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Camila Mendes on What 'Riverdale' Holds for Veronica & Growing as a Performer | MTV News


– [Camila] It's the hardest thing about our show It's so hard to talk about it without revealing things that haven't been revealed yet

'Cause most of the time I don't even know what episode is revealing what reveal (laughs) I have accidentally revealed a spoiler that I didn't know was a spoiler And I'm not gonna say it 'cause don't wanna remind people, 'cause I don't know that people really caught on to it I made a joke and then it ended up being right (laughs) The showrunner, he wasn't mad, he was just like "Oh my gosh, "I can't believe you did that

" (laughs) No more jokes, I'm just gonna zip it This season Veronica's definitely focused on college and getting into a good school But also doing it her way There's gonna be moments where she feels like her father is meddling with her decisions So she kind of takes matters into her own hands

I always feel like Veronica's constantly trying to remove herself from her family and be independent Veronica Gomez is Veronica's new chosen name because she feels like the Lodge name is tainted now, with both of her parents being in prison So she's trying to establish a new identity and changing her name is a good way to get there Veronica and Archie are going strong this season There hasn't been any conflict yet

I think Veronica's mostly just supporting him throughout, you know, the recent tragic things that have happened in his life Losing his father and her just kind of being there for him through that This season is a lot more about high school, senior year A lot of first lasts and everyone in Riverdale kind of coming to terms with the fact that they're all going to be going separate ways I was thinking about that the other day

Applying for college was the most stressful time in my life Especially 'cause I was auditioning for theater school and they have like unifieds, which are like auditions where it's like this one building with a bunch of different school reps and you go from room to room auditioning for different schools And it was like a super overwhelming experience I was flying to Chicago, LA, New York I think I applied to like 14 schools

It was a lot But I had a lot of fun senior year I wasn't as entrepreneurial I was definitely getting a little case of senioritis towards the end I think I had like 38 absences

I was like, "I got in to school, like I don't care anymore "I'm just gonna enjoy my senior year" If I was skipping school, I was like at home 'Cause it's not like other people were skipping with me It was just like I'm just gonna stay in 'cause I didn't do my homework or some (bleep) like that

(laughs) 'Riverdale' has absolutely made me a more confident performer It's like working out You're working out this muscle every day And I know not every actor gets that opportunity Especially if you work more in films

It's like every once in a while you have like a big project and you're there for like a couple of months and then you have a break But like, this is like our every day, all day Like I've gotten way better at memorizing lines, like I can do it 30 minutes before scenes Sometimes 10 minutes before a scene, it's become like a skill that's just so in me now It's one of those shows that really challenges you constantly

Like there's always crazy stuff happening, different scenarios every episode We play with so many different genres, so many different emotional ranges We always talk about on the show how much 'Riverdale' challenges us to be able to get away with saying things that maybe are ridiculous on the page And like definitely are ridiculous, 'cause that's our show But just making them sound real and grounded

And now I feel like I can go and do like any other type of script and feel comfortable 'Cause I've been so pushed out of my comfort zone I think I've grown more confident in myself, to be like firm about what I want To what I wanna do and what I don't wanna do, and just voicing that Because no one is really gonna look out for you besides yourself

So you really just gotta be in tune with yourself and what you want

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