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Can We Break It? (CHALLENGE)


– Today we shake it 'til we break it – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good mythical morning – We're about to find out which one of us has what it takes to shake something until it breaks, and today's episode is sponsored by Reese's Pieces Shake & Break – Reese's Pieces Shake & Break is a fun new way to enjoy your favorite candy, behold – Ooh – When you shake these interactive Reese's chocolate eggs, you hear a sweet little surprise inside

(eggs rattling) What could it be? Well shake them and break them and find yourself some Reese's Pieces candies – Yeah, every Reese's Pieces Shake & Break has one of three surprises inside You might get all yellow Reese's Pieces, you might get all orange Reese's Pieces, or you might get a mix of yellow, orange, and brown Reese's Pieces – Okay let's see if we can figure out what we're gonna get (eggs shaking) Yellow, sounds yellow to me

– I think I've got all three, yellow, orange, and brown – Oh, that's (scoffs) a little presumptuous of you – All right let's do a little breaky breaky Pop, I was correct! – [Rhett] I had all of them too – [Link] Oh, really? – One of them's yellow, that's the one I heard

All right, find Reese's Pieces Shake & Break at your local store today – Now the shaking and breaking has only just begun It's time for if we can't break weird stuff with crazy shaking ability, we'll cry and expose the male ego's fragility (glass shatters) – Welcome to the shaking station – Our challenge is to shake various mystery items so furiously that we break them, beginning with these two under the white things

– Now to determine who gets to pick first, we're gonna draw maracas – Okay, which one? – Be my guest – No, I want you to go first I want you to tell me which one to pick This one? – Pick that one

– Ha, I didn't pick the one you wanted Neither did you, okay so I get the power of choice Now this one's, that one's a little smaller and rounder, this one looks a little more flattened You know what, I'm gonna switch I'm going to choose this taller, rounded-ish one

– Okay, I'm stuck with the flat one Now, before we find out what we chose, we must purchase our methods of shaking over in the methods of shakes at stake stations Okay, let's see what we got over here – [Link] A neck massager for $100 A butterfly net with rocks in it, it's $225, and a paint shaker for $400

– Okay, but since you got to pick your item, I actually get to pick my shaker first – All right, we're both starting out with a thousand bucks, which one are you gonna purchase? – Well first of all, there's a lot at stake here because the winner in the end gets a firm hands shake from David Hill, not a handshake, but a hands shake – Okay – So there's a lot on the line – Oh yeah, spend that money

– Uh, the paint shaker feels like it might be overkill, and also we didn't have a whole lot of luck with that thing when we used it in that episode, so I'm gonna go with the trusty butterfly net with rocks (cash register clinks) – Okay, I'm gonna spend 400 bucks on that paint shaker (cash register clinks) Now let's reveal what we're shaking Oh seriously, it's a actual balloon? Okay, I can win $500 – Is this the glass slipper, just the glass slipper is my item? – [Stevie] Correct

– And when it says– – For $700? – There's needles in here – [Stevie] Hey, you're shaking it already! – Oh – Don't shake it! – Dang, son, put that down – There's needles in here, bam! – All right, come on, let's go over to, hey – I can't help but shake

– Our stations, but before I break this, I would like to see who it fits I think maybe a baby, okay – So who's going first here? – You know, I'm very interested in what you've got going over here, so let's just see, let's watch you first – I mean, there's needles in there – Now keep in mind that we only have 15 seconds to shake

So you can run this thing for 15 seconds, Link Don't bust it on the way in, now – It'll barely fit in there Come on, Papa, bust for me (crew laughs) Okay, so I'm putting this in there, cranking her down

All right Lucas, fire it up, go! You want me to do it? – (laughs) Yeah, yeah – All right Lucas, I'm gonna do it Three, two, one (machine clattering) (they both yell) It did work! (cash register clinks) – You can cut it off – Yes, I felt sure it wouldn't work

