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BREAKING, Utah Senator Mitt Romney Knifes Trump Again, Will Vote For Additional Witnesses


BREAKING, Utah Senator Mitt Romney Knifes Trump Again, Will Vote For Additional Witnesses Mitt Romney on Friday will vote in favor of allowing witnesses to testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, his spokeswoman said

Senators are expected to decide later on Friday whether to call for witnesses in the trial as urged by Democrats, or to reject their testimony and end the trial, which Trump has urged That said, John Barrasso, the Senate’s third-ranking Republican, told reporters during the second day of questioning by senators that Republicans were likely to beat back the Democratic effort for witnesses and wrap up the trial on Friday “We still feel very positive about it,” Barrasso said “The momentum is on the side of having the final vote and final judgment tomorrow” Democrats accuse the Republican president of abusing his power by using congressionally approved military aid as leverage to get a foreign power to smear former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading contender for the Democratic nomination

The Democratic prosecutors argue witnesses are essential to shed more light on Trump’s attempt to persuade Ukraine President Volodmyr Zelenskiy to investigate Biden and his son Hunter, who sat on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Lawyers for Trump and the House Democrats managing the prosecution answered questions on Thursday from lawmakers, read aloud by US Chief Justice John Roberts On Friday, each side was expected to present what amount to closing arguments before the Senate moves to the question of whether to call witnesses

During the question period on Thursday, the lead impeachment manager, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, proposed that both sides conduct closed-door witness depositions for a week while the Senate returns to normal business But there was no sign his plea was being considered by Republicans Instead, they pushed ahead with their defense of the president Republican Senators David Perdue, Joni Ernst and John Barrasso asked Trump’s lawyers to summarize the House probe “and how the president was denied due process in each stage … do these due process violations make this impeachment the fruit of the poisonous tree?” Republican Senator Ted Cruz asserted in one question that one of the House managers, Representative Val Demings, had refused to answer a question about Biden on Wednesday, then asked another question about the Bidens Demings countered she did not know the answer to his latest question, but swiftly brought it back to the question of witnesses

“Maybe we should call Ambassador Bolton If we are serious about the truth, maybe we should call him, because we have a good idea of what he might say,” she said On Thursday, Roberts declined to read a question from Senator Rand Paul that may have named the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint started the Ukraine probe Lawyers for the whistleblower, a US

intelligence official, say exposing his identity would violate federal law

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