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Can You Pass Drivers Ed? ft. Kian & JC ? MTV Access


(whooshes) (claps) – Yee! – Wow, we're not stupid like everyone thought huh? (upbeat music) – What's up everybody? My name is Kian Lawley – My name is JC Caylen

– And today we're taking a pop quiz – And we have no idea what the subject matter is – Let's go Lick your finger – The subject is driver's ed

Wow – I'm pretty good at driving I just got a ticket yesterday – Are you good at being an Ed? – How did you do on your actual driver's test when you got your license? – I barely passed, I remember that I got like a 70, something like that

First time around, yeah – For real? – [JC] Yeah, barely passed – Failed three times – You had to pay? – I had to pay to do it again, and I think on the fourth or fifth I– the written test, I passed – On the fourth or fifth? Dude

I'll write our names – I knew you were gonna write some stupid (beeps) like that JC and the other guy I'm JC – And I'm the other guy

Let's start this test – Okay, here we go, first one I'll read it aloud for you, okay? (stutters) – Do you know how to read? – You can do that – Okay You are driving in the red car

It's maroon, that's maroon Get to the intersection at the same time as the blue truck Shortly after the green car and gray car arrive to the intersection Who has the right of way? – I already have my answer – I would have to go and say the blue truck

– It's the blue truck Do you know why? – Yeah – Why? – 'Cause we're in the red truck– – Car – And we're in the red car, and I'm hella nice, so I'd let the blue truck go first – It's usually, I think if I'm not mistaken, it's for the people– if you both get there the same time, it's always the person to your right

– That's what I was thinking too – Blue truck – The blue truck (bell rings) – Yeah, hey-e-a-e-a-e! – That's right? – I'm one for one, JC, catch up brother – You heard it here first

All right, question number two So far we got all of our questions right – Every single one of them – Draw a stop sign, making sure it has the correct number of sides – Do you know it? – [JC] Mm-hmm

– I 100 percent know it Let's go, my boy knows – Eight sides – Six– – It's an octagon – Plus two sides

– My man's right Well you're not wrong It's an octagon (bell rings) Thank you very much Two for two

– Two for dub – Dude, you need to get one right I'm two for two – Let's get it, three for three? Who knows? – Numero tres – Only the future (hawks) (spits)

(hawks) – Which of the following signs represents two-way traffic? It's easy, what (taps board) A! – But it also can be B – No, final answer, A – It's A, yeah (bell rings) Can it be B? – Easy

– It can be B as well though – [JC] No, that just means– – It's something in the middle, but– – It's guarded by a shield Technically that's two ways – That's what I'm (beeps) saying – To avoid tailgating, one should follow the

What do you think? I'm thinking A – I'm thinking three – [JC] Three-second rule? – Yeah

– Four seconds seems more safe – Four is like you could probably fit another car in there – One, two, three Let's do three – A

(bell rings) Let's effing go! (clears throat) – You should start to signal at least blank feet before an intersection when preparing to make a turn – I know it – Dude, you know it? – I know it – Oh, go for it I was like it's open-ended, damn

This is gonna be hard – Don't effing cheat, broski Wait, I don't wanna be like the pill where I'm like oh my God I effing know it, and then I get into it and I don't know it – What do you think? Say it out loud – I might be wrong

– I would say like 20 – 20 (beep) feet? – Is that a lot or a little? – Dude, you're gonna effing crash I'm just gonna go with it 100 feet (bell rings) Let's go

– Really? – I was gonna say 500, but that's a lot Yee! – Wow, we're not stupid like everyone thought, huh? Which of these strange California vehicle related laws are not true It is illegal for a woman to drive a vehicle in a housecoat In Los Angeles, it is illegal to wash your neighbor's car without their permission In Long Beach, automobiles are the only items allowed to be stowed in the garage

It is illegal to honk your horn between the hours of three am and five am in a residential area

– Okay, what is it called when you just get rid of the ones that don't– that are obvious? – Process of elimination – Process of elimination, if you go to Long Beach, are you gonna see other stuff in people's garages? Yeah But are you gonna see a woman driving in a housecoat? (beeps) – I don't know – I would go for A I know I just talked you into C a little bit, but I think I'm going for A as well

You're thinking C? – [JC] I guess I'll pick C – Okay, for the record, I'm choosing A Now I'm off the record (buzzes) (sighs) – (beeps), we should've just thought about that because I mean – [Kian] Yeah – What if you're like in danger? It's four am, you're in a residential area

You're like (gasps) I can't, so then you go– – What a woman is supposed to be like (gasps), oh my God my housecoat is still on I can't drive That sounds (beeps) ridiculous – All right

You may drive off the paved roadway to pass another vehicle– – If the shoulder is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle If the vehicle ahead of you is turning left Under no circumstances I think it's under no circumstances I think it's unsafe for a car to just to be like (imitates engine) let's go in the dirt (imitates engine)

