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Can You Pass the Teen Movie Test? ft. Elle Mills ? MTV Access


(logo rumbles) – Crushed it (bouncy music) Hi, I'm Elle Mills, and today I'm gonna be taking a test

I don't know what kind of test, but I'm excited Actually, not really, but I'm gonna do it Oh, okay Okay, I'm nervous, okay Today the test is teen movies

(gasps) I love teen movies! Oh, I got this in the bag, okay Elle Mills Cool, okay, first one (sighs) In the 2018 rom-com "Love, Simon," what email address does Simon use to email Blue? Aw, (beep), okay Okay, it's not C or D

I'm gonna go with B, 'cause that sounds so, like, hello, window (bell dings) (gasps) Yes! Banger, okay, cool, next Okay, ooh, in the 2001 movie "Legally Blonde," what move does Elle teach Jennifer Coolidge's character to impress the UPS driver? Bend and snap, C (bell dings) (exhales) Wow, I never thought this knowledge would come in handy Ooh, John Hughes, my favorite director

John Hughes's 1985 film "The Breakfast Club" focused on a group of high-school students during Saturday detention Match each student to the reason they were in detention Ooh, okay, Brian is the one who brought the gun to school These are all spoilers Allison showed up for no reason

Oh, god, this gets hard, okay I haven't seen it in a while I'm gonna go with Bender to do bullied another student Claire skipped school, and Andrew pulled a false alarm I feel like that's definitely got one of those wrong

But I'm gonna go with that (buzzer buzzes) Bender and Andrew, so Bender's the one who pulled a false alarm, and Andrew bullied another student – [Producer] Yeah, he taped their butt cheeks together – (sighs) Right, (beep) okay, close, close (sighs) Fill in the blanks of this quote from "A Cinderella Story," starring Hilary Duff

I love Hilary Duff, by the way I'm more a fan of her Lizzie McGuire movie, but that's another topic Waiting for you is like waiting for blank in this blank, useless and, okay, we don't have these in Canada, but what's it called when you have no water? Drought? All right, drought, rain, useless and, goddammit, useless and some other sad word Useless and, we'll just write hopeless, but I know it's not right Paraphrasing here, all right, tell me I'm wrong

(buzzer buzzes) Disappointing! I was pretty close! All right, next one Oh, easy, at the end of "Easy A," starring Emma Stone, what vehicle do Olive and Todd ride off in? It is a lawnmower, because of the movie with Patrick Dempsey "Can't Have You," is it "Can't Have You?" One of those (bell dings) Yeah, it's based off another rom-com (clears throat) Yeah, I'm a pro, I don't know if you knew that, anyways

In the 2004 comedy "Mean Girls," Cady joins The Plastics for Aaron Samuels' Halloween party Draw a line between the girls and the costume they dressed up as Easy (beep), oh my god, okay Ex-wife is Cady, sexy mouse is Karen, sexy bunny is Regina, and Gretchen is the sexy cat (bell dings) Thank you very much

If tests were like this at the university, I wouldn't have dropped out Ooh, another banger! In the 1986 John Hughes film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," what type of car does Cameron send crashing through a giant window? This bad boy, D, I don't know what it's called, but D (bell dings) Ferrari, I know so much about cars I don't have my license (laughs) In the 1999 film "Clueless," what news footage is Cher watching on the couch with Josh soon after she realizes she is, like, totally in love with him? Aw, crap, I'm not gonna lie, this movie I'm not that familiar with, I saw it once

A is Iran hostage crisis, B, a war-torn Bosnia, C, Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, D, Northridge earthquake Let's go with the more lighthearted one, well, maybe to some, I'm gonna go with C, the scandal (buzzer buzzes) B? Oh, okay, interesting, good to know In "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," the monotone teacher portrayed by Ben Stein is giving a lecture on what topic? Goddammit, let's go with A Feel like he was in physics? (buzzer buzzes) Damn, yeah, economics is not for me

That's what I was in university for, and then I dropped out Ooh, the 1999 film "10 Things I Hate About You" is loosely based off which Shakespeare play? It's not "Macbeth," it's either A or D, "Twelfth Night" or "A Midsummer Night's Dream" B is "The Taming of the Shrew," and I never heard of that, so I'm just gonna go with A (buzzer buzzes) Oh, that's the one I haven't, okay My ego's getting hurt, okay (laughs)

In "The Devil Wears Prada," what color is the sweater that prompts Miranda Priestly to lecture Andi? Oh, goddamn A, midnight blue, B, cerulean, C, royal blue, D, sky blue A, midnight blue? (buzzer buzzes) It's not really a teen movie But I love Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep "Clueless," goddammit

In the 1999 film "Clueless," Cher and Dione give a makeover to their teacher Mrs Geist, Geist See, that's how much I know the movie What does Cher point out about Mrs Geist or Geist as her faults? A, runs in her stockings, B, her slip is always showing, C, she usually has lipstick on her teeth, D, all above

I'm gonna say D, pretty sure that it was all above (bell dings) Yay! I do remember that scene, though Oh, eh, in "Mean Girls," I got this, Janis plots out a plan for revenge against Regina on a chalkboard Rank each agenda item in the order she writes them in Okay, it's, I'm almost positive this is the order

Okay, I think Aaron Samuels is last, so I'm gonna write three I'm gonna go hot body, then skanks 'Cause I remember the clothes didn't fit, and that's why the skit, okay, one, two, three (buzzer buzzes) (sighs) Terrible In the movie "The Devil Wears Prada," starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep, Andi lands a job at which fashion magazine? I think it's not "Poise," 'cause isn't "Poise," that's from "13 Going on 30

" "Vogue," I just feel like they wouldn't do "Vogue," 'cause, yeah, "Sparkle" seems a little bit, I'm gonna go with C, "Runway" (bell dings) Yes, good At the end of "Love, Simon," Simon and Bram/Blue have their first kiss on which carnival ride? The ferris wheel (bell dings) Love that scene Okay, last question, in Jubb, Jubb (laughs), in Judd Apatow's 2007 film "Superbad," McLovin's fake ID is from which state? Hawaii

(bell dings) Crushed it What did I get, what grade? (dramatic music) At least I passed, right? Wait, is 56% not a pass? – [Crew Member] 56 percent's an F (laughs) But this is a curved test – How do Americans do it? If it's above 50, then you're chillin', that's how we do it in Canada – [Crew Member] If it's above 65

– Oh, maybe that's why you guys are all so, never mind (laughs) I'm all tougher than shit Again, I'm Elle Mills, and I just took a test about teen movies I think I did pretty well, if you watched the full thing The ones I did get wrong, I did kinda know, and it was flawed

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it If you wanna see more tests, click here Or something like that, I'm not too sure

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