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BREAKING! US Adopts Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 And Turkish Stream


The sanctions against Nord Stream-2 featured in the Pentagon’s budget were expected, because the States want to gain unilateral advantages in the gas sector by infringing Europeans This statement was made in the Russian Foreign Ministry

The US House of Representatives adopted the bill, now it should be signed by Trump Europe’s reaction was predictably harsh The European Commissioner for Trade condemned the sanctions against legal entrepreneurs, and the Association of European Businesses demanded that the EU, finally, itself, without interference from outside, determine the energy policy

My colleague Mihail Antonov will continue To take money from someone, you need to spend money The House of Representatives of the US Congress implemented the decision to use gas as a weapon in the form of a separate defense budget item Part of the $738 billion will be spent on sanctions against companies involved in the construction of two European gas pipelines – Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream Beat your own so that strangers are afraid The cohesion of our allies under US leadership is crucial for us to hold Russia accountable, to prevent a new arms race

I urge my colleagues to support the draft defense budget I urge you to support this budget since we are a country at war We are in a hot war with extremists around the world and the Cold War with our competitors – Russia, China and other states that do not recognize international standards – Republican Party Rep John Lewis Gazprom’s European partners may fall under sanctions: OMV, Wintershall, Shell But the main goal is the owners of three pipelayers involved in the Baltic Sea – the Italian company Saipem and the Swiss Allseas Their managers and shareholders will be denied entry to the United States, and assets will be frozen

Contractors who also work in the Gulf of Mexico seem to be scared According to the German television company NDR, the management of Saipem and Allseas announced their readiness to leave the project as soon as Trump signed the bill, and he had already promised to do so All for the energy security of Europe Brussels is so perplexed by such care We got this information, we began to study and evaluate it

Give us time to evaluate what we can do – European Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan While the new European government is still gathering thoughts, Germany has already decided everything for itself The Germans are furious European energy policy should be determined in Europe, not in the USA We fundamentally reject interventions from the outside and extraterritorial sanctions – German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas Berlin assumes that the Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream commercial projects are outside US jurisdiction

When trying to complicate the construction of gas pipelines, Washington expects to create an artificial shortage in the European market and make up for it with its expensive liquefied gas Everything is sewn with white thread, so much so that the Merkel party has defined it as a hostile act and even the German "greens", who often oppose traditional energy, called the actions of the congress "unprecedented interference" German business demanded from its government to stop lawlessness and racketeering The adoption of sanctions against Nord Stream-2 by the US House of Representatives is an attack against European sovereignty and unacceptable interference in Europe’s autonomous energy policy They will negatively affect the efforts of the EU, which acts as an intermediary in the development of a transit agreement between Russia and Ukraine

If sanctions will come into force, then the European industry and consumers are threatened by rising energy prices – chairman of the“ Eastern Committee – East European Union German economy "Oliver Hermes The main countermeasure is the speedy completion of construction For the US sanctions to take effect, the defense budget must be approved by the upper house of Congress – the Senate, then it must be endorsed by Trump After that, 60 days begin during which the State Department and the US Ministry of Finance must provide the White House with a list of companies subject to punishment According to German media estimates, five weeks before the completion of the construction of Nord Stream-2

That is, there is still time, but it is not clear how much Whatever happens next, one thing is clear: the overseas allies dealt a fatal blow to the pro-American feelings of the Germans The democratic majority in the House of Representatives of the Congress was part of Germany’s political class as the only source of light in the dark era of Trump Now this source is gone

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