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Carter Sharer On Breaking Up With Lizzy And Rigging Challenges | Suck It Up | Delish


– Never have I ever rigged a challenge so I could win I don't want to say yes to this because I know the consequence

(laughing) Hey, guys, it's Carter Sharer and I'm here to play Suck It Up It's like Never Have I Ever but when I have done it I had to eat one of these sour candies And as the questions get harder, never have I ever regretted making a breakup video Oh man, do I need to elaborate on this or can I just like not elaborate on this? (laughing) The candy gets even more sour (offscreen woman laughing) Can you tell that I'm enjoying this? (upbeat music) Let's do it

I'm ready, yeah, let's do this Okay, wow, the first question Never have I ever spent over five thousand dollars on a video (digital popping) (dramatic music) Oh no! – Oh! Okay, I've definitely done that (laughing) I've done that on a lot of videos

We are filming Battleship in real life and we're doing a super epic version of it because we are using this huge scissor lift (soft funky music) (lips smacking) These are sour skittles? Mm, okay, I love sour skittles, by the way, (laughing) so, that one's easy for me The most I've ever spent on a video, I'm not sure, probably at least ten thousand dollars, though I've given away ten thousand dollars in cash prizes on videos before We smashed my friends car so I had to buy him a new one

(engine roaring) Oh my, I didn't think it was going to do that much damage That one was actually really funny Yo, Ryan, look at your car, dude! I smashed his car and then we went out and we bought him the exact same car I destroyed your car and I bought you the same exact one It's a 2009 Hyundai

Same year, same color, just replaced it so that was kind of like a funny one So, yeah, we had to do that so that cost money and we just do all kinds of other crazy stuff that also costs money, so, yeah, I've spent over five thousand dollars Here we go Never have I ever been recognized by a fan on the street Okay, (laughing) yes I have, so I feel like that's another very easy, um, where I've got to eat candy

But yes, I get recognized by fans on the street all the time, every time I go out, so I guess we're moving up pretty quick to the next one! I don't even know what these ones are (techno music) (lips smacking) okay, that one's a lot, mm, (breath inhaling) okay, mm It doesn't stop (breath inhaling) That one's a lot more sour (digital popping) (candy thunking) okay, wow, (breath inhaling) so the scale goes pretty quick

Sometimes we'll get fans recognizing, like coming to our house and that can get kind of crazy Today I'm saying goodbye to the Sharer fam house When I was living at my parents house they would come and they would drive from like out-of-state to come see us and it would be like Saturday morning, our doorbell would ring and someone would answer the door and there'd be like fans outside with like family, grandparents, parents, like the whole thing and at first we're were kind of like, "Okay, like this is cool" but then like every weekend we would just get these fans showing up and at some point we were like, "You know, wait, this is my parents house" So if you're a fan, please do not come to my house, it's too crazy for me Never have I ever accidentally deleted all of my footage

No, actually, I'm proud to say I have not done this, I've not deleted all of my footage Never have I ever felt guilty for a prank I did Not funny! (group laughing) (glass crunching) (group laughing) (girl shrieking) – Are you serious! – I spent all morning working on it (sobbing) – Oh – I don't want to say yes to this because I know the consequence but yeah, I sort of have felt, uh, kind of bad for a prank that I did

My friend, who's out of town, he's been growing his hair out for like two years I mean, it was very long I asked, you know, if he wanted to be in the video this weekend he was visiting and he said, "Sure" I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into We ended up cutting his hair while he was sleeping

After that he kinda was like going for it so then I gave him a bowl cut after that by literally putting a bowl on his head and just snipping around and the idea was after he would just go get you know, a haircut after So he goes to get the haircut and the barber told him that I went like too deep around the edges so even when he had his regular haircut you could still see the bowl cut around his head and I kind of felt bad because he had to go back to work and he has a really good job and he had like a half bowl cut for a while (laughing) Sorry, Camden, I feel really bad about that one (laughing) Oh man, this is going to be really bad (techno music) mm, wow

