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Celebrate Pisces Season feat. Wild ‘N Out, Floribama Shore, & More | MTV Horoscopes


– So, what exactly did he say? – He called my girlfriend a bitch I will (beep) beat his goddam ass

No, (beep) him – It doesn't matter– – I'm not calming down! – I understand where Gus is coming from, but I feel like the alcohol definitely made him a lot more mad than he should've been – I'm (beep) sorry that (beep) just happened, dude I'm (beep) sorry) about that (beep) In the end, you're not gonna (beep) let this (beep) ruin your (beep)

You're not (beep) letting that (beep) happen – Can I have the napkin? Thank you, I love you – Ay, Gus is like– – Did y'all have fun tonight? – That's the most mad I've ever seen Gus in my life – I ain't never seen him like this – And I punched him in the face

(exhales) – I've seen what you sacrificed for her You're gonna waste all that (beep) on some (beep) Cody? Now (beep) wasting your (beep) life on that (beep) (beep) spoke your piece He (beep) knows where he's at He ain't gon' (beep) say (beep) now

He's a scared little bitch, he ain't gon' say (beep) You hear me? – [Gus] I hear you dog, I hear you (exhales) – [Aimee] Jeremiah and Gus are super awkward – I got your back through thick and thin, dude – I have no idea why Jeremiah is so upset

– [Gus] I got you too – Ain't nobody is gonna (beep) run us into the ground, man We (beep) live life, man (awkward music) I'm not letting you (beep) waste it (beep) on him I'm trying to have a good time with my boy

That's it! – [Gus] I feel you dog, I feel you – [Jeremiah] (beep) love you, dude I (beep) love you – What just happened? – [Jeremiah] You understand? I (beep) love you – At this point, I'm just like wow

This escalated – Stayin' inside? – They cryin' and (beep), I don't wanna – Oh, okay – Give me a (beep) hug like you (beep) mean it, dog Give me that

– I got you dog, I got you I got you too bro, thank you – [Jeremiah] I love you, dude – I love you too, man Come on

I'm about to (beep) go to bed (pop music) – [Cheyanne] I'm really excited to celebrate my sister today And I hope Cory isn't caught off guard by her offer to be the godfather – Cheyanne, come here! I just want to thank everybody for coming and sharing this day with me As I continue in my journey, I couldn't think of anyone besides Cheyanne and Cory in terms of support and being there for me

So I have these two little trinkets for them, where basically I'm asking if you guys would Baaz's godparents (crowd exclaims) And this is – Look at you (laughs)

(all laughing and exclaiming) We're honored We will gladly take him (Cory yelling) Look at my shirt! Cory, we're parents again! – Y'all see that? – Now you're really stuck with me – And me! – [Cheyanne] And her That was cute

– Ah, man That was crazy I did not see that coming (all laughing) You don't even know it yet, but you have a little boy cousin coming on the way And we gotta be there for him, alright? – When will you cats really learn? This (beep) beard look like Katt Williams' perm

(crowd laughs and applauds) Chico, you know I'm the one for real You the one I kill This ain't Fresh Prince, why am I battling Uncle Phil? (crowd laughs and applauds) (rock music) – Hi guys (overlapping chatter) Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you too

– Well, I brought the fabrics that I had at my house So these are just ones that I've had– – Now this is what, that jersey material? – This is like a thin French terry These are kind of more fall, 'cause these ones are a little thicker – Love the skulls, that's cool – Yeah, these would be like, options for pants

– This is something that I could add those fake black suspenders, you know what I'm saying? They make it look like– – Yeah – Make it look kind of punk-ish, a little bit like– – Yeah, punk rock – Yeah, exactly I love the urban style, I like the urban street wear – Oh yeah, it's so nice

– The kids look so– – I know, it's so cute – And I love the hippie stuff for the girls, like the sunflower pants – Yeah, the boho stuff Those are real in now, yeah – Boho stuff, yeah

So how long would it take you to make a pair of shorts? – Well, on average, like half hour Start to finish – Okay Oh, I mean it's– – Well, we're just looking for what, like just a couple exclusive pieces made in– – Well yeah, like I said, exclusive stuff that you can only get through Tierra Reign, and kind of just go from there – And you guys are trying to launch it when? – Summer

– Summer? Okay – We're gonna start off launching with this one collection and when it sells out, it's done – Yeah – And then we're gonna k ind of reevaluate how fast did it sell out, you know– – How much you're gonna need, yeah – And then who knows, maybe one day if it gets really really big and we have lots of people, maybe you could just be our full time creator

How about that? – That'd be awesome – We're jumping to the future (overlapping chatter) – I mean, is all the stuff that we've been talking about, that's something that you're– – Yeah, I'm in – You're in, you're in! Cool Awesome

