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Breaking Up On Valentine's Day ft.Shreya Singh || Log Kya Kahenge ||


As long as things are in your handeverything seems perfect However, as soon as you lose track it slips out Things are not perfect anymore But then there’s a saying, “Everything is Alright!” How would she be able to tell him? That, the banana in my hand,

is a big pain in my Lower Back! Oh sorry! Good? Yeah! Rizwan and I never had a fight Still we’re splitting up

I won’t be able to handle this pain Baby? Could you please give me my clothes? Asshole! What’s up? Wha… Whoa… Lucky bitch! She’s the only one pulling her boyfriend’s towel Hi baby! Hi Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day! For you

Oh! Thank you! These are nice Thank you! Haven’t you ordered anything? Riz I have to tell you something What? Ah

Where shall we go tomorrow? Ah our regular place? They make awesome prawns! Baby Have some Dosa

Screw that! Have some prawns They’re kickass! Even their sentences have ‘Ass’ in them Have more No I’m good They’re good No

What wrong did I do Riz? You’re going crazy over someone else’s jizz! Wait! I’ve got this Look there No Over there

Try bending more There Look inside Inside! Got it? You want more? No

I’m good Chocolate flavoured? But we never use… Bhabhi Come have some chocolate! We even got a cashback

Give me some Why don’t you just kiss my ass? Okay! Bend over Come on Babe! What are you doing? Bhabhi, hi He’s not giving me a kiss

Asshole I’ll leave you alone It’s kiss day You guys carry on Riz? Yeah? How’s it? Delicious! You want some? I’m vegetarian Riz

Oh yeah! Sorry Riz? Hmm? Riz? Stop eating! I’m trying to have a conversation here I cannot be with you anymore! What? But why? Because you’re Gay! So you’ll break up with me? I’m Gay? What? You could’ve told me Riz I’m not homophobic However, the last thing I want is

my boyfriend to be Gay I know it’s difficult

and it’s okay to come out of the closet I know everything

Everything? Define everything Whatever’s going on with you and Rishabh walked in on you guys making out the other day! Have you gone crazy? Rishabh is my childhood buddy I have a great bond with him What you saw was brotherly love

‘Brutherly loove!’ Don’t fool me! What about the chocolate flavoured condom? We never use chocolate! That explains the licking Gross! The condom was a surprise We never try anything new So I thought why not tonight! No no no no! Don’t fool me I know about THAT! You know about WHAT? The VIBRATOR! What? Oh don’t act all shocked

I know where it’s been going this whole time You’ve ruined everything I did it for you! Would you please stop this crap? I’m well aware of my shortcomings I know I underperform in bed I was scared you would dump me! So I put my ego aside and decided to get it for you

For us! What? Yeah I was trying to fix things I AM NOT GAY! Really? Yeah! Ananya The little guy has always been yours It’s not going up anyone else’s

What? I mean I’m yours! Totally straight Oh I’m so sorry Riz It was a huge misunderstanding

It’s okay It’s okay I must have hurt you It happens No worries

And listen I don’t need any vibrator You’re enough for me What about the vibrator then? Give it to Rishbabh I love you! I Love You too

It was such a big misunderstanding At least now I know there’s no need for a vibrator I can satisfy! You can satisfy anyone One more round? I’m done I’ve to go to Ananya as well

We almost got busted And stop coming at our place unannounced Asshole! Well I guess I have to

take matters in my own hands now

Source: Youtube

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