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BÜYÜK SIR – 51. BÖLGE Baskını – Pentagon UFO itirafı ve UZAYLILAR


The anticipated, 51st district raid finally took place Californian by Matty Roberts Event created via Facebook Two million people said they would participate

One and a half million people expressed interest in this incident with this raid a mass of three and a half million in total But if the United States is really inside, it's doing secret operations Would he allow it? In fact, this place was raising big question marks in their heads according to our information Area 51 had already moved from there a few years ago We're going to talk about this, but lately The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon's statements It fell like a bomb on the agenda What was this explanation? The UFOs are real! There were several images leaked to the press in 2017 These images have been had caused great controversy that it was real and false Ufo videos were completely real and we learned it directly from the first mouth, the navy spokesman So why is the truth hidden from the w orld? There's a big secret and it's starting to come out

Welcome to the channel If this is your first time coming to one of my videos I LOOKED It is claimed that a military helicopter enters into a dogfight with UFOs! Allaah Allaah Look how close he got to us Are you aware? Dad, do you see the alien? Home! What the hell is that! Mom, it's the end of the world, huh? Recently UFO fans or people who sympathize with aliens The thrill of news comes one after the other 51 Region raid already had enough space in the newsletters people waiting for it all of a sudden he was shocked by the pentagon's statements Moreover, this information was announced by direct naval spokesman Joseph Gradisher

Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher said in a statement He argued that the fact that these images should be shared with the public does not mean that they are real In the video from the US Navy, a vehicle resembling a round object can be seen moving forward in the sky Claims for the first time in 2017 New York Times and 'unidentified air bodies' US President Donald Trump also announced in June He noted an increase in unidentified objects seen by navy pilots in the sky United States Department of Defense Spokesperson Chris topher Sherwood to members of the press He made statements about UFO

s and aliens

Sherwood in his statements Within the scope of Advanced Space Threat Detection Program, UFOs have been researched for many years, he said The mystery over the 38 secret projects of the United States was lifted in the last period, The documents of the US Defense Intelligence Agency were published UFO documents were among the published documents The documents in question Within the scope of projects such as the US laser gun, invisibility turned out to be spending millions of dollars According to the same documents, Institutions in the United States as part of UFO research He spent 22 million dollars (about 120 million TL)

The United States Department of Defense recently Between the years 2007-2012 it was determined that it funded a UFO identification program Conspiracy theorists We especially emphasize that 2020 and 2023 have already attracted attention These days when we came to the end of 2019 abundance of news the theories we have advocated since the day we opened our channel one proves that a realization Bob Lazar, claiming to work in the world-famous 51st Region It attracted the attention of the Earth more than 30 years ago The auxiliary facilities in the Nevada desert that Lazar claims to be operating a top secret alien technology and Lazar's work was understood to be reverse engineering Reverse engineering, a device, object or system; structure, function or operation, it is a process of discovery through inferential reasoning analysis Machine or mechanical tool, electronic component, software program) and a detailed analysis of the operating principles Following this claim, science technician Lazar received criticism for lack of evidence

"Bob Lazar, Area 51 & Flying Saucers", released last year, Throughout Lazar's story revealed a series of false tests Another polygraph expert analyzed the results and they were verified Boyd Bushman, The video was shot shortly before his death He is a scientist who tells all the facts in this region Bushman, constantly denied by US officials Area 51 and there was a group of scientists working on the structure of aliens

showing photos taken as evidence in the video of Area 51 captured aliens in the center pointed out that there are two types He divided these two groups as those who show closeness and hostility to the earthlings Boyd Bushman says that aliens have long fingers and webbed feet He also claimed that they were born from a planet called Quintumnia Bushman supported his claims with pictures of aliens and horizons

One of the most important information disclosed 51 Most of the aliens living in the area are 250 years or older and 18 of them say they work for the United States the value of the space stone received from a spaceship 2000 Amperes says that the power The rulers of the world, reasons for not deciphering hidden files about aliens and UFOs they say it is in the name of not creating panic in the public

The real reason is existing management systems in the world and fear of changing energy resources Because when we look at the current system There is a certain balance in the world but this balance did not bring peace and happiness Political systems governing the world decayed Energy resources no longer available We're still destroying nature Although there are latent studies on alternative energy sources they are not deciphered So most people in the world aren't really happy

We need a change There are two things to do: Knowledge of NASA and other intelligent beings living in the universe This is a change big enough to replace the current system There's a 51st raid in fact, it can be called a turning point that triggers everything… No matter how much original activity is deleted a very large community it was preparing a real raid on this area 51st raid, a California teenager in July of this year and Matty Roberts on the Internet started as a Facebook event

The event is a collection of online communities and UFO enthusiasts 2 million people say they will participate in the event 15 million people said they were interested We are talking about 35 million people in total

Original “51 Flocking to the Region, They Can't Stop All of Us ”event canceled and moved to Las Vegas however, this did not stop small groups who wanted to visit the US Air Force base Despite warnings from the US military 100-200 people gathered outside the 51st district About 2,000 people went to the surrounding towns People, weird costumes, inflatable aliens and various articles participated in foreign exchange

A UFO enthusiast, He called on the US government to release the friendly alien ET As many know Area 51, a highly protected US Air Force Base But here's a fact this place is only a few years ago evacuated for security reasons The new place is kept secret, but researches conspiracy continues by theorists We're at the end of another video If you like our video, don't forget to like it and share it Goodbye until I see you in the next video

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