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BRIAN SHAW'S RECORD BREAKING FEATS OF STRENGTH | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History


There are moments in time as a strongman where the world Seems to stop I think it's time to break a record What do you say let's go Brian Come on, don't you stop back up

I'm the four-time world Strongest Man I knew I would crush these guys It was never in doubt Yes Yes No, I'm done This is cool

Yeah, awesome the trailer and the boat together, roughly 12,000 pounds the boat was only twelve thousand pounds But when you add in the grade of the parking lot that we had to pull it up It was pretty crazy Let's go Nice Brian Brian Brian is a Giants of a mind totally has to do is lean and not burgers Brian Shore literally ran out the hell with Yes, that event is my event I knew I would crush these guys who have never in doubt If the Vikings were pulling boats with me I would by far go down in history as the best Viking bull or that ever lived the first Viking ship I pulled nice and I'm undefeated and Viking ship hauling now I Think it's time to break a record What do you say? Let's go Fair to say after my performance in the barrels that I have not only won the week, but I have conquered England now, I'm done The most famous feat of strength of Peter Francisco did was to pick up and shoulder an eleven hundred pound cannon and carry it off a Battlefield much like this right here

Oh, man You got a setup Sweet These are all period crack cannons This one right here is 350 pounds The one on the end is right around a thousand pounds Whoo I can envision this Pete Francisco lifting account into his shoulder burning off the battlefield But it definitely wasn't 1,100 pounds

It was 350 pounds not most still an extreme feat of strength but Possible What we think actually happened is that he had a field cannon that had a combined weight of 1,100 pounds, but that cannon tube weighed 350 pounds and that's what he actually picked up put on his shoulder and carried off of the battlefield Whoever can pick this cannon up and move it The farthest to those trees is the winner Colby I didn't come all the way to Virginia to fail at Peter Francisco's biggest feat of strength Come on blind, don't you stop? Even if nobody else understands what that's like I can't believe I got to watch you do that Yes for one brief second I actually felt a little bit like Peter Francisco There are moments in time as a strong man where the world Seems to stop Because you're presented with a strength challenge That you've heard about your entire life and the dimi stones is very much that feat of strength for me picking them up Has been a feat of strength It's been on my bucket list Guys, this white tape right here is the current world record for the farmer style carry with these stones

Yep There's a reason that the world record for carrying The Denny stones is just over eight feet because it is incredibly hard to do Just lifting them off the ground Get your name in the official record Look Come on be Let's go Brian, come on Eleven feet six and a half inches Brian you just broke the world records for farmers carry all demi stones Getting the opportunity to come to Scotland Take on the Demi stones on the bridge that Donald didn't actually cross with those stones and that's something I'll never forget For the rest of my life I'm at a loss for words Brian That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen Yeah, that was really cool

I appreciate that man Yeah, Brian You

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