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Call Of Duty Mobile Ninja (Stealth) Montages – SVM Entertainment


Time for a mission, get ready! Come on The last 2 teams are left, victory is near! Stay alert! Please Hold on! The safe zone is shrinking! Forward Forward Forward! I will go around them! Contact, get ready! The enemy is seen! Don't do anything silly! Just wait ! Come on Forward Forward Forward! Target approaching from the North! Stay alert! This is our chance, get ready to go forward! Up ! Let's gather! Very nice ! The enemy is seen! Finish him off! Okay, the target is eliminated! You are cool Contact, enemy patrol near death! Stay still and hold your fire! Fu-uh! That was almost! We get caught! Stay alert! Get ready to move forward! Siaga! Forward Forward Forward! Let's go forward ! Enemy helicopter Siaga! Remain silent ! Enemy helicopter is right above us! Are we spotted? Fu-uh! That was almost! Sshhh Stay in the shadows! The enemy is seen! Stay alert! Back off! We get caught! Please Get down, now! Need help ! Hold on! Stay alert! Back off! Please

Source: Youtube

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