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Cassie, nasaktan matapos ang away nila ni Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)


Wait, so You're really entering the talent test? Yeah, I already asked for Mama's permission She said yes I'm happy for you, Cass Don't worry, I'll be there

I'll be your number one supporter Just know that whatever happens, I'll be there for you, okay? You're really amazing, Cassie, you know that? Your drawings are amazing! See? I told you! That's why I know Crimson College will accept her But, Tope, you're fine with her going to Crimson College even if it's far from you? You're going to Crimson College? Marga Yes, why? You have the gall to dream big while you're destroying my life? – How dare you! – Ouch! – Let go of me, Marga! – Marga, enough! This is what you deserve! Marga, stop! Don't do it! – No! Marga! – Stop it! Why did you do that?! I'm destroying your life like what you did with mine! Marga! Marga! Just stop it, Marga! You had no right to do that! Marga? – Marga! – Mom! What happened? Mom Cassie pushed me You! You're just like your mom! – That's enough! – No! You're crossing the line! Ouch! Cassie! C assie Doctor! Anybody there? Call a doctor! It's her fault! We didn't do anything This wouldn't have happened if you didn't hurt my daughter Marga, let's go Help! Bring her to the emergency room I'll take care of it

She hurt her hand Marga! Marga, wait Why did you do that to Cassie? Do what? Are you really blaming me for what happened to her? Cassie got hurt after you confronted her It's not my fault that she got hurt If there's someone to be blamed, it's her They're the reason my family's suffering like this

You were the ones who attacked her, Marga We wouldn't have done that if they didn't file a case against Mom They keep pinning all their misfortunes on my mom They're already crossing the line That's no excuse for what you did

Who are you to talk to my daughter like that?! I already warned you many times You wouldn't want to get it from me Mom! Let's go I said let's go!

Source: Youtube

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