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Brianna's Big News ? Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant


(tense melodic music) – [Jessica] Can I read it? – It says probability of paternity is 9999999

Is that yes? – Yes Yeah – Oh – Yep, then he is Wow

Wow I don't know if I expected it to be that, 'cause you were so sure it wasn't him – I know I don't know how I feel Like I'm not happy and I'm not sad, you know what I mean? Like it's just kind of like

I feel like I'm just in shock – I mean it's probably gonna be a bit of a shock to him too – What's gonna happen from here? – I don't know, I mean you're gonna have to work all that out with him

I think it's great that Braeson is gonna have a father in his life that wants to be in his life, but I get that you have a lot of feelings and I get that it's not necessarily – I know, but at the same time I just feel like everything is gonna change Like my future that I was expecting with Braeson, like dropping him off at like his first day of school

It might not just be me anymore You know? Like everything that I have like imagined as our future has to include this guy now – But I mean you chose to have sex, and you got pregnant – I know – I know, I just wish I coulda had sex by myself and had a baby by myself

So he was just all mine It was so much better when he was just mine It's just a lot to take on and I don't know how I feel and it's just a lot of emotions right now and I just don't know, I don't know – Do you want a hug? – No Yes, I want a hug

– My baby It's okay

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