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Can “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan Finally Calm Down Chanel’s Dog? | Ridiculousness


(applause) – Welcome to Ridiculousness I'm Rob Dyrdek

With me, as always, Nucky and Steelo Brim, and Chanel and Weezy West Coast (applause) All right, our guest today is the legend There's nobody on the planet better with dogs From his Emmy-nominated show, The Dog Whisperer, the one and only, Cesar Millan (applause) Welcome, welcome, welcome

– Thank you (applause) – Okay Look we had to do it, okay – [Cesar] What? – These two got two crazy dogs – Yes, they do

– We figured, like, let the master just take a look and catch a vibe You know, because like right now, what do we got? We got Nucky over here He's being pinned down by Steelo to his chest (laughing) – This is a lot for him – Is it? – Yeah, this is a lot for him

– [Rob] Explain to Cesar, what's up with Nucky? – Nucky has a lot of problems (laughing) He just farted (groaning) – Man, did he? (laughing) – That's classy That's classy, yeah The bulldogs and the frenchies do that a lot

(audience laughing) – And look, like, do you catch a vibe from a dog? Do you know immediately? Like, okay, this guys is like– – Nervous, anxious, tense, frustrated, you know, aggressive, fearful But it's never the dog, you know I always say I train people, rehabilitate dogs You know, so, I don't train dogs I train the human to behave properly so the dog actually does the right thing

(Weezy growling) (audience laughing) – All right, now, listen – Look at this – See, that's what I'm saying, yeah – What's happening right now? – It's being territorial – Yeah, yeah, absolutely

– Okay, alright How do you train Chanel not to let that dog– be territorial (laughing) – If she's away from Chanel, she's going to behave completely different – Okay – That's a he

That's the problem with Weezy is he's so small – It's a he? – Everyone assumes it's a girl (audience laughing) Yeah, it has the size of a girl – [Chanel] Be careful, he bites – That's all right

I got it, I got it This is what I do for a living, Chanel (laughing) – No, he's about to snap on you – [Rob] What's happening right now? – He's nervous It's just that he gets nervous when someone new touches it, you know what I mean? – [Chanel] This guy's untrainable

– [Cesar] Oh, no, he's not No, he's not – Man, this is the impossible (audience laughing) – This dog has never been calmed down in 100 plus episodes, you know (laughing) Okay, well look, we're trying to do what we can– – You got to ride the wave

– to manage the wave of Weezy But let's start this show off with some dogs that they need help, okay? Because these dogs are completely out of control – Let me see – We call them Cesarless Take a look

(Cesar laughing) (audience cheering) (digital clash) (intense rock music) – [Cameraman] Oh, my God (shouting in awe) Oh, no! But the guy is totally comfortable – You gotta train that owner right there – That guy is like– – to not take it from behind (laughing) [Rob] He set himself up, and he's enjoying himself (laughing) – Yeah, too much

He's super excited Oh, my God, he's drooling The guy was drooling (laughing) – [Steelo] He was drooling? – He was drooling – [Rob] Let's just go for a walk

I gotta shut the door, of course (shouting in awe) – Rough Look! It's a (mumbles), look at her legs just (laughing) – [Rob] She's still holding on – [Cesar] A cat, a squirrel, something passes by – [Steelo] She'd rather lock up that, no! (audience laughing) – [Rob] Oh, boy (dog screaming) (audience laughing) – Look at him having nightmares right now – He's like, "what are they doing to my cats in the park?" (audience laughing) Hey, if you want to do this a lot less painful than this, just walk the dog, you know, let the dog swim, and then give him a little CBD, and then, you do this part

(laughing) – Yeah, yeah, yeah (Cesar drowned out by laughter) – Yeah, I love America, you know what I mean? (laughing) (upbeat trap music) – [Rob] I can't dance Gimme that shoe, gimme (shouting and laughing) Give me back my dancing slippers – This is what happens when you play tug of war with a dog Yeah, I want that (growls) (laughing) – [Rob] And he's going for your slipper Look at this guy! Oh, boy, oh, okay

(shouting in awe) – Run He almost got that junk (shouting in awe) – [Chanel] Oh, he did! – [Steelo] He almost got that junk, boy – Good thing the dog is playing, you know? – Yeah, he don't know that – That dog might be playing, but he's playing rough

– [Cesar] Yeah (laughing) – Here you have it for Cesarless – Yeah! (applause) – Okay, so, look We've started off with some Cesarless dogs, okay? They were a little bit crazy, right But we wanted to showcase dogs doing amazing things as well, right? Throughout your travels and journeys and meeting so many different dogs, like, have you ever seen dogs perform acts that just blew your mind? – Well, my dog, Daddy

You know, my previous pit bull He was incredible, I mean, that guy knew exactly what I needed to do One time, I was doing a dog whisper, and I couldn't get this dog out of the table So, I went to the RV, and I just opened the door Daddy came out of the RV, touched the dog nose, and brought him to the RV

You know what I mean? Like, you can't train that You can't work for that He was just special, man He was just special – And how long did you have Daddy for? – 16 years

– [Steelo] 16 years – 16 years, yeah, Daddy is– – I'm struggling with this six right here (laughing) We fighting, and we pushing everyday – [Cesar] Oh, yeah, that's good – Okay, well, look

This category dedicated to amazing dogs just like Daddy Take a look at Pack Leaders (audience cheering) (energetic orchestral music) (shouting in awe) – Wait, what? – [Rob] I mean, we're talking about a dog that's 24 feet in the air – That's Air Bud's son, right there (audience laughing) – Whoa! – I can walk

– No! – Yes, yes, yes – [Steelo] Is this the KeKe challenge? – [Rob] Yeah, oh, and I can do this, oh! – I mean, this dog killed the challenge, though, let's give him that (laughing) – His scooter game kinda trash (laughing) – He ain't even, like, stay on it and ride, he just– – He's a dog (audience laughs) – I want more! – That's right

– He doesn't have fingers (laughing) (triumphant orchestral music) – [Rob] Man, give me a ball, gimme some glasses, and watch me spin – [Steelo] That's too much CBD, right there (laughing) That's what's going on with that dog That's too much

– They just wanted to cut his nails Next thing you know, he's got sun glasses on (laughing) (triumphant orchestral music) – [Rob] Yeah, zoom! (audience laughing) – Bro, that's a fast-ass dog – Yeah, that was so fast What happened? – [Rob] Just like, alright, run as fast as you can at me and by me

(audience laughing) – It's a ghost – Even in slo-mo? – Legitimately, this dog is traveling through time (laughing) – That's real (beep) – That's right (energetic rock music) – [Rob] Man, look, honestly

– [Cesar] There you go – [Rob] This is beyond– – [Steelo] See, that's good That is talent – [Rob] Like, a person could barely do this (laughing) – Wait, I love that he has his whole own skate video

(laughing) – And look, he's got the top of the board gripped, and he's (beep) turning, you know what I mean Check it out! (laughing) Trust me when I say that's real skateboarding, right there We'll be right back with more Ridiculousness

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