– It only took a few seconds – But it worked, these are real needles in there, man, you want to taste it? – I'm gonna pry it out of this woman's hand, and uh, okay – All right, so I've netted a hundred dollars, what do you stand to gain here? – So okay, I can't touch the net, right? I have to hold the handle This ain't gonna break (laughs) – Shake it, man

– Here we go, give me my time (glass rattles) (stones clatter) – Oh my gosh Dude, you're out of control, you're throwing rocks everywhere – Well hold on, I only got about, give me five more seconds to shake it because I, because I– – [Link] Did you take the thing out or did it fall out? – [Stevie] I will allow it because I did really enjoy watching you do that – I chipped it a little bit

– [Stevie] Okay, five seconds, here we go, three, two, one, go (glass rattles) Time (buzzer buzzes) – Time, okay – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on It didn't break

(buzzer buzzes) Man, this thing is a hard shoe, I might have to sell it (crew laughs) – For sale, hard shoe (upbeat music) (glass shatters) I'm ahead by 325 bucks, let's decide who's going first – Now do you want to pick a short one or a long one? – I want you to pick a short one first – I'm gonna pick a short one on purpose so then I get the power of choice for that

– Oh yeah, yeah I actually want the short one Yes, yeah, so you pick this – All right, what I learned last time is that having the power of choice for this is not an advantage – Yup – So I'm gonna just go, you know what? When you're tall, go small

– All right, so I've got the big one Now let's find out what we can purchase – Okay we've got a cat bed for $100, then we've got a cocktail shaker for $250 – [Link] And a blender for $400 – Make your choice, Link

– Well I don't think that what I have here could fit in the blender or the shaker – Yeah but don't you remember last time, it was just a little slipper on top I predict that's some sort of pedestal and your item is just on top of it – I can't risk it, I'm going to purchase the cat bed, because I want to at least be able to shake it (cash register clinks) – Okay (laughs) all right

So I'm gonna not go all the way to the blender because I gotta make up some ground here I'm gonna go with the cocktail shaker – Okay let's find out what we have Me first I got a spiral staircase of eggs

– You know what, you might have done well – Is this gonna work? And I've got– – A fortune cookie – [Rhett] A single fortune cookie – All right, let's take these over $600 for these eggs

425 for the fortune cookie, so I still have to, now I assume you just want me to throw the eggs in – Is it just the eggs or is it– – [Stevie] Yeah, just the eggs, and I would gingerly place them – Yes, yes, yes, I'm not gonna cheat – Rhett, you go first 15 seconds of shaking, I mean– – Why is this hand here? – [Stevie] Because that is to signify that you must each use your hands to not do what Link's doing right now

– Okay, so I have 15 seconds to break this fortune cookie If I don't do this successfully, I'm going to go home (crew laughs) – Yeah, you suck if you don't – Okay, you ready? – Go! (cookie clatters) – I think it already broke It's already broke, but just in case

(grunts emphatically) I gotta make sure, I gotta make sure I gotta make completely sure! (groans) Never give up! – Okay, you got it (buzzer buzzes) Dump her out – That's proof that it broke – Okay

– You will eat a fortune cookie in your near future Nah, I ain't gonna eat it – You gonna prove it wrong? Don't tempt fate, man, you better obey – I got it, so he's gotta break every single egg, right? – [Stevie] Um, yeah, and also, mind you, that if they fall out, that doesn't count, they have to break inside the cat bed – Yeah, I'm gonna seal the top

– [Stevie] Okay – Ready? (panting) – I'm gonna stand back for this (laughing) (eggs sloshing) I think, I think he's succeeding (crew laughs) – Ugh, it's leaking, man Let's see

What the heck? – That was not broken until it landed – It's a freakin' whole egg, out of all these eggs, one of them didn't break – All right (crew laughs) – What the crap? – I mean, I'm going to the judges on this one We said he had to break them all

