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Camila informs the Dela Torres about Luciano's true colors | TKB (With Eng Subs)


What do you want, Camila? Haven't you taken enough from our family? What do you want? Who do you want? Haven't you taken enough? Relax, Tati Relax

I'm not here to take anything I'm here to help To help? And you expect us to believe you? The farmers haven't worked in four months after the plantation was shut down I'm sure it's not easy– Camila, they lost more than their livelihood They lost their loved ones in the explosion

We don't need your help Sir Luis said the plantation will resume its operations soon because he wasn't involved in Sir Luciano's crimes We'd rather die than accept any help from you! Agot! Stay out of this! All of you, please leave This doesn't concern you! Why did you let this woman in? She's brought us nothing but death and despair! How could you, Rico? You're working for that woman?! You can't keep denying this family's sins Luciano used the family business as a front for his illegal dealings

He killed to cover up his crimes He killed my father, his own brother What? No That's impossible He would never do that

He told me so himself, Aunt Alice Not only that, he killed Javier dela Cuesta He killed my daughter And the 23 people who died in the explosion Luciano orchestrated everything, not me

It's time you knew this family for what it truly is Yes, Tatiana You can call me a monster, but I'm nothing compared to Luciano's wickedness [SOBBING] I raised him Your grandfather and I did

You could have come to me You could have told me None of this would have happened We wouldn't be tearing each other down and killing each other [LAUGHS] Come to you? Come to you, Grandma? You turned your back on me

You turned your back on me to save your reputation You turned your back on me because I brought you bad luck And now, you tell me I should've come to you? I was all alone, with no one on my side I was terrified How could I come to you when you abandoned me? Come to you? [LAUGHS] [SOBBING] That's not true

That's not true, dear It's not true? Then why did you erase every trace of me from this house? Why did you have my pictures and belongings burned? Why was no one allowed to utter my name in this house? Why wasn't I given a gravestone in our mausoleum? And now, you tell me I should've come to you? You're a hypocrite! You have no right to say those things! Let her go! Let her go, Camila! Now! [SOBBING] Enough! Why did you come here if you're still so angry at this family? Why are you here? Like I said, I didn't come here for you I came here to help the farmers I don't want them to suffer for Luciano's crimes I will give back every cent they lost

And you think that will make everything alright, Camila? If there's one thing this family has taught me, it's that money can't solve everything

Source: Youtube

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