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Breaking Up Prank On My DAD | Korean German Couple


Hey guys what's up? Today it's time for another prank but today we're not going to prank each other we're waiting for a special guest who has been on this channel a few times My parents came to visit us for a week and since my dad really loves to be in our videos we thought it's a good opportunity to prank him

So Dongin will leave the room and I will have a little chat with my dad, telling him that I just can't deal with my boyfriend anymore This will be really weird for me because it's so far from reality But with dedication we can do it Let's go! This one is perfect for vlogging I'm ordering this one

You can see if you like it, since we'll be staying here for a while It's supposed to arrive on Tuesday What's awesome is that this one has an ND filter Looks good! That means if you got a bright light or something you can work really well with it You don't need to attach anything to the camera

Is this the camera you want to buy? Yes, already ordered it If I'm lucky it'll arrive on Tuesday And then the three of us can test it out! Yeah definitely! Looks really good! And the price -Can I get you a coffee? Coffee is always a good idea! (That's my son!) Anyways, let's test it together and if it's good Maybe you can get one as well (now it's up to you, Farina) Definitely

I think it's worth it Definitely, also the price-performance ratio is really good (now it's my turn!) (sighs) What's wrong? I don't know -Not good? It's not about the camera -Okay I don't know if I can keep doing this

What do you mean? Can't keep doing what? The whole thing with us With Dongin?? -Yes, the whole relationship What does that mean? I don't know lately he just gets on my nerves

Dongin gets on your nerves? -Yea Why? I don't know -But he's such a fine guy

Yes but He's so empathic! Yes but that's the problem! He doesn't make mistakes He's too perfect

-But isn't that good? But I mean you've built up so much together I don't know it makes me look stupid

He's so perfect and it makes me seem stupid I don't know -Hmm

perfect And you mean you're only playing the second fiddle? Yea! I gotta say that's pretty intense That's really I've always seen you both like and your Mom as well

you seemed like the perfect couple And everything you've done and accomplished together Well did you already talk to him about it? Noo Not at all? -Not yet

When are you going to tell him? I don't know yet I just wanted you and Mom to know as well Because I'll have to look for a new apartment and There's a lot attached to this You know that I mean, you also built up something together Saved up together and invested For me it was always like

Farina is now in good hands she's on the right path and everything's well I just thought it's safe now, you know? So, here's your coffee (uncomfortable) Thank you Dongin

You need any milk with that? No everything's good Let's plan what we're gonna do next week! (next week?) When the camera arrives? Exactly! We've already had something in mind We could show you around the area And since Farina has her driver's license now she can drive us around a bit Come on Maddie! (let's go for a walk) Now he's planning for the next week, thinking everything is fine! When are you planning to tell him? I mean

You have to someday Maybe I can tell him now Now that you're here

Now that I'm here??! Yes, so I have some support No no no keep me out of this please I need to talk to Mom about this first and I also need to process this for myself So again I'd rather do it today with you than never, because I might be too scared to do it alone Let me be honest with you Before you destroy something now that you might regret later I would rather really think this through It's really difficult for me to give you advice on this Because like I said think about What you've built and I know he's kind, like he's like a robot

What else do you want? Someone who keeps messing up? I think I would like a badboy A 'badboy'?? An adventure! Did you miss out on something in life? Well I already have someone in mind (are you serious?) I met him at a photoshoot back then

Back then? -Yeah We stayed friends His name is Alejandro

And this has been on your mind for weeks? Months? And you never talked to him about it? Yes And Dongin thinks everything's good between the two of you? Probably And you think that's alright?! Is that fair?? What if he would do the same to you? How would you feel? Woah

well, that's really intense stuff Farina I mean, you're our daughter and you'll always be, but I think that's well if you're aksing for my opinion I don't think it's good

In the end it's your decision but honestly, I personally I think it's such a waste Dongin really doesn't deserve that

Yes I understand Such a great person such a But it's your -I made my decision I think he should be back by now Let me call him in What do you mean? And I'm staying here or what? I think I need you here for that As my support

Can you come for a second? (I wanna go home) What's going on? Sit down here I just talked to Dad about something

I think I can't do this anymore Do what? Us Us? Us! What? But why? There is

There's someone else in my life (hold on) Who is it? Is it Is it Alejandro??! It is Alejandro

NO!! I KNEW IT! (dubious) (confused) (you got me!) Is there a hidden cam or something?? You're messing with me! You're such jerks! Oh man! -I'm sorry! Come here Dongin, I need another coffee (relieved) You're never doing this again! -Here is camera #1 Wait a second How did you hide this? And you're her accomplice! So how do you feel? How do I feel? -I'm so sorry! I'm still shaking That was pretty intense

But I'm also really relieved -That was horrible What you two got going is really great It's awesoem and I'm so happy for you Don't worry it will never happen! That's good to hear

Okay guys I hope you liked this video Leave a like if you did! And we see you guys in the next video! Bye bye!

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