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Cara Membangun Jaringan Entertainment (Hiburan)


Today you can get entertainment; movies, music, television and whatever where ever you are Good sitting at the computer, standing in the kitchen with a mobile device at hand, or, yes, even sitting in front of your TV

This is not a complicated arrangement With a few simple tools, you can use your computer network as the next generation entertainment center Your network is the core of the operation, and if you are interested in high definition (HD) media, then speed, range and bandwidth are all important The DIR-825 D-Link is a dual-band 80211n router that provides all the bandwidth you need HD movies and television programs today

The dual-band feature means the router can simultaneously manage bandwidth-intensive application on two different frequencies, 24GHz and 5GHz For example, a router can provide Internet access to check e-mail on commonly used The 24GHz band at the same time serves clearer high-definition video streaming on the 5GHz Band We chose to expand our network coverage with DHP-307AV, this is the PowerLine network kits that use existing power lines to flow through your wall to zip to media other parts of the house

Simply plug the adapter into a wall socket and your network is quickly up and running As simple as that With your network configured, it's time to see your own media You can access media files that are stored on any computer, but a better solution is to use network-connected storage, or NAS, to store all your files centrally in one place By removing storage from your PC, you are preventing large media files from filling up your computer's hard drive and also get better protection for these files by placing they are on special storage devices

DNS-325 D-Link is attached directly to your router, making it convenient and accessible by several devices at home Finally, to provide entertainment for the parties whole family, simple media players, like Boxee Box by D-Link, in your entertainment The cabinet can bring content from your network and the Internet directly to your TV If using Powerline, plug in your 2nd adapter and connect it to the Boxee Box, and Boxee Box to your HDTV Or you can configure it to use wireless access too Soon, you will zip files from your computer or NAS device directly into the living room with Boxee Box

Alternatively, you can transfer media to Boxee Box by plugging in an SD card from digital camera or by using a portable USB storage device As a bonus, you can access programming that is streamed from the web, including films from Netflix and VUDU Home entertainment networks don't just send movies and music from your computer to your television This gives you access to media from any device, anywhere in your home

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