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Captain America Movie Actress Charged For Killing Mom in Kansas! Breaking News


welcome to ghetto TV with C Street once again is your Boise Street the god of you to coming straight from the ghetto and I appreciate you for watching the video clicking on the video and did your first time rocking with me hit the subscribe button now the video we gonna talk about is not hip-hop this is a cinema related but it's still news and I'm gone covered just what a live people that played and Captain America First Avenger she has been charged with fatally stabbing her own mother now the chick name is a Molly this girl she's 38 years old she played and you know the Captain America movie and on December 20th she stabbed her mom picked up along the 68 years old you know John making headlines I don't know what could be going through you know I'm saying what type of relationship is that this stuff now there's one girl who she needs she's not a major major star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe you know she played a small role a very small role in fact she's credited as a spot girl and you know she she she did go a baby's behind scene production-wise sister directors but like that and did a couple of things are hiding on a small budget stuff ain't no major act anything now this happened in all life Kansas doesn't she was letting that one unhappy now she just got arrested New Year's Eve we didn't even what December 20th she got arrested on New Year's Eve mommy first general c-38 and she off her own waffle her mother was 68 years old her name is petition Patricia Fitzgerald so dropping prayer Mochis I did you know I'm saying prayers going up blessings coming down and you believe in God pray for just terrible terrible do so bring you news also fire in the video make sure yeah sound my petition to help give back people reparations for slavery you know there's a petition I'm starting I'm a spirit head in this petition I definitely want your support so far we got over sixteen signees decided I want you to sign it true let's go ahead and reach a honey there we won't reach a thousand ten thousand hundred thousand million are we gonna get try to get some reparations for slavery factory because we don't been through a lot I appreciate you watching video like I said hit the subscribe button I appreciate you

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