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Brittle Brick Blues – Brigade Breaking


hey! It's BrickTsar! Because Breaking Blue bricks brings big bonus BrickTsar Begins by breaking Blue bricks but backwards Bodacious! Alright so that take a lot more time than I probably should have spent on it but I've been wanting to do that for a while actually came up with this at work one day thinking about it and then I said the lines and I played them backwards on my phone and then tried to phonetically spell them so that I could say it that all that so I hope you enjoyed that minute and something because it took me a lot of time to do it and I was inspired to do that after we went to They Might Be Giants concert and they did the sapphire bullets own which is a short song but they played the entire song backwards so that when you record it and then reverse it it sounds like the song very close I mean as close as you can get playing it backwards the reason I did that is because when I did the brittle blue video which has been my most popular video probably from the last six years I have done on this channel by far actually it's the larger it's the the most views I've gotten on a video since the Jurassic Park hall I think it's just it's crazy but anyway enough of that or is it the lost world there's a lost world dress apart lost war but I'm when I did the brittle blue video I got a lot of comments about this set right here because one of the other colors that has some problems in some of the elements is dark red I also had comments about reddish brown which other is some reddish brown in here so this set is getting up there in age now my copy of it is very very dirty so what I'm gonna do now is take it apart and we're gonna find out if these pieces are going to break now I'm not gonna try to break them like I did with the plates which are so brittle they break with ease I know cuz I do want I do want to be able to rebuild it so yeah I'm gonna take it apart I do hope that I do not regret this all right so what I'll do is I will record it which could take a while but I will just show the parts where if anything breaks yeah and old Disney right animatronics like there's there's this old 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea there's like this huge sea serpent and there's a Moby Dick ride and the the that was built in the seventies in Massachusetts and the whale was huge it's still under the lake like is it and it's scary to see the park is the park is long gone but it's like it's still under the lake so imagine swimming and hitting your feet on do the whale and then that's unless a crocodile crocodile look how awful that looks and then look at this that was what the sea serpent looked like on the road that's what it looks like now so I finished the roof no problem so far but there were only one by two red dark red plates now we're going to get into a lot of the dark red and there you have it the first or is the second one by six has broken no boy so let's see or the bricks gonna break I got to be very careful and I'll take these apart so that one is broken and they feel softer and look at that a 1 by 1 tile this sucks you know what a 1 by 1 tile this is crazy I 1 by 1 tile 1 by 6 plate alright so I went and looked at my inventory in brick link I do not have those parts in my store I am not really sure I want to do much more of this trial 1 by 8 another one by one nope it's not yeah 1 by 8 broke all right that's three parts right away yeah don't I'm stopping right there I'll be honest with you I figured that their parts would break because I've heard from people that have even built one that they kept sealed and then they opened it and they went to build it the the reddish the dark red parts would break even knowing that and even knowing that they could break I was like ok out if they break they could might could replace them but I am not even that far into it and I've already broken three that I don't have in my store I haven't looked at the prices of these parts so this is a problem I don't think it's one that Lego anticipated and I don't know if the Reds from the day will have the same problems as the Blues from these are all in the same time period the the blue plates here some of the other parts I know some that talked about the Bionicle pieces they're all from this time period so maybe it's something that Lego has corrected but this is a pretty special set I think for a lot of people and there's probably a lot that have kept these sealed or they've built it and they've been displaying it for a while this has been down here in my basement it's not been out and so like it's not been in a lot of ultraviolet light it has been under some LED light I know that it's different things can in fact affect the integrity of the plastics KB Heat this never really gets that hot down here it's not completely climate-controlled but it's always been relatively comfortable down here so I I'm really sad I wanted to take it completely apart washed all the elements but now going through this there's no way there's no way anything I mean even though I said I would do it I promised myself I would do it I think it's just this floor and let me see I cut the card the car that the car and the fire truck the fire truck has Reds so there's not dark Reds on it so it's probably okay there are a bench seat in here that has some 1 by 2 tiles there are some 1 by 2 grill plates in there that's most of what I see as far as dark red that this second floor has a lot of Briggs now don't really want to take the chance anymore so I am sorry I chickened out on my personal challenge here to take apart the fire brigade and see how many parts breaking just threes already scared me away from it so and I don't know I guess if you leave it a symbol it's gonna be all right I guess so my recommendation is if you have a fire brigade built keep it assembled if you need to clean it just wipe it off with whatever people use toothbrush feather dusters you're not even soak it in water it'll probably alright like I did with the flood videos I probably just flooded so yeah I'm very disappointed probably what I should have done is taken that instead of taking apart that floor the top floor I probably should have just taken it off and just started with this would have saved me a lot of time but yeah brittle bricks breaking makes me cry I can't think of another B word makes me be like a baby but anyway thanks for watching and now I'm going to let you see how that video looked the right way around sachet Deb said through cab TM secure boob Guinea cab I'm semi him Raz cube shinobi cube second ear secure boob can he care Misaki your ass cube City hey don't do it

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