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Cancer Survivor & Entrepreneur Opens 'Gangster Vegan' Restaurant for a Healthier Community | NowThis


on this week's Good Start Hey guys, and welcome to Good Start

I'm Sally Turner For our first story today, we're introducing you to twins who are showing the incredible power of brotherly love Close as you can be sharing a room until you're 15 Always having friend to talk to in the night, after school, you know, girl problems, stuff like that But a few years ago

Up until 2016, I was healthy as an ox, I thought I went for a routine physical for my job and I failed my physical for high blood pressure and I had a follow up with my primary care physician Came back a couple days later with some elevated levels that indicated that there is an issue with kidneys And then they did a biopsy, confirmed it was kidney failure Dalton had been

When James came forward with Honestly, I didn't even think about asking him To get on the transplant list, I told my family and then James just came forward and was like, 'Well, I'll get tested See if I'm a match' But there was really no questions

James just did it He just— Just did it to become a viable candidate to donate his kidney I really didn't spend too much time worrying about the risk because the risk in the world—there's risk everywhere around you Just another step to step on for the ladder of life for me

Two years later, And both agree that I would definitely give James my kidney It would have been no hesitation on my part Would I have picked on him more? Yeah It's definitely a bond-strengthening experience

And that's a big gift and a big selfless act Definitely worth it if you ever get the chance to do it It's definitely a great experience for a family member or twin brother, twin sister to be able to share with Dalton and James's love for each other is so inspiring As a twin myself, I can certainly relate to their amazing connection

And for our final story this week, one woman's cancer diagnosis inspired her to promote healthy eating in her community Taneea Yarborough is a Baltimore-based principal turned businesswoman Taneea after receiving some In 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer

And that is what really began my journey into food and wellness in my food as something that's an aid to my health And a big part of that was me and my family fully transitioning to a vegan diet After beating cervical cancer, Taneea was all set to open Gangster Vegan, a plant-based franchise in her home city The mission of Gangster Vegan is to make sure that we are offering healthy, real food to everyone So we are making sure that we are not only sharing food, but also sharing the education of our food

We strategically placed our location in a food desert and have our delivery radius in that food desert up to six miles, which means that it's touching lots of other communities that don't have access to real food in the community of Baltimore People who are able to find comfort in some familiar flavors, some familiar names, some trends that they are familiar with and that gets them in the door and then the food keeps them coming back But shortly before Gangster was set to open, Taneea scheduled a double mastectomy And now, I am officially cancer free

Which I just realized I don't get to say out loud often enough The two experiences, the 30-year-old entrepreneur As a two-time cancer survivor, I don't think that you experience those things and don't feel empowered and don't feel stronger There are very few things that feels scary to me right now

Everything about Gangster Vegan is about spreading love, spreading hope, giving people an opportunity to live better I'm not sure if I would have made it through my cancer treatment without the change to a plant-based diet My energy was being drained from cancer treatments My energy was also being drained by just choices I made with the food that I was eating You have control over your life and taking control back over your health

And it's never too late to do that, it's just something that I want to get out with many people as possible Congrats to Taneea on her persistence and strength through a very challenging time That is it for this week's show Thanks for watching And we'll see you back here next week for another Good Start

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