– [Stevie] I, yeah, you're right, you didn't break them all (buzzer buzzes) – All right! (upbeat music) (glass shatters) Okay, it's any man's game, Link, you've still got the lead, but just $50 – $50 difference, yeah – Be my guest – Oh no, I wanted the short one

– Oh, you did get the short one – And I got it, so you get to choose under the white cloth, my friend The tally or the flatty? – Last time going small because I was tall worked in my favor (crew laughs) I shall go small again – All right, and let's see what we have to purchase here

We got a vibration plate exercise machine for 300 bucks, human hamster bubble ball for 425 bucks – [Rhett] Or the spin dryer for $500 – I just don't know about that vibration plate – You don't like vibration plates? – I don't think it has as much power as me, so I'm gonna buy the human hamster bubble ball for 425 (cash register clink) – Okay, I have no idea what I have here, but I know that I'm not in the lead, and I feel like I've got to take a risk here, and so against all of my better judgment, I'm going to go with the vibration plate

– Okay, let's see what you've got – [Rhett] Oh, teacups – [Link] Tea set, and you can win $800 – $800 – And I have a three-tier birthday cake for $700

Okay so that's worth $800 minus the 300 that you spent, so you stand to win $500 I can win 700 minus the 425 I spent, so 275 (Rhett groans) Basically that means– – If they both break, I win If mine doesn't break and yours does break, you win, okay – I win

– So Link, because that's what the stakes are, I'm going to encourage you to go first – I'm gonna go first, and I'm gonna break the heck out of this cake I don't know exactly how to do this though – Now if the cake falls out onto the floor and breaks? – [Stevie] That does not count – What if the cups fall off onto the floor and break? – [Stevie] That does not count

– Well they're not gonna break – [Stevie] I can't tell if my mic's on, so if I'm screaming – I can hear you – Okay good – [Link] Okay, do I have to keep the cardboard on it? – [Stevie] The cardboard is optional

– [Rhett] I feel like the cardboard might keep it in there (Link groans) – So I'm gonna turn this sideways, and I'm gonna get rid of the cardboard, boop – [Stevie] I gotta say, I'm really impressed – All right, so I haven't broken it yet, I'm only gonna break it when I shake it, all right You ready? – You better shake it like crazy

(laughs) – I gotta win that handshake – Hey, don't hurt your back I can already tell, you look like you're lifting with your back not your legs, just stretch out a little bit Don't want you to get hurt – All right, all right, I'm ready

– [Stevie] On your mark, get set, go! (cake clatters) (crew laughs) – Did I break it? Where is it? Where is it, right there, and there, and there – I don't know how to score this because it literally just jumped right out right at the very beginning – [Stevie] I feel like there was breakage, and did you see how nicely he put it in? (cash register clinks) – That's a pretty good cake – Listen, it fell apart That is a good cake

– Straight up icing – Okay Rhett – Okay so I'm gonna start this thing, get it up to full speed, and then set them on there, okay? So I've got start (machine beeps) – Oh yeah, that thing really (mutters rhythmically) – Okay, now it's at full speed, let go

(teacups clatter) (buzzer buzzes) – Hey, hey, don't be a sore loser They're not even breaking (cup shatters) – I broke one – Yeah, you broke one All right dude, I hate to break it to you, but

(buzzer buzzes) – Congratulations, Link – You've lost and I won handshake from David Hill – There he is, let's see how this goes – You've won, my boy, you won! – Oh gosh, what, how is this a handshake? – I'm kinda glad I didn't win All right thanks again to Reese's Pieces Shake & Break for sponsoring this episode

Go get the new Reese's Pieces Shake & Break at your local store today – Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Sandy from Zeeland, Michigan, I'm a 58-year-old grandma and a newborn Mythical Beast, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Happy birthday! – Click the top link to watch us match the crew member to their broken bone story on Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – [Rhett] Mythical got the crystal wash treatment, now it's GMM's turn Get the GMM crystal wash tee at Mythicalcom

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