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BREAKING: Wuhan Government Official takes 3M masks from Wuhan Red Cross despite lack of resources


1 February, Hubei, Wuhan At about 2:30pm

near Wuhan International Expo, which is currently being leased to the Wuhan Red Cross as a storage facility A man takes a box of 3M masks from the site The masks were then put into the trunk of a Nissan with the license plate A0260W Reporter: Where are you from? Man: What? R) I saw you take a box of 3M masks from the facility R) Excuse me, which government agency do you belong in? M) What? R) Which agency do you belong to? M) What's your problem? R) I saw somebody putting a box of 3M masks from the Red Cross into your trunk M) I'm not sure, he said those are for the officials R) Which government agency does this car belong to? M) Ask the person who just went back I'm not too sure It was confirmed that the car belongs to the Wuhan City Government Reporters phoned the number on the side of the car but nobody answered

Source: Youtube

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