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BREAKING: Win for farmers – government folds on water.


(mumbling) – They are (mumbling) and an internal debate between departments, on the wording of the release But I (mumbling)

(crowd laughing) (man mumbling) (mumbling) They are stuck on and an internal debate between departments, on the wording of the release, but I think you can tell from the grin on my face, that I think we're gonna have a lot (crowd cheering) (mumbling) My legal advisor, he's the master of the act: Darcy Hare – [Woman] Yeah Darcy – He had a (mumbling) there for a while and he got put in the naughty corner for five minutes (crowd laughing) But it was a pretty solid session and I gotta tell you (mumbling) and (mumbling) crew, did a marvellous job facilitating a very constructive discussion and very positive and understanding and you know, thanks to this great team (mumbling) who are still here

They're putting all this work together and all (mumbling) facts and figures and accurate data and this little (mumbling) (crowd laughing) (mumbling) (crowd cheering) (chanting go) (crowd clapping) Come here (crowd laughing) He doesn't stand out in the crowd very well (mumbling) He (mumbling) worker for you people, and he's a (mumbling) (crowd laughing) We are not at liberty to give any of the details yet because there are issues (mumbling) but rest assure, you people that live in the Southern Connected System and I'm not splitting (mumbling) between (mumbling)

We got a drink, we gotta get a drink It may take a few months and the deadline's the 31st of March (mumbling) next year (mumbling) (crowd cheering) – Congratulations everyone, this is what (mumbling) and the fact that you guys; very impressive (mumbling) (wind blowing) Thank you very much and enjoy your drink (crowd cheering) – So as soon as we do get approval, I've got the public release in my email; in my inbox

So I do have the details of it (woman laughing) But I just think (mumbling) we just gotta get that approval and (mumbling) Certainly you'll (mumbling) I guess, (mumbling) the relationship with the Federal Water Minister (mumbling) has been appreciated (wind blowing) (crowd cheering) – [Man] Give it up for Chris and Darcy (crowd cheering) All right, for those from my live feed who missed the start of that announcement: these amazing people we have in front of me here, has stuck around braving the freezing cold of (mumbling), waiting for Darcy Hare and Chris Brooks to come out from an extended negotiation

We were speculating that they've been thrown in prison or perhaps in a dark site somewhere or halfway to China We didn't know; it took so long to come out and completely unexpected I think, by anyone here They told us that they've come out with good news They can't give us the details, but let me tell you When Darcy Hare and Chris Brooks tell you, you're gonna get a drink, you're gonna get a drink

(crowd cheering) We can take that to the bank (crowd cheering) I just wanna say that absolutely everyone that participated today and everyone who's been a part of this campaign, you are true Australians You are true Australians You've stood up, being a part of democracy and action What we've achieved here today and what's been achieved by incredible (mumbling) faces out here

People have been working on this issue for ten years, 20 years, since well before the Murray-Darling Basin Plan came in; well done to each and every one of you I've no doubt the fight is not over, but at least we're gonna see some sanity We're gonna get a bit of relief Congratulations, and thank you to each and every person who participated in this fight, who came out to this rally, who drove their truck, you've stood in this crowd You lent weight to the words that they said inside there when they were negotiating on your behalf

Let's go get a beer (crowd cheering) All right, well as I hope you can tell from what just happened; we've been completely blindsided by some good news How often in life do you get blindsided by good news? Our first delegation came out from having negotiated, came out and said nothing; we got nothing They did not concede a single thing; they did not give a millimetre and then we were waiting and waiting and it took hours; it took hours literally We're waiting in the freezing cold for Darcy Hare and Chris Brooks who were negotiating with the Water Minister (mumbling) and also with (mumbling) the commissioner

And to be honest, I had low expectations; I really did After the way the first delegation went, I thought we were gonna get the same result And I think everyone was pretty well resigned to that A faithful few hung around to hear the word and it's actually good news We don't know the details yet, but I tell you what

When the calibre of men like a Chris Brooks or a Darcy Hare tells you that it's good news, you can take it to the bank So, wow (laughs) What an incredible thing to have been a part of; what an amazing day I told you get here, you will remember this day and if you don't get here, you will forever wish you had Well now, you're gonna forever wish you've been here because I don't know (mumbling) details later

I don't know if we've won completely or if there's still a bit more work to do, but at the very least, we've won some (mumbling) relief; we've won some sanity We've won a future for the farmers in the Southern Connected Basin We've won some concessions from the federal government and I tell you what, 15 minutes ago that did not look like it was gonna happen So I'm gonna sign off; I'm a very happy man as is everyone else here There is a beer waiting for me and a cigar waiting for me, but thank you for watching

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this, and well done to the entire crew at Speak Up 4 Water I'm not gonna try and name everybody 'cause I'm gonna forget names and then leave people out, but there's been an army of people I've said this time and time again, and it's absolutely true I'm just the face, I'm just the PR guy; I actually haven't done the heavy lifting It's Speak Up 4 Water and all the team there that are volunteers who organised this amazing event and their hard work has won this incredible result, so thank you

Australia and certainly everyone in the Southern Connected Basin owes a huge debt of gratitude to Speak Up 4 Water (mumbling) and the entire team, you guys are champions and we have won an amazing victory here today Thanks for watching; I'm gonna go get a beer

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