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Breaking Up?! ? Alexa & Katie | Netflix Futures


Oh, hey, Alexa's not here yet -Yeah, it's okay

I gotta use the– -Are these wool? -Because I'm allergic to wool– -No refunds, Sue! Bye-bye Slow your roll, junior Bathroom's being fixed Seriously? I just drank an entire Mega Gulp Ooh, I mega don't care

I have customers waiting who bought the drinks here [mumbling quietly] Hey Hey So, I have big news Let me guess

You're gonna give me my hoodie back Bam! I got into UNC! Really? Oh, I'm so happy for you Be right back Wait [chuckles] -UNC

Aw, I knew you could do it -[chuckles] Thanks -I can't believe it's really happening -Hold that thought Hey, whoa! Hey! Okay

Oh, what's wrong? Well, I told Spencer about UNC, and he just jumped up and walked off That is odd Thanks Hey, what if he didn't know how much it would bother him? -That doesn't mean anything -It doesn't mean anything, no

But what if it means, "In five months, my girlfriend is gonna be in a different state, and the only time I'll see her is on holidays, so what's the point of even being a couple?" I have an idea -Ask him what he's doing for Thanksgiving -Thanksgiving? That's the first time we'll be home from college So, when you ask him what he's doing, he'll say, "Spending every minute with you," and you'll know you'll still be together Okay, yeah, we will

Very clever Very clever Oh, thank you Yeah, I haven't asked a direct question in years, so [chuckles] Oh, here he comes -Sorry, I just had– -What're you doing for Thanksgiving? Uh, eating turkey With? Gravy? [Katie chuckles] Excuse me Hi, I need Alexa to see if this milk is fresh Yeah, she's got a great nose [forced chuckle] Okay

I have another idea -Keep talking -Okay Remember the frozen yogurt place that closed down? -Yo Mama? We loved that place -I know

But they just opened a new one in Winchester -That's 45 minutes away -Yeah But what's a little distance when you love Yo Mama? So, if you're done sniffing milk Oh, let's go get frozen yogurt -Okay -Yeah, they opened up another Yo Mama Wait, seriously? Nobody has more toppings than Yo Mama

Let's go It's in Winchester Oh, well, that– that– that's a little far for Froyo Really? Hm But you love Yo Mama

What's a little far? Like, 45 minutes? Fine I will go by myself because 45 minutes might be far for you but not for me, especially when I love something, and I love Yo Mama [door slams] I didn't know she loved it that much [sighs] Of course she does, you

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