– That's so cool – Yeah, I'm excited – Great – I mean, majority of dudes in Florida put off the worst (beep) reputation, I'm not gonna– – Well that (beep) ain't me, I can promise you – You know, I'm a little bit in shock right now that somebody would have the audacity to come into somebody's house in Florida and tell them that Florida boys ain't (beep)

– I mean, you're the only one, also, that's taking offense to it So I don't know why– – And you wouldn't take any offense to saying that all dudes from Tennessee ain't (beep)? – It's fine (beep) – I mean, I don't really give a (beep) 'cause I don't live there no more – But they still ain't (beep) – I mean, neither is five foot eight or below

So I don't know what you're trying to– – You don't want none of this Florida (beep), I promise you – Bro, I promise you, you like, you really wanna start this? – You're coming in my house– – That don't matter! – Trying to talk (beep) – Doesn't matter, bro – No he didn't All of a sudden, Gus and Cole are really getting heated at each other, and I'm thinking, "Oh my God, am I gonna have to stand "between the guy I just brought home "and the guy I was hunching last summer?" – [Gus] The (beep) you mean, whatchu mean? – No, you took it as disrespect

– Whatever You can backtrack all you want, I know what I– – Well then why the (beep) the (beep) up? (all arguing and yelling) (rock music) – Are you serious? Get me out of this (beep) house – Hey Just come outside, just come– – Nah No, dude

– Just come outside, dog – Don't talk (beep) to our roommate Don't do it – This was supposed to be a fun night, and the fact that Gus made it so (beep) serious to where he made a guy want to fight him, it's (beep) And I feel like I'm the person who has to handle it, because nobody else will

– Jeremiah, you go to comfort that (beep), I'm done with you too – What'd you say, bitch? – I said you go to– – The (beep) did you just say to me? (beep) come at me! (beep) come at me, bitch! Come at me! (beeping) Come at me You wanna (beep) come at me? (beep) please, dog I'm (beep) ready for you – Go comfort his ass

Go comfort his ass, bitch Comfort his ass, mother (beep) Dude, Jeremiah, what the (beep)? He disrespected me in my house, you're supposed to be my boy I'll beat the (beep) out of you too – Right here

You want (beep) square up to me, just because some petty (beep)? – I will – Bull (beep) (beep) you – Welcome to the beach house This is what it's like on an every day basis

(electronic music) – I look over and see 24 grabbing Angelina's ass a little bit I'm like, "what the (beep) is going on?" – Are we friends now? – I mean, Jenny is jealous over everything Like, if she knew what was going on, she would kill both of you Yeah, you were blackout – I just don't like being that person that's like, I don't remember any of it

But I'm glad that I was that level, because if I would've saw that– – Saw what? – Her kissing him, and I was in a state of mind that's like– – But that's the part where she is like, denying it ever happened – So, you were the sober one – Maybe, well I didn't see that part – Oh – I saw a separate part

– Mm-hmm – I saw him dancing with the two of you And then he like, reached around, like, you know, and probably touched this area right here, to dance with both of you Which was weird to me (tense music) – Whatever

To me, that's harmless I thought she was actually doing it to just get under our skin, 'cause we were fighting From what I was told, we were kissing like this, he said – Who's we? – Me and Zack – Okay

And then she came in like this, and she kissed him right here – Oh – Exactly – She might've been, you know, she gets drunk, she forgets things too So she might've been– – I hate that excuse

– Of course, Jenny's using the same excuse too I can tell she's sticking by her man, rallying behind him, and she is not gonna take Angelina's side (pop music) – Look how amazing (girl squeals) – Give me your GoPro Drop it

I'm about to film Lia jump off this waterfall I'd say it's a good 70 or 90 feet There she goes! (girls whooping) Oh my God, amazing – We were! – Me, me, me! – Get your (beep) hands off me (beep) out of my face

(beep) – Juliette, calm down – Let go of her – Stop – Just breathe – Come here, step away

(tense music) – Chloe, are you okay? What happened? – I wanna go home – But what happened? – I don't know I just remember her being really aggressive Like, I was just telling her how I don't feel like she's a good friend to me, and I just don't feel like she's surrounding herself around the right people She made it all about me being friends with Alice, and me betraying her

That's all she made the conversation about And next thing I know, she was just hitting me – She hit you? – I grabbed her hair – Juliette, she could hurt you! – [Juliette] What are you talking about? – She could've (beep) you up, Juliette! – Feel my head Ow

– Oh, Chloe – Do you feel that? – No, there's a (beep) huge bump – She said that I was little like that was a flaw, I'mma tell you like this, I didn't even want them draws Matter of fact, that probably was a menopause (crowd laughs) (buzzer beeps) ♪ He didn't want them draws ♪ ♪ But Cynthia, I do ♪ ♪ So won't you come wish me after the show ♪ ♪ And let me hump on you ♪ (crowd laughs) ♪ Just ride my pole, oh yeah, oh yeah ♪ ♪ Cynthia, oh, oh ♪

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