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Camila's loved ones mourn over her death | TKB (With Eng Subs)


Someday we'll both come back here, without having to hide anymore You can freely say, "I'm yours" "And you are mine For the longest time, I made myself believe that you never loved me

I also convinced myself you are incapable of loving someone But the truth has been in front of me all along You will always love me, Vito And a part of me, will always love you But you can't love me

Because everyone who loves medies Camila! [SOBS] Emma She's not dead She can't be dead

If she is, that meansI'm all alone now – Emma, sorry – Don't Don't be sorry

I was mad at her, and I made sure she knew it She died thinking I hated herand that I no longer cared about her She died while suffering from my punishment I wanted to hurt her

And I succeeded I hurt her

Source: Youtube

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