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#BTS #방탄소년단 #MTV NEWS [한글자막]방탄소년단 엠티비 -나에게 전하는메세지!


I'm 34 years old Older Jun Jun I want to ask Did you get a driver's license? I hope so What do you want to say to yourself in the future? Hey, Taehyung 7 years later you The growth plate will be a bit open then Is it slightly over 180? -I wish you

-Oh, 6 feet Just 1cm tall 36-year-old jeans Don't dance You have a lot of bones So don't dance I can't dance Continue -No -You can

Really bad Can you dance Can't dance? I'll do it half Hi Jimin 7 years later I always live hard with you as a role model To someday Jimin's brother With the precious people next to me now If you share beautiful memories I think someday you'll be like a nice guy I'll do my best until my brother is there J-Hope, how are you? Are you happy? Yes Please please forever Be happy Oh and Just you then I wish you continued to love yourself I want to tell you that Alright Love yourself Hello JK Why didn't you study English? Please do some English study And be happy, my friend Please be happy Hi ~ Ah yes Sugar, 35, Reduce your alcohol Always healthy I wish you happy love Ah, what am I? People are very Gorgeously I know you live nicely In fact, we also face a lot of shadows in our activities

Not just us I think everyone in the world is the same So how do we get through that now? How do you overcome? Accepting that it's even yourself I wanted to talk about them It's a time when you need it

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