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Britney Spears in Kentwood, Louisiana (1999) 🤩 Going Back | MTV News


– So, welcome Sort of welcome home, I guess, you might say

– I know, I'm so excited to be home, my hometown – Is this cool? Special for you? – Oh god, yes – Anything special planned for tonight's show? – No, not really I'm just gonna talk to the crowd a lot, you know 'Cause my family's out there and all my friends, you know, they'll be screaming for me

So, I'm excited – Well, as you know we kinda spent the day in Kentwood, [Louisiana], and kinda delved into your past and met some family and friends – Oh goodness – Would you please give a great big round of applause to your hometown girl, Miss Britney Spears! – So Lynne, this has to be one of the more exciting days for Kentwood, I would imagine – Oh, definitely

Definitely Especially for her family It's just crazy – How early on did you see any signs of Britney ever, you know, making this kind of a life for herself? – Honestly, at three years old She was dancing and she was leading the pack in the dance reviews and she'd turn around and she'd tell all the kids "No, that's wrong

Don't do that," you know And then she sang She sang all the time To the point of it'd be a little bit annoying, you know – See, I wouldn't think most moms in Kentwood would necessarily be into sort of uprooting their lives and moving [for ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’] with their daughter, but it was fine with you? You were excited about it? – Mhm

– Yeah? – I mean she wanted to do it and I mean, if we had the opportunity we were gonna take it, you know, and do it – Do you think Britney in any way has been an inspiration to other kids here who might have dreams of doing something as big as she's done? – Definitely, because so many people, they think, well, if they're from a small town, "Oh there's no way we'd be able to do that from Kentwood, Louisiana," but they can see that if you really wanna do something, you can work really hard and your dreams can come true if you focus yourself and just try really hard to achieve 'em And that's exactly what Britney did She knew what she wanted years ago I mean, this is what she wanted was to sing

It wasn't really to do The 'Mickey Mouse Club,' you know She liked it, and that was fun, but that was just a stepping stone to the part where she can do what she's doing now – You think in any way having achieved what she's achieved and seen everything that she's seen in the world at this point Britney has outgrown Kentwood in any way? – Oh, of course I mean, she would have to, you know Because she's used to doin' so many other things but I still, I mean, this will always be her roots

You know, this is where she was raised These are where the people that will always love her most in the world – this is where they are When Britney comes home everybody's glad to see Britney but it's not a big, you know She feels at home when she comes home – So what's your point of view on all this craziness that's been happening around here for the last six months 'cause of your sister? – Oh, I enjoy it

I mean it's pretty good If anybody deserves it, she does – She's worked hard for it? – She's worked really hard She hasn't changed at all Not one bit

I don't think so I mean she's still sweet I don't think she realizes how big this really is I don't think she has a grasp of that You know, 'cause I think she's lookin' at it from her point of view, she's not seein' it from a fan's point of view or a family's point of view, you know, lookin' at it from the outside in

I think that's what keeps her, she's got good morals and stuff so I think she's gonna stay down to earth – I know you're Britney's cousin, right? – Yeah – And everyone else pretty much grew up with her? Grew up around her? Right? – Right – Can you go out to movies? Can you have parties at people's houses? – Oh, yeah It hasn't got too bad to the point where you go somewhere and it's a big mob of people and you can't talk to her or anything

It hasn't really got that bad I’m sure it will, but, you know, we can still go places around here and you know This is her room As you can see she likes dolls We used to play dolls when we were little so there's all these porcelain dolls

And there's a lot over there, so And she loves her pictures, too So she has pictures everywhere – So did you guys used to hang out in here a lot? – Yeah a lot Or sometimes, she likes to stay in the living room and watch TV a lot

So she didn't really stay in here that much – I noticed she's got a TV in here now – I think, I think that's her sister's Jamie Lynn has kinda taken over her room since she's been gone These were pictures from 'The Mickey Mouse Club' Like there's Justin [Timberlake] in 'em These are all the – there were seven new ones when Britney joined

So, there's Justin and there's Britney and Christina [Aguilera] Christina signed with RCA [Records] And, so they're all doin' real good, actually – All lookin' much younger here – Yeah

They look a little different – Alright, Laura Lynne, so obviously the living room here, right? Some memorabilia here I think we recognize her – Yeah Here, that's in concert

That's what she wears a lot of times And there's a lot of trophies – Those trophies – A lot of those are hers from talent competitions and stuff, but some of them are like basketball But most of 'em are hers – She played basketball too? – Yeah, she did

Well, her dad did, too So those are his, too – Now is her name on some of these trophies, do you know? – I know that Miss Talent USA, she won that – Can someone just tell me pretty much what's gonna be happening today as far as this caravan and Do you wanna tell me about that? – Well I think everyone's meeting in town, and they're just gonna all ride caravan to the Riverside] Centroplex and tailgate in the parking lot – Britney! Britney! Britney! (screaming) (cars honking) (girls screaming) (cars honking) (crowd screaming) – So, one of Britney's former teachers – Yes, third grade – Really? Now what do you remember of her from third grade? – Well, she was shy, except behind a microphone

She loved to perform Very sweet child, very compassionate with the other children That impressed me with her, because I could see she had a future – When you think back to growing up in that house, in that town, were you always optimistic that something like this would happen someday? – Yeah, I've always, I've like, I think I've always had it in me – The confidence too? – Yeah, to totally just, I wanted it, really, really, bad, you know? But there [were] times where I was just like, no, you know, that's a fantasy world, you know, living that, you know, I could never

But then I always had it in the back of my head, you know? I'm gonna go for it, and you know, if it works out, that's fine, but if it does, well great

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