (passengers squeal) – Hello (group chatters) – [Kevin] Guys, everyone grab a wig – Oh this

They've got my hairstyle (group cheers) Okay! Here we go I really hope this elevator doesn't break Oh my god it's Charli baby (group laughs) – This is embarrassing

– I know, I know – I'm really scared of elevators – What? Get in! (group screams) – [All] Aw ♪ Ooh ♪ – Sing it ♪ Baby what you doing tonight ♪ ♪ Tonight's the night ♪ – Don't jump, we'll die

♪ I just wanna go back ♪ ♪ Back to 1999 ♪ ♪ Take a ride to my old neighborhood ♪ ♪ I just wanna go back ♪ ♪ Back to 1999 ♪ ♪ Take a ride to my old neighbor ♪

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