– I mean I've done it before where you turn left and you kinda just like – But it's not legal, mate, it's not legal – You may drive– it doesn't say anything about legality, but, but go for it, C

I think it's B I'm pretty sure it's B, actually (bell rings) – Let's effing go! – Dude Put it there – I did

– The single broken dashed white line in this figure indicates, A, the curve of the road B, traffic moving in opposite directions C, traffic moving in the same direction D, the center of a roadway where passing is prohibited Not opposite

It's in the same – Traffic moving in the same direction? – [JC] Same direction – Because on a freeway, there's these in the middle of both lanes are going this way – Yeah – The center of a roadway where passing is prohibited

Passing is prohibited, those are yellow – This is an easy test, C Let's get it C, final answer (bell rings) Done and easy

– [Kian] That was good – A white painted curb means loading zone for Frei

frei freight, freight? – Freight – Freight? – Freight Like a freight truck – This ain't an English test A freight or passengers

Loading zone for passengers or mail only Loading zone for freight only What's freight? – Like a cargo, like they carry stuff – Loading zones for passengers is yellow, no? – No, that's taxis Mail is more

mail is every day Freight is like maybe once a week when they have to do all the random (beeps) – [JC] Let's do B

Do it (bell rings) – Let's go! Process of elimina-rem – Dude This one seems hard Here we go

It's 6:30 pm on a Thursday night And you just parked ahead of this sign You walk back to check this sign

You're about to watch a movie that's two hours with previews Can you park here, yes or no? – With previews is very vague Okay, let's just go through No stopping seven to nine, four to six, except Saturday and Sunday Okay, it's a Thursday

So what time is it? 6:30 pm You're after that, so that's good You can stop for that one

Two hour parking Nine through five, it's Thursday, nine to four And six to eight You can park on both sides, it's good Passenger loading six p

m to eight pm, two hours Okay

And you just parked there – So yeah you can This is easy, yes (buzzes) – [Kian] Why? – Because you would back around 8:30 if not a little later And it says right here, passenger loading zone to three a

m only – But passenger loading Our car is still there It's loading us

– That is true – It doesn't give you a time limit to stay there to load your passengers – That's what I'm saying – We could take four hours to load – That's what I'm saying

– So change your answer to yes it's correct because we can still do it – All right, you're driving through a school zone What is the speed limit – 25's residential No it's 55 residential

– Bro – It's a joke I think it might be 25 'cause there's a school right by us, damn sure not (beeps) 15 Or else I am breaking the law every day – I wanna go with 25 too

Yeah, all right, all right (bell rings) – Boom (gibbers) – See what happens when we put our brains together like that? – Yeah, luckily I'm here – When parking on a hill, drivers parking uphill should turn their front wheels to left – No to the right, towards the curb

It should always be towards the curb 'Cause if it's not, it'll go into the road – [Smart Assistant] Just a sec – Whoa, who is that? – Is your girl Australian? – Yeah – Just a sec, I'll be right back

– [Smart Assistant] one more moment Sorry – Holy (beeps), she actually is Australian – [JC] She is – Why? – I don't know

I don't know what's going on She's going crazy or not It's right going downhill, left uphill (bell rings) – I would have 100 percent got that one wrong – This one seems easy

If you're driving in a car, it's illegal in some circumstances to not wear a seat belt – Wait, wait, before you just circle it, is there anything stupid we should think about Like if you're going from like neighbor to neighbor house, like you're going across the street for some reason you decide to drive – If you're like driving a motorized vehicle (bell rings) – [Kian] Yeah! – Let's go, baby! You approach a four-way intersection and notice that all four traffic lights are not in operation due to a power outage How do you proceed? – You just use it as a stop sign – Stop, check both ways Proceed

– With caution? – With caution (bell rings) Hey, hey, hey! – Happens a lot It's happened a lot in LA

All right, everybody, this is the last question – Your turn signals are broken Please show us with a hand signal how you would indicate a left turn You ready? Left turn is this How you would indicate a right turn

And brake signal Thank you We will take our prize now (bell rings) – That was right? Yeah, let's go – Dude

– That was pretty good We're pretty good drivers – We should teach a class That's all I'm saying (upbeat music) – 87 percent? – Dude, we got a B? That is cool, we got a B? – The two we got wrong, let's just dive into a little bit

This one is not about like driving so much It's about parking You get a little ticket – Honestly we coulda got this right if we just read into it So, dammit

– Also, there are people, to the police out there watching this video, there are people in Long Beach who have other stuff in their garage So go protect us from them – Yeah All righty, guys That concludes our test

If you played along at home, how did you do? Did you do better than our score, 87 percent? We only got two wrong So let us know in the comments below If you wanna see more videos like this, click right over there by Kian And subscribe for more

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