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BREAKING-UP w. my FAKE BOYFRIEND in 5 LANGUAGES w. SUBTITLES// In case he doesn't get it


hey who's that girl? do you think I didn't see you kissing her? answer me! I'm not stupid tell me, how long have you lied to me for? C'mon Tell me How long have you lied to me? Stop telling me about your lame excuses

I don't believe you The only thing that you really regret is that I caught you stop lying to me! The only thing I want is that you admit that you cheated on me You know what, if you are not going to admit what you did I prefer that you leave my life tomorrow, you come to the apartment, you get your stuff, and you leave I don't ever want to see you again spanish let's call him I forgot to call him hello? what? that I am never going to find a person like you? the thing is, I don't want to find another person like you C'mon sweetheart I am too much of a woman for a boy like you you are so immature You know what? I am tired of your tantrums Yesterday, you called me to tell me the same thing what do you want? I lost an entire year of my life with you that's the only thing you need to know I am so bored of you You are an annoying, ugly boyfriend Bye hello? But what are you saying? why though? I don't understand anything But you never even gave me a sincere apology what don't you know? why aren't you saying anything? But what have I done wrong, so that you'd want to distance yourself from me? This days, you have been so distant and I don't understand why you don't want to be with me anymore? I don't understand why but I love you so much you don't understand anything he hung up hello? no absolutely not Because you cheated on me with a conceited and sick blonde that's why I don't ever want to see you again

Source: Youtube

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