Those are very sour Oh my gosh (lips smacking) mm, well they didn't, mm Didn't last as long as the last one, though So

(digital popping) (candy thunking) those ones actually weren't so bad Oh man (laughing) Never have I ever been in love (romantic harp music) yeah, I have been in love (laughing) This is such a tough question

(sexy sax music) Liz is so amazing, she's so wonderful Oh man, do I need to elaborate on this or can I just like not elaborate on this (laughing) – Your heart is beating so fast (heart beating) – Stop! I have been in love and, you know what, guys, I'm going to leave this up to you to try to of guess who that was with – Carter! (soft guitar music) – [Carter] What? – You like me? – Yes, I have been in love and now I've got to eat more candy

(laughing) these ones don't look as sour but I'm guessing they're going to be pretty sour All right, I'm going for the blue one I'm like nervous, can you hear it like in my voice? (laughing) (shrill violin crescendoing) (lips smacking) (sniffing) Mm hm, that's sour (techno music) It gets more sour (breath inhaling) Just seeing your reaction behind the camera because you guys know

(breath inhaling) Mm, I actually like this one (offscreen woman laughing) Can you tell I'm enjoying this? (laughing) (techno music) Oh man, it is so sour Never have I ever rigged a challenge so I could win That's a pretty good question Uh, no, I've never rigged one so I could win

It's Carter's, he won – No he didn't – Yeah, that's actually a good, I've never done it so I could win We might have helped other people kind of get an advantage but not myself Sometimes I help Liz in videos

(laughing) Sometimes we'll give her different perks, like for one video we did the strongest person wins and so we're lifting weights and so we gave like a multiplier and so for every pound of weight that she lifted we multiplied it by two to maker her more competitive which I thought was fair but it also helped her win (laughing) Definitely Oh, man The questions are going to keep coming until that happens, so (sighing) Never have I ever regretted making a breakup video

Well, Liz and I did make a breakup video – What's up guys, welcome back to vlogging – But, uh, no, I've never, I have not regretted that video at all (solemn string music) (sniffing) (baby wah-wahing) I thought it was a very honest and true video and, um, it was good so there's no regrets at all there Never have I ever gotten injured from a video

Okay, well I have gotten injured from a video This was actually a very early video We were making like potato cannons, you use like PVC and, um, this one was just crazy and so I guess it was pretty early on so I was learning how to like glue and PVC cement it together (loud banging) – Whoa, hoo, hoo! – And we were pressurizing the chamber and I didn't let the cement, like the PVC cement cure Like it dried so it was like glued together but it takes 24 hours for it to cure

The rival is ready, let's go shoot it! (loud banging noise) And I was holding it, it exploded onto my arm and it was like, like a bomb going off It was so crazy It was like, I was in shock, it was crazy I went to the hospital for that one and had to get x-rays of my arms – [Offscreen Man] Yikes, guys, we are in trouble

– It was an entire ordeal Ended up being okay, I just had a lot of trauma to the soft tissue of my arm and stuff like that so we didn't make too many more potato cannons I don't know if you guys can see this but it just looks scary They said they put a smiley face on it to make it more happy I don't think so

(ominous music) – [Offscreen Woman] Any last words? – Wish me luck, guys This is like an engineered sour candy (ominous music) (digital yi-yi-ing) – Oo (techno music) (muffled laughing) (digital popping) (candy thunking) Oh my gosh! (ominous music) (laughing) that's like next level sour I couldn't even have it in my mouth for too long, oh my gosh! – That's what she said, that's what she said! – That was so quick

(offscreen woman giggling) I can feel my tongue like shriveling up like a slug when you pour salt on it That's what it felt like That was really sour – (offscreen woman) That is the quickest someone has spit it out – Really? (laughing) I was trying to hold it long, too, for the camera but I couldn't do it

That was, mm That last one (laughing) Was I really the fastest one to spit that out? Everyone else held it longer then that? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to taste (offscreen woman laughing) food for the rest of the day Guys, check me out on cartershareryoutube

(contemplative music)

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