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    BREAKING UP with my BOYFRIEND in front of our BEST FRIENDS *PRANK*


    You can stop? No, they return and you are It is not a problem! Don't talk to me like that Literal, what the hell Are you crazy! Hi friend! Check the links in the description for the videos with Nick, Ant and Dion! They made videos that are great Very funny Iconic and very gay links below! Hi friend! How are they? Welcome to my channel again Today I am here with – The name is Dion Hello! The name is Dion, His name is Mocha And the team name is Sebasdion * Dion singing * Essentially, our friends our gays Nick and Ant are staying with us For a few days while they see houses Right now they are out looking at houses and we think that maybe we should drop a prank bomb! Why we are the superior jokers We have to reserve our site Yes, then we are going to claim our crowns We will take it as it is and we will make a joke of them when they return What we are going to do is I'm basically going to have a dozen cupcakes a dozen chefs And we are going to throw them in our faces Just kidding, I think we're going to have to cut I've had enough with you I've been waiting a long time for you to say that Thank you because I don't really want to be with you anymore We were acting! Okay, what are we going to do? What we are going to do is that we are going to pretend to cut in front of them, and make it very uncomfortable Yes we can make it very hostile yes and then see how they react And you should throw your engagement ring at me oo yes we have to make it juicy I will say "get your plastic ring back" Or something like that If only we have to be very bitches

    Basically what we do best They are going to take a while to come back so we should Okay we have to wait, fix a little

    Wait, should we be mad when they get back? If when they return we should be -be cold- We will act weird And then I'll say "Dion, I've had enough" I'm going to get a huge lollipop out of my **** and make you suck it Before we start, go check your channel! Check all the links below Subscribe, turn on notifications and comment I'm a cool avocado for a shout out like these people! sebasdion team What did they want to eat? I'm fat and I ate 3 hours ago Why don't you choose, why do you always choose Yes Dion, is what I said

    I always choose so it's up to you Can you choose something ?! I'm hungry! Can you stop being rude? You can choose What the hell? We can eat Chipotle is fine I'm fine with Chipotle -Me too but Dion hates Chipotle I do not- Dion always says "Oh I hate Chipotle" Don't put words in my mouth Well Dion, I'm just saying that I literally asked you so many times what you wanted to eat and you said nothing Is it really that much of a problem? If not! -If they come back and you say IT IS NOT A BIG PROBLEM! FOR! It's just annoying! Guys, it doesn't matter It doesn't matter, just ask for whatever

    Okay, what do you want? He clearly is not going to choose anything We can only ignore it I do not care I am ignoring you Does Chipotle make vegan options? Yes Okay, so Chipotle is fine Are you ok with Chipotle? You can stop? You are always criticizing Chipotle HAhaha what's going on? Well he's being too annoying

    It is only the truth – WHATEVER Did something happen while we weren't? Yes! since they left he has been super annoying And he doesn't answer and now he is CLOSING THE DOOR IN THE BATHROOM !? I'm peeing! You're not even peeing Dion I'm literally about to pee Yes? Where is your cell phone? Were you texting someone else in the bathroom or something? No? what's wrong? Calm guys Why would I be texting someone? I don't know, Dion You're literally just getting mad at me every 5 minutes Yeah right

    Excuse me, normally he doesn't act like this I did not act like this ?! How am I acting Dion ?! How are you not acting? How am I- ? You know have Have your plastic ring back I do not love you anymore You can move Are you kidding? Yes Dion, get out of my house

    Guys can we go for a walk if you want to take some time Yes he can go for a walk You can go for a walk You know how embarrassing it is that you just give me back the ring? What the hell are you a **** I do not want it Do you want it? – I don't want mine, take it! Thanks, okay, I can sell them and we can go on a trip when Corona's done for real I can not with him What happened? What did you do while we were gone? I can't, it's still rude All this for food? I don't think it's a long time problem Awee these rings are pretty

    Did you find him doing something or? I do! He has been messaging many other people Other guys? If other guys like instagram models? He messages them all the time He says "oh how handsome" "How Sexy: What are you saying? The truth? Sorry Oops you didn't want me to tell the truth? What are you saying? Sorry! I think I said too much Apparently no one else can know that you're a bitch Point I'm not a bitch and don't talk about me like that Literally Literally what the hell Too

    I'm going to call the police Call the police why? For telling lies? Dion is serious? Did you see him attack me? I literally only went to the bathroom for 5 seconds Did you see him attack me? I go to the bathroom for 5 seconds and you talk about me like that? Yes Dion, sorry I told the truth? Boys! Boys Than? What the hell?! He has problems No, literally every day water throws me You're good? Every day water throws me Let me grab a towel or something Never mind If you want get him a suitcase because he is going to move

    I do not care Oh my God Dion can you move? No, it's not okay to be this rude for no reason What did I do? You know what you did * interruptions * I did nothing If Dion if you did Do you know how much I pay for this ring because I love you? And now you throw it in my face? Not well What is this? The smallest violin in history You are a bitch You were there when we cut And they gave us a lot of support And they know how we deal with it And you know how to deal with these things better than we do They can be better than this The only thing I said was that I did not care if we asked for Chipotle So you have to order Chipotle Is this for food? I dont know! For!! What are you doing!! Oh my God! Let go! Are you crazy! Sorry, sorry this is too crazy Really! listen to them Sebastian! you are acting crazy! I don't know whether to cry or laugh but my socks are wet

    You can laugh while I make him cry Can you calm down we have guests Excuse me, I will clean this up Insurance? I will help you Excuse me, this does not usually happen -Do not worry If it's the first time I've seen them fight I really do not know

    What the hell! Get out of here Out of here! Psychopath! You have to go out to the balcony Do you want us to leave? Just stay here, I'm going to talk to him Oh no my computer is wet We have to talk to you It's just a little water This was a joke but I am very concerned about your computers now

    It's a joke! Oh god i'm having a panic attack I'm just going to dry them a little Oh god sorry! I knew there was something You should have seen my face the whole time I was like Sorry! Is this really happening? What the hell When you tossed the water! I wanted to throw whipped cream or something but we didn't have I wasn't waiting for the water Thats what I was going to say! You looked very scared I was like, "This is going very well

    It seems like a real fight" It is probably the best joke! I enjoyed every second of the joke You will see it on camera All the time We have stayed in two houses of Canadians and both have made the same joke And both times we fell! I think we are friends of psychopaths When you stopped Sebbb I died! When you fell! I don't know if you hit me in the chest or if I have an anxiety attack I'll call 911 The fall was not planned They passed the friend test

    They were very good in this situation I was sitting the whole time but thanks Just clean the water I really enjoyed that Again!! Team Sebasdion! And the Oscar goes to! We Oscar is for sebb for this The smallest violin When he said that I stayed like this We want them! Sorry If they need a new computer Dion will pay them Go check your channels All your links Look at my butt We love you guys! Sorry i don't like fighting with you Can we start a real fight now? I'm bored

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