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Breaking Up With My Girlfriend… | Juanpa Zurita


[TITLES]: Previously JESS: Thank God you're home JUANPA: Hello JESS: This is Jack DANIEL: She is hiding something

JUANPA: What are you talking about, güey? DANIEL: That could be your spy JESS: Do they only have orange juice? JUANPA: How are you, my friend? JESS: There it is! JUANPA: How are you? JESS: What did you do? JUANPA: Nothing, my love It could be allergies JESS: The dog is neighing What have you done? JUANPA: Give it back to me

JESS: So you did something JUANPA: No

Wait I did not do anything Well I did something but is repairable JESS: If you don't let me go, I'm going to call my dad JUANPA: Let me explain JESS: You have 10 seconds

JUANPA: Okay This is the truth JESS: Uh-huh JUANPA: I'm going to explain everything to you JESS: Come on

JUANPA: There is no going back JESS: Alright! JUANPA: I changed his voice to that of a horse Accidentally I am telling you the truth Listen to me

Now I have powers I can do things

The orange juice you saw the other day? I use it to recharge my energies Refuel my engine JESS: You have lost your mind

JUANPA: No It is the truth I am like David Copperfield JESS: Pure nonsense JUANPA: I have cosmic powers

JESS: Don't you get it? The dog's owner is the woman who got me the interview with ZOO TV JUANPA: I know but JESS: Stop it! Enough

DANIEL: Oh, that was close JUANPA: Do you think? "Near" She will never trust me, asshole DANIEL: How? Fool? Last time I checked, it was me who was turned into a dog JUANPA: It's your fault, güey

DANIEL: What do you mean? JUANPA: You wanted me to transform the dog Why? Science has nothing to do with all of this DANIEL: You know what, güey? If you can't take responsibility for your powers, you shouldn't have them JUANPA: Stop calling them "powers" It is a curse

DANIEL: I don't care! JUANPA: Leave me alone DANIEL: Sounds good, man JUANPA: Bring the ball! Good dog! ANWAR: We will go all the way this year Do you know what you have to learn? Low ball Ready? Insurance? Insurance? Dude

Will you give me the ball back? Move Already! Watch this JUANPA: Do you want the ball? ANWAR: Sure

JUANPA: Home run ANWAR: But how did you do that? JUANPA: How are you doing? TIM: I need three more boxes by Friday We are going to have a very busy weekend There's still an hour to go for your shift It is almost as if I worked for you

JUANPA: Everything is fine TIM: What's wrong with you? JUANPA: Nothing TIM: Okay Get to work, kid What's wrong, kid? JUANPA: I don't know

I do not know Lately I have not felt like myself TIM: Don't you feel like yourself? You gave away $ 100 of drinks In one shift JUANPA: The problem is my sleeves

TIM: Your sleeves? JUANPA: Yes TIM: And what happened to the rags? JUANPA: I don't know I have no idea TIM: When Andy arrived he couldn't find a single cloth I went to buy more and now the second batch has disappeared

JUANPA: I don't know I don't know where they are There is one here But that is all A single cloth

Sorry Excuse me BARMAN: I'm going to need that rag, güey JUANPA: I know JESS: Why did we come here? JUANPA: All this is very uncomfortable

FRIEND: This place is so cool THIEF: Put your hands on your head Everybody on the floor No tricks

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